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± the Glossary: Warnings & Ratings ±

Last revised 21 May 2004

Formerly known as the Warnings & Ratings Index - it didn't make much sense though.

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Technical stuff now. Before you read any fics or whatnot that Noire Sensus has archived, you better be aware that we actually do put warnings, classifications and ratings on all fics we host.

We will not be held accountable for your mental health due to anything you read here. Reading the classifications is up to you, but don't say we didn't warn you!

± Abbreviations ±

  • AU - Alternate Universe   refer to Classifications for definition
  • BDSM - Bondage Dominance, Sado-Masochism   refer to Warnings for definition
  • DoA - Dead or Alive   [video game]
  • DoAXBV - Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball  [video game]
  • FF7 or FFVII - Final Fantasy VII   [video game]
  • FF8 or FFVIII - Final Fantasy VIII   [video game]
  • FF9 or FFIX - Final Fantasy IX   [video game]
  • FF10 or FFX - Final Fantasy X   [video game]
  • FF10-2 or FFX-2 - Final Fantasy X-2   [video game]
  • FFT - Final Fantasy Tactics   [video game]
  • FPS - Fictional Person/People Slash   refer to Warnings for definition
  • FY - Fushigi Yuugi   [anime]
  • GCC - Garden Card Catalogue   [FF8 sub-archive]
  • GW - Gundam Wing   [anime]
  • HP - Harry Potter   [book]
  • KH - Kingdom Hearts   [video game]
  • LotR - Lord of the Rings   [book]
  • MK - Mortal Kombat   [video game]
  • MPREG - Male Pregnancy   refer to Warnings for definition
  • NS - Noire Sensus   [main site]
  • OC - Original Character   refer to Warnings for definition
  • OOC - Out Of Character   refer to Warnings for definition
  • POV - Point of View   refer to Classifications for definition
  • PotC - Pirates of the Caribbean   [movie]
  • PWP - Plot What Plot   refer to Classifications for definition
  • RPS - Real Person/People Slash   refer to Warnings for definition
  • SFA - Sensus Fanfiction Archive   [main archive]
  • T* - Tekken *, where [*] is the installement number   [video game]
  • TK - Tekken [video game]
  • TTT - Tekken Tag Tournament   [video game]
  • WAFF - Warm And Fuzzy Feelings   refer to Classifications for definition
  • WK - Weiß Kreuz   [anime]
  • WOG - War of Genesis   [video game]
  • YnM - Yami no Matsuei   [anime]

± Classifications ±

  • Citrus - Nothing graphic; light romance, kissing etc.
  • Lime - Nothing too graphic; sex, but not explicit.
  • Lemon - Graphic/explicit sex scenes (goes hand in hand with the NC-17 rating).
  • AU - Alternate Universe. Does not follow the official/canon storyline.
  • Crossover - There are characters and important canon details from different fandoms in the one story.
  • Deathfic - A character from the series/game/fandom dies in this fic.
  • Drabble - Very short (usually, a few hundred words) story. Usually contains a basic 'theme' more than a plot; a short glimpse into a character's life.
  • Epics - Here at NS, fancy name for a story with multiple chapters i.e. multi-chapter fics.
  • Humour - Same as a parody; a light hearted and funny fic which is not necessary a parody of something.
  • MPREG - Male Pregnancy. A person of the male persuasion becomes/is pregnant by whatever means the author deems necessary.
  • Parody - Funny, light-hearted, not-to-be-taken-seriously fic.
  • POV - Point of View. ie. told from the perspective of one character/first person POV. a.k.a an 'introspection' piece.
  • Pre-Slash - A fic set before the two characters actually get together in a relationship; usually a fic dealing with how said characters get into said relationship.
  • PWP - Plot What Plot. ie. there isn't meant to be any deep and profound meaning behind the story. Usually refers to a fic put together simply for the benefit of getting some 'action' between the characters. Also classified [mild].
  • Short Fic - One-off fics which contain the entire plot (as it exists) in a single chapter/file.
  • Songfic - Fic with song lyrics used as a theme.
  • WAFF - A 'feel good' fic - practically interchangeable with a Fluff fic, but Fluffs tend to be, well, fluffy while WAFFs just make you feel good.

