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Last Update 9.12.2005

Last warning for people who don't like slash. If this is you, you can exit here.

Stories featuring (at least a descent smidge of) Harry and Snape action. From my vague memories of getting into the Harry Potter fandom, this is the pairing which got me stuck on it. It's still a favourite for at least half of the staff here at NS. The other half finds it fairly intrigueing.

For the faint of heart who have a problem with shota or chan, most of the fics are when Harry's at least 17, so it's not really shota any more. Ones that are shota, do carry warnings, though.

Submissions: If you'd like to submit a fic for this archive (please? Pretty please please?), or know of a fic that falls into this category and isn't here (horror of horrors), drop us a line and we'll see about getting it here.

NOTE: These fanfics all have ratings and classifications for their content. If you didn't read how we classify them, and what all the little [warnings] mean, I suggest you head on over to the Glossary page and read it.

A Lesson Learned
by Venivincere

[Summary] Challenge based on The Goblet of Fire: Snape catches Harry sneaking into his office at night, again. Remember what Snape said in the book? 'One more night-time stroll into my office, Potter, and you will pay!' But Snape's punishment gets a little out of hand...
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Shotacon, implied non-consensual
[Added] 24 August 2003

A Lesson Learned - Part One

A Lesson Learned - Part Two

A Lesson Learned - Part Three


by In-The-Shadows and Redrum

[Summary] This time there is no wizarding world to save Harry from the Dursleys at age eleven. Instead, he's had to endure brutal beatings; both at home and at school. It seems the whole world has turned it's back on Harry. But, finally, after seventeen years of abuse, one dark haired english teacher, Severus Snape, decides to help him.

But what happens when their relationship goes a little too far? Will their new found relationship ruin the court case they try to push against Harry's terrible family? Will it get Harry right back where he started; no love and no hope? Read and find out!
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Angst
[Added] 22 May 2004

Part 1 - At First Sight

Part 2 - I Need a Hug

Part 3 - The Voices In My Head Are Creating a Mutiny

Part 4 - Comfort After Hours

Part 5 - Dark Angel

Part 6 - The Healing Process

Part 7 - My Own Worst Enemy


by DrusillaDax

[Summary] How many battles will Harry Potter and Severus Snape have to fight before they can enjoy a quiet life together?
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Spoilers, mild angst
[Added] 10 August 2002 | Completed: 22 May 2004

Chapter 1 - A Sunny Sunday Morning

Chapter 2 - Thank you, Albus, really...

Chapter 3 - Graduation was last Saturday

Chapter 4 - A Kiss Is But A Kiss... And Sometimes It's So Much More

Chapter 5 - One Step at A Time...

Chapter 6 - When the World Wakes Up

Chapter 7 - Wandless Magic Called Love

Chapter 8 - The Reason Why

Chapter 9 - Partying! Or What Happened on Remus's Side

Chapter 10 - Partying! Or What Happened on Albus' Side

Chapter 11 - Tying The Knot

Chapter 12 - Everyday Life Is Full of Surprises...

Chapter 13 - Mothers and Priestesses

Chapter 14 - Back to Hogwarts

Chapter 15 - Lessons

Chapter 16 - That Muggle Fable Was True After All

Chapter 17 - Sarina and Harold Potter-Snape

Chapter 18 - Family

Chapter 19 - A Ghost and Two Intruders

Chapter 20 - Warding Darkness Away

Chapter 21 - Changes Inside the Ministry

Chapter 22 - Magic and Friendship

Chapter 23 - One Loss in the Family

Chapter 24 - One Hundred and Sixteen

Chapter 25 - Adding and Subtracting

Chapter 26 - A Storm in Sarina's Dream

Chapter 27 - The New Headmaster

Chapter 28 - Success

Chapter 29 - Wedding

Chapter 30 - David Synon-Poppins

Chapter 31 - Hogwarts' Owls

Chapter 32 - The Spirit of the Marauders

Chapter 33 - A Modernization of A Shakespeare Play

Chapter 34 - Unacceptable Changes

Chapter 35 - Dreaming The Future

Chapter 36 - New Lives

Chapter 37 - The Miracles of Love


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
by Redrum

[Summary] A brief glimpse from a stranger's point of view on Severus' and Harry's first time in a Muggle restaurant.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] PG PWP
[Added] 29 April 2005

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Blurring the Lines series
by Rachael Sabotini

