Author's Notes: Mega-Crossover. As you could tell from the pairings, this is one messed up story of sex, violence, chaos... and treason. Yes baby. It's up to me to make a senseless but graphically enjoyable plot! But slow as this story might be, what I want is for you to grasp the characters and then watch them get picked off one by one by their evil school.

Ècole des Trahisons

Chapter IV - Le Premier Trahison

By Alix Vitesse

Squall kept on walking, oblivious to all the faces and especially the boy in front of him. He couldn’t help but want to kill him then and there. He also couldn’t help but wonder why anyone could be such a bastard just because a girl that Aaron had liked ever since they were children had chosen him for a partner on their annual school Valentine Project instead of Seifer himself.

From then on, he remembered clearly, Seifer had made his life a living hell. Even though it already was, it was such a pain in the ass to have problems both in and out of school. It just wasn’t a life anyone could handle without going insane. The whole entire school looked up to Seifer; Mr. Perfection, the one who had done everything right, the boy who had absolutely everything anyone could ask for. Perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect grades, and perfect personality; perfect everything. That got on his nerves as well.

He noticed Seifer had stopped for a moment and took a step back just to be far away enough from the “stench” of him. He saw the blonde boy fish for something in his front pocket, and when he pulled it out he saw it was a silver Ericsson cell phone.

Big surprise. Squall thought.

From his ‘safe’ distance, Squall could hear almost all the words Seifer was saying.

“Seph,” he could barely hear. “You have the other student, right? Bring them to their dorms.”

Squall’s eyes froze for a moment. What did that mean? He didn’t bother to listen the rest of the things Seifer had said, for that one single phrase kept repeating in his head.

Seifer slipped the cell phone back into his front pocket and spun around on his right heel. He motioned for Squall to follow him. He noticed the sudden (it had always been there) reluctance from the other boy to follow.

“What are you waiting for?” Seifer asked, seeming to get frustrated with every minute Squall stood there. “I thought you wanted to get this introduction over with.”

Seifer scoffed and trudged over beside him. Seifer glared and over took him, muttering a few words under his breath.

“Seifer,” Squall heard a voice call. It was another student; apparently he knew Seifer. The boy was tall, and certainly looked more like a man. He had long, light brown hair like his, and it hung past his shoulders. He bounded over to the two and pulled Seifer back.

“We’ve got some important matters to discuss, Seifer.”

“Yeah, just hold on a second Laguna,” Seifer turned to Squall and shoved a map into his hands. “Find the dorms 1-100 and meet your friend and the vice-president over there. I have to go to a meeting.”

Seifer spun around and chased Laguna down the hall. Squall watched as he sped off, and then placed his eyes on the map. He took the border of the map and watched as fold-by-fold, the map fell and was barely touching the ground. The map had been folded six times in half to the side.

Jesus, he said as his eyes widened. What the hell is this?

Squall began to search for the dorms, and found that it was easier to find than he thought. It only took him 30 minutes. In fact, as he became aware of it, the hall was just right behind where he was standing.

That son of a bitch! Squall’s mind raced as he ran down the hall, just in time to bump into the two waiting people.

“Hey there, Squall. You’re a bit late, dude.”

“Hey,” Squall said, a little breathless. His eyes took a moment before seeing the other person standing beside Zell. He raised a brow, and then straightened his back. “Who’re you?”

“I’m Sephiroth, the vice-president. I’ve got to get to the meeting soon, and so I’m only going to tell you your dorms. Your dorm room is number one, Squall, and Zell, yours is three. You’re just right across from each other. Well, I’m going to go now. Enjoy.”

Sephiroth picked two sets of keys from his jacket pocket and tossed one to both Zell and Squall. He gave a little wave as he ran off, seeming as if he disappeared in a flash.

“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Squall! Later.” Zell shoved the keys into the keyhole and hurriedly ran in. From outside, Squall could hear what Zell was screaming.

What the fuck is this? Is this some kind of joke? Fucking God, what a hell trap! Clean here, clean there, oh god, cologne! Damn! What’s that smell? Jesus, even the bathroom smells like this funky shit! Let me out! Let me OUT! Oh wow, king size bed…

Squall stood wide-eyed. He slowly opened his door and made his way into his room.

Indeed, it was just as Zell had described it. It smelled of the oddest aroma, and everything was in place. Not a speck of dirt anywhere. There was a large, gold-lined king size bed in the east side. There was a big screen T.V., a 5 disc-changer stereo, an oak study table and a small couch with a loveseat and a glass, abstract coffee table in the middle. A shade-control lamp stood near the loveseat, and there was also one on the other side of the couch. Two touch lamps were bolted to the wall on the left side of his bed. He made his way into the bathroom, which had a pool-like bathtub and a large modern hotel sink. Under the sink were cabinets full of the most expensive shampoos, conditioners and soaps from around the world. It was like a hotel room in the most expensive hotel in the world.

“Shit.” Was all Squall could say.

A figure whose face was hidden in the shadow sat still on a chair with his leg propped up on the other. His left hand rested on the armrest of the cushioned chair, with his right tapping the wooden table in front of him.

“I have a very special job for you, my dear…” The unfamiliar voice said. A small, lanky figure of a young boy stepped into the light.

“I’ll do anything.” He said, anxiety crowding his voice.

“I want you to seduce this student; make him fall for you.” The voice said, taking out a small Manila folder. He slowly put it on the wooden table and rested his right hand on it.

“And then… when the time is right, I want you to send him to hell. Though not here –not at the school –I will call you when I think the time is right.”

The boy nodded and picked up the Manila folder from under the figure’s hands. He swore, hoped, and imagined that a brief smile had crossed the man’s face as he took it from his hands.

“Is this it?”

“Yes. You have been such a good confidant. Do make me proud.”

“I have done the best so far. I wouldn’t let you down on such an easy task. So long.”

“Good luck. I have a feeling you’ll need it, for if you begin to fail, I’ll make sure you die before it happens.”

A deafening moment clouded his mind as the mystery man said those exact words.

“Yes,” The boy whispered, barely retaining his voice. “I will not fail you.”

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