Author's Notes: Mega-Crossover. As you could tell from the pairings, this is one messed up story of sex, violence, chaos... and treason. Yes baby. It's up to me to make a senseless but graphically enjoyable plot! But slow as this story might be, what I want is for you to grasp the characters and then watch them get picked off one by one by their evil school.

Ècole des Trahisons

Chapter V - Dètoner

By Alix Vitesse

A form squirmed under black satin covers, twisting and groaning with an alarm beeping in the background. Covers flew as a hand quickly grabbed the alarm clock and threw it all the way across the room. A loud “FUCK!” was heard as the alarm clock hit something softer than the wall it was supposed to hit…

“What the fuck was that for, Zack? Whatever, get up. Class starts at 5:30 and it’s already 5:15!”

Zack moaned and stayed, burying himself deeper under his covers. Even though he was half-conscious, his smart-ass retorts were always present.

“Go to hell. I’m going to sleep.”

“Quit being a pussy bitch and wake up already!” Irvine said, furiously digging through his drawers for his tie.

Zack flung off his covers and drew his legs up to his chest. He rested his dozing head onto his knees and mumbled, “I’m excused today.”

He lifted an eyelid and saw a dumbfounded look cross Irvine’s face.

“Excused? For what reason?”

“I’m supposed to show the new students around of something,” Zack said, standing up from the edge of his bed and yawning. He still had one hand stretched outward as he opened an eye and continued. “Wanna help out?”

Irvine’s jaw dropped. “Are you kidding? Anything to get out of class, man!”

Zack jumped from his bed and mussed up his hair. He walked over to the bathroom. “Yeah,” he said between splashes of water onto his face. “I thought so.”

He heard Irvine laugh. “You know me too well.”

Zack came back in brushing his teeth. Zack searched around his closet for something more fitting for the occasion.

“What should I wear?” He kept repeating to himself.

As soon as Zack had finished brushing his teeth, he too began to search through his closet. Irvine looked over to Zack who was having a bit of a hard time deciding. It made him laugh.

“You look like you’re going to go kill someone for money or something.”

Zack shrugged. He liked what he wore. What was wrong with a gray training top and navy pants? He liked belts, and besides, he was going to work out a little later on.

“At least I don’t look make an effort to look like a country hick off to shoot cattle and rodeo.”

Irvine chuckled wryly. “Hardy har har, mister funny man.” He tipped his hat over to Zack, who was busy fastening a thin leather belt over his shoulder. “May I ask where we are going heretofore?” He said mockingly in a thick southern accent.

“Dorms one and three.”

‘Knock, knock.’

Zell jumped at the sudden knock on the door.

“Who is it?” He called out.

“Room service.” A slurred voice drawled.

“Oh really? I don’t remember ordering anything.” He called back.

“Fine then, this pizza’s all mine. You’re still paying, right?”

“…All right, who is it really?”

“Why don’t you come and see for yourself? I promise we won’t bite.” A different voice called out.

“Ooh, there are two of you are there? Damn, I must really be good.”

“Go fuck-“ The first voice said, but was cut off.

“Er, don’t listen to him. We’re your welcoming committee!”

Zell raised an eyebrow and stood up, grabbing his vest off the chair beside his desk. He put it on, put a little bit of gel in his hair and went out.

He saw there Irvine, in his alluring country attire, Squall and Zack with his more unusually spiky black hair.

“You ready?” Irvine said. “Well, then, let’s check. You have your class schedule?”

Zell fished inside his pockets and plucked out a folded piece of paper. “Yeah.”

Zack spun around to face the silent boy behind him. “You?”

“Yeah,” Squall said from behind him, taking a hand out of his pocket and flicking the paper up into the air. “I got it.”

“Great then,” Irvine said. “Let’s get the show on the road, fellas,”

He grinned and patted Squall on the back.

“Wait,” Zack said, stopping Irvine before leaving. “Locke’s coming too… she’ll be with you guys. Squall’s with me. So, you…” Zack glanced over to Zell, who stood there just looking.

“Oh, uh, it’s Zell.”

Zack nodded. “Like I said, you and Locke will show Zell around. He’ll be here in a minute. Meanwhile, I’ll take the other planned route. Affirmative?”

“Yes, sir!” Irvine said sarcastically. Zack flipped him off as he began to walk the other direction.

“This way, Squall,” Zack said. Squall followed, staring strangely at him.

Locke came running towards the two waiting students. He bent over, panting. He straightened himself and flipped his hair backwards. “Am I really late? Sorry, guys,”

“It’s all good, Locke. Let’s just get going. You ready, Zell?” Irvine asked.

“Yeah, right as rain.”

“Let’s see here… your first class is over here, Room 416. It’s Comparative Literature with Mr. Sabin. I hear he gets around the block, if you know what I mean. But it’s only rumor.” Irvine punched Locke’s arm.

“Don’t tell him that, you moron,” Irvine sighed, frustrated. “The easiest way to remember this class is that it’s right across the principal’s office. I’d want this class now that you run into Seifer Almasy once in a while.”

“This is true. The guy’s a walking wet dream,” Locke said with a laugh. “Nothing compared to Sephiroth though,”

“You guys are gay?” Zell suddenly blurted out. He was blushing, but he should have expected it. It was just weird.

“Well, yeah,” Irvine said with a bit of satire. “I shit in my pants the first time I found out, too, but it’s not so bad. The sex is good,”

“Very good!” Interjected Locke. Zell blushed furiously. The two laughed.

“Don’t worry, we’re not perverts. Well, I’m not.”

“I am,” said Locke.

