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± Fic Submissions ±

Revised 4 April 2004

» Please read this entire page before submitting a story. Please note that mandatory fields are denoted as [M] and are requirements that must be met in order to be considered for archival. If you encounter difficulty meeting any of the requirements please contact the staff and we will try to to help you.

± Preliminary Notes ±

Noire Sensus accepts fanfiction for any fandom provided that it is a yaoi/slash, yuri/femme slash, or a gen (general) fic. This means that if we don't currently list the fandom or pairing your story is written for, we will make the new archive if or when your submission is accepted.

We do not archive RPS (Real Person Slash).

± Submission Process ±

1. [M] All submissions must be proof-read and spell checked.

2. [M] Clearly show paragraphs breaks by leaving a blank line dividing all paragraphs. For example, like the formating on this page.

3. [M] All submissions must be in one of the following file formats: .html, .txt, or .zip (if the zip file contains one of the permitted file types). Submissions in any other file type will automatically be rejected. We no longer accept submissions in the form of .doc or .rtf. However, if you still find yourself confused and the file format guidelines below don't solve your technical troubles, please contact the staff.

3.1 Instructions on how to save files in the accepted file formats.

4. [M] If you are submitting your fanfic as an HTML document, please remove all excess style formatting (e.g. <span> <p class=x> <o:p>). These are typically embedded in your file if you save a Microsoft Word Document as an HTML document. All we need (and want) are paragraph breaks <p> and breaks <br>. HTML text styling (e.g. <i> <b> not <em> <strong>) are allowed.

5. Please, if you are going to name one chapter/part of your story, give all the chapters/parts a name.

6. If you submit a fic, then we will assume that it is alright for us to archive any other work we see by you on the net, unless otherwise stated in your submission.

7. [M] Fill in the following header form* and send it along with your story:

» Title:
» Author: [name] & [email] & [website name & address] **
» Webjournal: if applicable
» Fandom: (clarified here)
» Rating: (clarified here)
» On Going (WIP)/One-off/Series:
» Classification(s): (clarified here)
» Warnings: if any (clarified here)
» Pairing(s):
» Author's Notes: if any
» Summary:

* The header form does not actually appear in the archived fic; it is used to help the archiver who gets very annoyed if she doesn't have the form.

** If you want to be added to the links or affiliate pages, send a banner (pref. 88 x 31) if you wish and a brief description [fandom(s) | content-type/features] of your site.

Please give the name of your website, or it will be listed in your Author's Profile as '[your name]'s Website'.

8. You will be notified when/if your first submission is added to the archive.

9. We reserve the right to reject a fanfic submission in the interests of maintaining the quality of the archives. All fics submitted are screened by the staff, and you will be notified only if your fic has not made it past them.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot submit another fic at a later time.

10. Please allow some lapse time from submission to archiving - we do have a rather hectic 'real life' shedule.

± Notes regarding submitted fics ±

» After you already have an author profile with Noire Sensus, we do not notify you of additional works hosted - you can check through your profile for subsequent archived submissions.

» We reserve the right to correct unintentional spelling and grammar mistakes (including canon character's names) we come across in the stories.

» All submitted fics are reformatted into the corresponding HTML code for that archive.

± Betaing / Beta Readers ±

» Unfortunately, the NS staff no longer have the time to offer a betaing service. However, there is a specific forum/thread in the Noire Sensus Forums where you can ask members of the forum to beta-read your fic for you, called Critics, Inc. This is probably the easiest way to get your story beta'd.

» Alternatively, if you would like to offer yourself as a beta, that is, if you are well versed in and confident with the English language, please feel free to register in the forums and offer your services. We're always short of betas!

± Submission Methods ±

There are currently three ways to get archived with Noire Sensus, and the header form is required with every story submitted:

» Submitting directly to the site: Send all submissions to submissions @ with [Fic Submission] in the Subject line/field of your email.

» Through the Noire Sensus Livejournal Community: Just join the community and follow the directions on the Community Info page. Requires a Livejournal account - which is also free! :)

» Through the Noire Sensus Forums: There are special sub-forums in the Fictitious/The Library designed specifically for betaing and fic submissions. Just follow the directions there. Note: you must be a member of the forums to use this method (membership is free).

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