± Ratings ±

  • G : Suitable for General Audiences; everyone can read it.
  • PG-13 : Recommended for people 13 years and over.
  • M15 : Recommended for mature audiences, 15 years and over. Mature themes, but nothing graphic.
  • MA15+ : Stronger than M15, but still nothing very graphic.
  • R : Contains adult themes and situations i.e. sex (but no explicit), violence, or language.
  • NC-17 : Contains graphic sex, violence, language, and/or non-consensuality (in any form).

± Warnings ±

  • Alcohol Use - Heavy drinking by someone in the fic.
  • Angst - Heavy angst; prepare to be depressed and have a tissue box handy.
  • BDSM - Consensual sex with bondage, and whips, etc - very kinky sex, y'know?
  • Chan - refer to Shota-con
  • Disturbing Content - Some readers will find the situations and themes contained in the fic "disturbing". Heck, do I really have to define this one??
  • Drug Use - Well, duh. Narcotics are featured in the story.
  • FEMME SLASH - Exact same thing as YURI. What they call it in the 'west'.
  • FPS - Stories based on fictional characters (from a fandom usually).
  • Incest - Same as in the dictionary: sex between two people so closely related by blood (eg. within the nuclear family) that the law would forbid marriage between them.
  • Karaoke - There is someone singing popular (or not so popular) songs accompanied by music on a stage, or at least as the center of attention; usually includes a microphone, dim lighting, and lots of alcohol.
  • Language - Lots of swearing or the like, unless classified [mild].
  • MPREG - Male Pregnancy. A person of the male persuasion becomes/is pregnant by whatever means the author deems necessary.
  • Necrophilia - Sex with dead people.
  • Non-Consensual - Rape, non-consensual sex etc.
  • OC - Original Character. The author has introduced an original character as a main or 'focus' character in the fic.
  • OOC - The character in question is behaving 'abnormally' i.e. not according to their canon personality. This can be rather disturbing at times.
  • RPS - Stories based on people who actually exist (i.e. 'real people') e.g. actors or singers. Noire Sensus does not accept/archive RPS stories.
  • S & M - ...Sado-masochist stuff.
  • Shota-con - Sex with a minor / under-age sex. Also known as chan.
  • Shounen-ai - Boy love. Same as above, but these are usually sweet and non-graphic. Most they go up to is Lime.
  • Shoujo-ai - Girl love. Nice, misty-sweet fic, that only goes up to Lime.
  • SLASH - Exact same thing as YAOI. What they call it in the 'west'.
  • Spoilers - Spoilers to the game or series if you haven't finished yet; also classified [mild].
  • Suicidal Themes - Also covers suicide (conviniently covered by the Deathfic classification), and attempted suicide. Someone in the fic is contemplating taking their own life.
  • Violence - Graphic violence in the fic; not for the faint hearted. Goes up to [extreme violence].
  • YAOI - Blatant/graphic/heavily Guy + Guy or Boy + Boy fic; here at NS, usually refers to a fic which contains Lemon.
  • YURI - Female version of YAOI. Graphic, blatant Girl + Girl fic; used interchangebly with shoujo-ai.

± Notes ±

The ratings might seem a bit odd. That's because we're mixing the Australian rating system, with the American. 'R' just doesn't seem to cover what 'NC-17' does.

The format for the [warnings] tag (if you were confused) is:

[Warning] [rating] [graphic classification] [classifications] [warnings]

Regarding pairings: Pairings are listed in order of seme/uke, with seme (top) first, and the uke (bottom) second. If there are various combinations (^_~), then we go with the very first 'encounter'.

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