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Hello and welcome to the Sensus Fanfiction Archive's Harry Potter archive, Gramarye.

This update page doubles as the general announcement page for Gramarye, so if we have anything important to let you know directly concerning this archive, here's the place we'll tell you.

- a n n o u n c e m e n t s -

29.11.2006 Update!
Hello! Just a quick announcement to let you guys know that I've moved, updated, and expanded the Harry Potter Themesongs section below - it should now be prettier and (hopefully) much easier to use :)

Archive changes this update: Went through and made new category indexes for Drabbles, POVs, Pre-Slash, and WAFFs. Also made some minor changes to colours and styles around the archive.

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Updated: 9 December 2005 | 5 new authors and 27 new fics

- New Fics -

Fallen Flying [Harry/Draco]
by arca

Regulus [Regulus/Sirius, Regulus/Tom]
by Circeniko

Shiver [Harry/Snape]
by Green

A Bitter Taste [Lucius/Snape, Lucius/Narcissa], Dinner Entanglement and Sometimes Broken Things [both Snape/Lupin], Comforts in the Night [Sirius/Harry], and A New Toy for Draco [Draco/Seamus, Snape/Seamus]. Also, A Son's Love, All is Right With the World, and Delectationis Draconigenae [all Lucius/Draco]
by LdyBastet

The Redemption of a Snake [Lupin/Draco, Snape/Draco]
by Kanui

Tops and Tails [Snape/Black]
by Magalud

The Hunger [Snape/Harry, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione]
by Mallory

Born and Bred [Voldemort/Lily, Lucius/Sirius]
by Paradox

Cradle [Lucius/James], Days of Serenity [Pansy/Hermione], The Candle Burns [Lucius/Draco], These Dreams [James/Remus], love in lower case, Red Cape, The Diary of a Mad Wizard, and Without Words [all Tom/Harry]. Also, Sway, The Epiphany of Draco Malfoy, The Place Where Harry Popped His Cherry, and Through Mirrors [all Harry/Draco]
by Passo

- Updated Fics -

Chapters 2 to 5 of Faint of Hearts [Harry/Draco]
by Helena_Is_Dead

- Last Update -


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