Night Music [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] On the eve of the unnamed year, Snape contemplates the new term.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash
[Added] 5 December 2002

Shadows by Candlelight [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] During the start of term banquet, Harry sees how everything has changed.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash
[Added] 5 December 2002

Standing Circle [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Harry and Snape spend some quality class time together.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash
[Added] 5 December 2002


Bound To You
by Aeowen

[Summary] Harry Potter and Severus Snape choose to be bound together in order to save Snape's life. Sex saves. Seriously.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, light non-con, mention of rape (but not explicit)
[Added] 26 September 2003

Bound To You - Part 1

Bound To You - Part 2


Bring Me To Life – A Continuation
by I Got Tired of Waiting

[Summary] A Continuation of "Pledges" by Amireal with Amireal’s permission. This story is about separations and joinings.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU Deathfic | Angst, some language
[Added] 19 May 2003

Bring Me To Life - Prologue

Bring Me To Life - Part 1

Bring Me To Life - Part 2

Bring Me To Life - Part 3

Bring Me To Life - Part 4

Bring Me To Life - Part 5

Bring Me To Life - Part 6


By Any Other Name
by DrusillaDax

[Summary] [Response to Snape_slash_improv challenge #1: Snape catches/watches someone masturbating and hears an unexpected name (not his own)] So, Harry Potter whispers a very unexpected name and he does not know Severus Snape is there to hear...
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Mild angst
[Added] 10 August 2002

By Any Other Name


The "Civil War" series
by Sushi

Marching Off To War [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] As Voldemort begins to assemble his forces for his final push, two bitter enemies seek in each other the strength to face him.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon | Bit of language, mild angst, *technically* underage sex between a teacher and student
[Added] 1 March 2002

Holding The Fort [Pairing] Snape/Harry, Snape/Lucius
[Summary] In the days following the events of "Marching Off To War", Severus finds himself in a difficult situation. Between the past haunting him and the present tempting him, he must stay focused on the future lest it plunge the world into Voldemort's age of darkness.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, incest, implied non-consensual, shota-con.
[Added] 2 December 2002
Part 1 - Saturday, 11 April

Part 2 - Sunday, 12 April

Part 3 - Monday, 13 April

Part 4 - Tuesday, 14 April

Part 5 - Wednesday, 15 April

Part 6 - Thursday, 16 April

Part 7 - Friday, 17 April

Part 8 - Tuesday, 16 May

Part 9 - Saturday, 13 June

Hold Onto My Heart [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] A few moments of wakefulness on a cruel night give a peek into Sev's mind.
[Warning] M15+ Songfic | Angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Home Fires [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Harry is forced to confront his own fears and wild suspicions while Snape is away on what may be a lethal mission.
[Warning] M15+ Language, angst, reference to sexual situations
[Added] 1 March 2002

Second Opinion [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] The CW-verse has never had less socially redeeming value, nor has the hospital wing ever seen action like this. Ever wonder what Sev did to Harry under the blankets?
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon PWP
[Added] 5 April 2002

In The Doghouse [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] So, what really happened when Sirius found out his godson was sleeping with the Potions master?
[Warning] PG-13 Angst, language
[Added] 5 April 2002

Civil War [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Severus returns from his failed mission a changed man. Can Harry unravel his hidden past before it turns deadly?
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Deathfic, Drama, Mystery, Psychological Horror | Rape, language, incest, alcohol use, mental illness, terminal illness, domestic violence, child abuse, child molestation, angst like you wouldn't believe.
[Added] 1 March 2002
Author's Introduction

Chapter 1 - Breakfast Of Champions

Chapter 2 - No Easy Decision

Chapter 3 - Brevis Tui Tempus Est

Chapter 4 - The Journal

Chapter 5 - Potions Masters Have Cold Feet

Chapter 6 - Diagon Alley

Chapter 7 - The End

Chapter 8 - Eversor

Chapter 9 - Bones

Chapter 10 - In The Leaves

Chapter 11 - Like A Bludger To The Gut

Chapter 12 - Gran

Chapter 13 - Happy Christmas
Chapter 14 - William

Chapter 15 - Harry Snape

Chapter 16 - The Pensieve

Chapter 17 - Nod

Chapter 18 - Minerva McGonagall's Speakeasy

Chapter 19 - The Fall

Chapter 20 - Nasty Habits

Chapter 21 - Childhood's End

Chapter 22 - Puffskeins Eat The Strangest Things

Chapter 23 - Indiscretion

Chapter 24 - Recursat

Chapter 25 - All Fall Down

Checking Out [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Something always goes wrong right before a move.
[Warning] PG-13
[Added] 19 May 2003

