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Summary of Archive: This section of the Gramarye Archive, organises all the stories from R-HPJKR into the various categories listed. Be warned that all of these fics are slash.

  AU Fics
» Alternate Universe fics which take the characters, and mess around or completely ignore canon.

» Harry Potter VIII fics that crossover (ie. contain characters and important story details) from other fandoms.

» Fics where a major character dies.

» Short predominantly 'vignette' style pieces, usually no more than 100 words long.

» Those really long, multi-chaptered fics. Good for when you want a serious read.

  Parodies & Humour
» Light-hearted fics; you might want a change for once, considering the majority of the fics seem to be angsty ones.

  Male Pregnancy
» Fic where one of the guys becomes pregnant.

» Poetry inspired by Harry Potter.

  Plot What Plots
» PWPs - Proof that you don't need a plot to have fun ^_^

  Point of Views
» Fics told from the 'POV' of one of the characters - usually 'First Person POV'.

» Stories set before the characters enter into a relationship. Usually about how the characters get into a relationship.

  Short and Sweet
» Self-contained fics that you won't have to hit 'Turn the Page' to get the entire story; the opposite of the epics.

» All the fics which have the lyrics to a song running through them. These can be both angsty and sweet.

  Warm And Fuzzy Feelings
» WAFFs - Fics that leave you feeling warm 'n fuzzy :)

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