Civil War

Author's Note

By Sushi


Author’s Note and General Warnings

You know, when I started this series, it was only intended to be a one-shot bit of smut.  It’s grown considerably since then.

“Civil War” picks up not long after “Home Fires” left off.  Both “Home Fires” and its prequel, “Marching Off To War”, are necessary reading to follow this one.

This story (novel, rather – it finished off at a little over 130,000 words) is significantly darker and more intense than the prequels.  It involves such nasty elements of the human condition as: rape, incest, child abuse, mental illness, and terminal illness.  It gets pretty graphic at points.  Quite frankly, it scares me that I can actually write something like this.  However, I thought long and hard about whether I actually should and I came to a few conclusions.  First, these things happen far too often in the real world and it would be insulting to the people who’ve dealt with them to gloss over as if they don’t or as if they aren’t serious.  I’d throw a fit if someone treated my worst traumas as if they didn’t exist.  Second, they will squick, but quite frankly I’d be worried about anyone who wasn’t at least a little bothered.  Nasty things happen; you either see them and recognize that they are nasty and possibly make them a little less common by doing so or you ignore them and allow them to proliferate undisturbed.  I’ll give a special warning for the most explicit bits.

For the record, it’s not a hundred thousand words of angst.  Please.  I’m not that sadistic an author.

Disclaimers and such, I don’t owns ‘em.  I just sneaks ‘em out from under Joanne’s bed in the middle of the night and plays dollies with ‘em.  Anything you don’t recognize is probably my twisted idea.  (See Burton, Wylie, “Home Fires” for an example.)  Sev/Harry, Sev/other, Harry/other.  Any and all out-of-characterness is blamed upon plot and character development, and sides of characters we have yet to see.

Thanks to everyone who’s reviewed my other works, and encouraged me so much.  Without you this wouldn’t have come about – whether you think this is a good or a bad thing is up to you.  Also, thanks to Telanu and Tinderblast, Cap’n and First Mate of the Good Ship Harry/Snape, who’ve both been amazingly cool and sweet in general.  Just imagine, a whole Pirate Luxury Cruise Ship devoted to Sevvie and Harry and oh my…

Special thanks to my poor hubby, who has to deal first-hand with my tendency to sit down to write at ten in the evening, and look up five minutes later only to wonder when it got to be six in the morning.

No thanks whatsoever to my psycho kitten, who dragged her stinky poopy butt all over the carpet while I was writing this, thus losing me an hour’s working time.

I apologise most humbly to my old Latin teacher.  Honestly, you’re a much better teacher than this indicates.  I just have a colander for a head.

Shutting up already.



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