Little Things [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] A brief glimpse into the mind of a dying man.
[Warning] PG-13 Angst
[Added] 5 April 2002

Heard The World Around [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Ruby Alba Weasley is born - on Severus' birthday, of all days - and Harry drags Sev to go see her... with unexpected results.
[Warning] PG-13 Language, angst
[Added] 5 April 2002

Semper [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Severus' forty-first birthday, a day he never expected to see, is one of new insights and old pain. Chinese food, William, and Weasleys abound!
[Warning] PG-13 Mild angst
[Added] 19 May 2003

The Spy [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Harry didn't really expect anything for his nineteenth birthday. Sometimes, though, a greasy bastard can do more than you'd ever expect.
[Warning] PG-13 Mild angst
[Added] 19 May 2003

The Last Battlefield [Pairing] Snape/Harry, Snape/Ginny Weasley
[Summary] For three years, Severus Snape considered himself among the ranks of the Death Eaters. Twenty years later, somebody else still does. As his former brothers-in-arms die one by one, will he and Harry evade the assassin, or will they fall victim to a plot to rewrite history?
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, drama
[Added] 25 December 2003

Chapter 1 - Thicker Than Water

Chapter 2 - Bonds

Chapter 3 - Homecoming

Chapter 4 - Corrupting The Young

Chapter 5 - Enemy Of My Enemy

Chapter 6 - Fashion Victim

Chapter 7 - Ouroboros

Chapter 8 - Home

Chapter 9 - Where It Hurts

Chapter 10 - Forward Into the Past

Chapter 11 - The Other Half of the Truth

Chapter 12 - Cracks

Chapter 13 - Variables and Constants

Chapter 14 - Paradise Lost

Chapter 15 - Playmates

Chapter 16 - When the Bough Breaks

Chapter 17 - Friends Among Foes

Chapter 18 - The Heart of the Family

Chapter 19 - Snakes

Chapter 20 - Widow's Walk

Chapter 21 - Forbidden Territory

Chapter 22 - The Magician's Circle

Chapter 23 - Down the Pub

Chapter 24 - The Facts of Life

Chapter 25 - Flight

Chapter 26 - Conjunction

Chapter 27 - The Serpent's Lullaby

Chapter 28 - Faith


Side Stories and Spin-offs:
Mariti [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] So, what *did* happen after Severus gave Harry the watch?
[Notes] Side story for "Civil War"
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon PWP | Language
[Added] 1 March 2002

Shell Shock [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] What happened to Severus after he stormed out out the suite? Coincidental with the end of CW chapter nine, "Bones".
[Notes] Side story for "Civil War"
[Warning] R Angst, implied non-consensual, suicidal themes
[Added] 28 February 2003

Throwing In The Towel [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] The smutty, pointless, and totally unrelated writer's-stress-relieving follow-up to "Civil War". Not a true sequel, but dang fun to write. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Self-Parody!
[Notes] Spin-off/Parody from "Civil War"
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Parody PWP | Language
[Added] 5 April 2002

All-Purpose Salve [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] This is a little CW-verse outtake I wrote a few months ago. It's set several years in the future from this point.
[Notes] Spin-off from the "Civil War" Series
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Humour PWP | Language
[Added] 24 August 2003

Fire In The Hole [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] What happens when a Potions master, a Quidditch twit, a werewolf, and an Animagus are all living under one roof? Set approximately six years after CW, but will very likely not (read: won't) be consistent with the timeline. This was just a cutesy piece.
[Notes] Spin-off from the "Civil War" Series
[Warning] PG-13 Humour | Male/male relationship (and damned near relations on the kitchen floor); innuendo; werewolf-free zones
[Added] 29 April 2005


The Consequences Of A Weary Mind
by Sushi

[Summary] Response to Dixiebell's "What is rimming?" challenge, Harry Potter's writing skills are, in a word, unique. Professor Snape is about to learn this in a most unforgettable way.
[Pairing] Harry/Snape
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Humour
[Added] 2 December 2002

The Consequences Of A Weary Mind

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