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Last Update 29.04.2005

Last warning for people who don't like slash. If this is you, you can exit here.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger stories. Yes it's het; you'll live :)

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NOTE: These fanfics all have ratings and classifications for their content. If you didn't read how we classify them, and what all the little [warnings] mean, I suggest you head on over to the Glossary page and read it.


Blood Magic
by Gateway Girl

[Summary] Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love.
[Pairing] Harry/Hermione, Snape/Lupin implied, Snape/Lily implied
[Warning] R Angst, mild language, spoilers, mild violence, Severitus Challenge
[Added] 29 April 2005
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 29 April 2005

Chapter 1 - The Burning

Chapter 2 - An Unexpected Letter

Chapter 3 - Expected Letters

Chapter 4 - An Unexpected Letter, II

Chapter 5 - A Surprised Visitor


Head Girl
by dented-sky

[Summary] She said, I said, he said, These are the reasons why Hermione is in Gryffindor.
[Pairing] Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Ron
[Warning] G Mild spoilers
[Added] 29 November 2004

Head Girl


by ShardsOfTeacup

[Summary] Months after the Battle of Azkaban which portrayed Harry as a hero and took from him his best friend Ron, Harry is hiding from his adoring girlfriend and the world in the dungeons of Hogwarts, preparing for the final push. Some reflections, memories and flagrant soap opera from both Harry & Sev, set to my favourite W.H. Auden poem.
[Pairing] Harry/Snape (with Harry/Hermione implications)
[Warning] NC-17 Lime Violence. Some swearing. Flagrant soap opera.
[Added] 24 August 2003



by Libertine and Morrigan

[Summary] Morrigan wrote most. I just whined a lot. I`m a horrible co-author, but then.. everyone knows that. dead!Harry, necrophiliac!Hermione, Courtyard, Sex. Someone had to do it.
[Pairing] necrophiliac!Hermione/dead!Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Deathfic | Necrophilia
[Added] 24 August 2003


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