Anyway,” Irvine pointed to the room across from 416. It had a tall arched opening and a small hallway before it reached the wooden door to the office. The door’s window had a clear view of the principal’s desk. “He’s not in right now. He’s at a meeting.”

“Wait,” Zell said before they left to show him his other classes. “Seifer Almasy? Tall, blonde, built like an Olympic swimmer?” They both nodded. “But that guy’s an asshole!”

Irvine shrugged. “I’ve never known him enough to know.” Locke tapped his cheek.

“Still hot, though,” he said, making Zell laugh. He noticed, after laughing, that both Locke and Irvine were staring. He looked at them questioningly.

“What?” He asked.

“Err… nothing… nothing at all.” Irvine said, trying to avoid the question.

“Your laugh,” Locke pointed out with ease. “It’s weird.”

Zell almost doubled-over in annoyance. What the hell was up with people always telling him about his laugh?

“Yeah… I know…” He said, mumbling. Locke shrugged and Irvine shook his head.

“So, you little minions of the council,” Another unknown voice said. “Where’s that two-faced friend of yours?”

Irvine’s expression darkened as he turned around to face the other.

He was tall and intimidating, with long black hair that covered most of his face except for one frighteningly blood red eye. He wore the traditional Lune Croix uniform, except his shirt was tucked out. Two books were under his arm.

“Zack’s not with us, Vincent, so you don’t have to play asshole,”

“Is this another task for the council is all I want to know,”

“Yeah, you got a problem?”

“No, just wanted to tell you how stupid you are helping those manipulative little bitches out.”

“I’m helping them out to get out of class, sir jerk-off. I frankly don’t give a shit about their business.”

Vincent smirked. “You’re going to one day.”

Locke shook his head and walked beside Zell. Zell looked at him quizzically. Locke sighed. “Don’t mind them, Zell. That’s just Vincent Valentine –he’s the campus rebel. He doesn’t like anything that has to do with the school council. He constantly berates Zack for doing stuff for Sephiroth. He hates him the most, though I don’t know how he could hate such a hottie.”

Zell just shrugged, looking back to the two bickering students. He heard their last words to each other.

“Save your breath, Kinneas, you’re too naïve to understand.”

“I don’t really goddamn care, Vincent.”

Irvine advanced and got away from the tension that Vincent had once again created. Locke grabbed Zell’s arm and dashed toward Irvine.

“Irvine! Irvine, wait up!”

Irvine stopped, bringing his hands up to his face and sighing. He looked over to Zell, who just had the weirdest ‘what the hell just happened?’ look on his face. Irvine ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head.

“Sorry you had to see that, Zell,” he apologized. “Let’s get on with the tour, yeah?”

Zell nodded and followed. Truthfully, he was very confused. He decided he had another year or two to learn about these things. He just wanted to finish the tour and sleep after that fiasco.

“Your last class is fortunately near your dorm. There’s a small hallway behind the 100 dorms that connects to room 1018. It’s easier than passing through five hallways.” Zack proceeded to pass the 100 dorms to lead Squall to the small hallway. He pointed down toward to the end. “Just turn left. This hallway is rarely used and you may find unpleasant things here, but you would have to pass the principal’s office if you took the longer way… I don’t know about you, but I don’t take to Almasy in my presence lightly,”

That immediately got Squall’s attention. “You don’t like him?” Zack shook his head violently.

“No, and I don’t plan to. My roommates think he’s the hottest thing since pizza, but they were dropped on their heads as kids. He’s an asshole and a Svengali, two things I cannot stand to know about people,” Zack said. Squall now easily believed he was telling the truth.

“Yeah. He’s an asshole,” Squall said; glad to know that at least someone else hated Seifer almost as much as he did. But he didn’t think anyone could hate Seifer as much.

“You know him?” Zack asked? Squall nodded.

“Yeah. I’d rather not think about him, though,” He said. Zack smiled brightly. Squall smiled slightly back, startled at his reaction to Zack’s smile.

“Me neither. I’m hungry. You want to go out and get some food?” He offered. Squall hesitated for a moment. Had he anything better to do? Besides, he’d made a friend… sort of. He was hungry too anyway, even if he wasn’t starving.

“Yeah, alright,” He said. “Where to?”

“The cafeteria. It’s not far—“ He stopped abruptly as he turned around to face the looming figure of a long-haired man.

“Still doing your fucking chores for the council, I see.” He said menacingly. Zack stopped dead in his tracks, everything freezing around him as he stood paralyzed, hair obscuring perception of his face. He swiftly pinned the boy against the lockers behind him with his elbow. The other, also quick in reflexes, blocked his elbow but was slammed onto the lockers by sheer force. “And slower, too.”

Zack growled. “I’ve warned you more than once that I don’t need your shit, Valentine.”

“You were never the one with the tolerance,” He said, sneering and pushing him away harshly. “But at least you don’t lack the courage of your convictions, which you know, will get you in trouble one day.” He mocked him, almost snapping at him with the same malicious smirk. He looked behind Zack, to the student staring calmly at both of them.

“And who are you? His boy toy? I wouldn’t be surprised if he swung that way.” He said this with an abhorrence no one could deny.

Squall narrowed his eyes. “Wouldn’t you like to know,”

Vincent sneered again, and like Zack did to him, he pinned him to the lockers with a fast and forceful movement. Squall gasped; the air knocked out of him and cut off to his brain. His head throbbed with the lack of oxygen and the pounding of his heartbeats. Unlike Zack, he lacked the speed to have blocked that.

But through the heart pounding sensation, words entered his head, owned by the boy who was about to render him unconscious.

Quoi tu craintes viendra dans l'école des trahisons.”

The last thing Squall saw was Zack punching Vincent’s face.

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