Author's Notes: Mega-Crossover. As you could tell from the pairings, this is one messed up story of sex, violence, chaos... and treason. Yes baby. It's up to me to make a senseless but graphically enjoyable plot! But slow as this story might be, what I want is for you to grasp the characters and then watch them get picked off one by one by their evil school.

Ècole des Trahisons

Chapter VI - Jeux

By Alix Vitesse

Squall stirred awake, eyes fluttering softly open. He winced unknowingly as the words from when he blacked out returned, a hissing whisper of… French? Though he knew no French, he had a sickening feeling it wasn’t anything good.

“Squall? Squall, man, are you alive?” He heard and felt Zell’s painful attempts to awaken him. Zack, however, knew he was perfectly fine and was sitting half-covered by the shadows, deep in dark contemplation.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, sitting up and looking around, groggy as he was. But the words were still there. He sat in silence, since Locke had stood up and hurried to report to the nurse and to get food for the live Squall. “Can you speak French, Zack?”

Zack nodded. “Yeah.”

“What does… “Kwah-too-crent-vee-yan-dra-dahn-ley-kohl-day-tra-ee-sohn mean?”

Zack blinked, raising a brow at the poor reiterating and butchering of the French language.

“Say it again.”

“I can’t remember it now.”

Quoi tu craintes viendra dans l'école des trahisons…what you feared will come, in the school of treasons. Where did you get that from?”

Squall sat there in thought. “Nowhere.”

“Alright, listen,” Zack said. He stood up and threw his cell phone at him, which he caught with ease. “I’ll be in my dorm. Irvine will stay here with you.”

He nodded and watched him leave. Squall noted that he was hasty in leaving. Was it something he said?

“Hey, where’s Zack going?” Irvine said as he entered, looking aghast at probably being pushed aside by the black-haired cynic.

“His room.”

“Oh, well,” He said, setting a tray of chicken soup in front of him. “I guess I have to keep you company.”

He smiled, and Zell too, while wondering what Zack was really going to do.

“I know what you’ve done.”

“But you won’t leave him without worrying about what would happen; if I let him live, or if I let him die.”

“I’m not going to let you hurt anyone as long as I live. How different do you think you are from the rest of them?”

“You’ll fall dead to destiny for sure, and all those who trusted you will fall too. It is the law of fate that the likes of you should die.”

“No. It is the likes of you who go against me that are deserving of death!”

“You can’t discern a truth from a lie anymore, can you?”

“Yes, and you’re the liar!”

“What you feared will come, in the school of treasons.”

Zell tapped his pencil thoughtlessly on his desk, waiting for the period to end. He was staring listlessly, when suddenly a hand stuck out to cease the irking sound of the pencil tapping.

Zell smiled nervously and took his hand off the pencil, and tried to ignore Squall’s piercing glare from beside him.

“Stop,” He whispered.

“I know, I know, but I’m so bored!”

Zell’s eyes widened at what he just said out loud. Squall smiled slightly while the teacher looked at him bewilderedly.

“Well, if you’re so bored, you may exit the class and return when you’ve gotten that stick out of your ass and decide to respect me more. Now out!”

Zell’s jaw dropped. He gathered his things, furious at himself and the teacher.

“Dumbass,” Squall said below his breath. Zell flipped him off before leaving. He turned the corner down the corridor to the cafeteria, hoping to get a hotdog and a good dose of caffeine. His eyes drooped down for a moment and he yawned, bumping into someone.

“Shit, man, I’m sorry,” He said hastily, turning to find that it was Sephiroth. He laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. “I’m really sorry, um, Sephiroth,”

Sephiroth looked at him without concern. Zell looked up and saw Sephiroth smile. Even though Zell knew it was forced and fake, something inside him welled up with happiness that Sephiroth had smiled at him. “Zell, right?” He said. Zell almost leapt at the fact that Sephiroth remembered his name, although he didn’t want to show it. You’re a fucking idiot, Zell, stop it, he told himself.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s me,”

“So… where were you headed to? Are you lost?”

Zell bit back the urge to say yes so that he would feel obliged to help him out. “No, I was just going to the cafeteria.”

“Alright then. You should be on your way,” He said, brushing the long lock in front of his shoulder back. Sephiroth was about to walk away until he stood still to listen to two young students behind him whisper.

“It’s all over the campus!”

“Do you really think it’s true?”

“How would he know, though?”

“Maybe he killed someone!”

“He couldn’t have!”

“Then who did?”

Whispers and gossips were shared all over the school, unnerving just about everybody. It especially stung the ear of the vice-president. Zell was watching his face, knowing he was trying to waver his emotion from anger to something else.

“I bet it was the vice-president! Brantz said that he saw him sneaking around at night…”

“What was that?” Sephiroth finally snapped, whirling the student around with such force that the boy winced and groaned.

“N-nothing, Sephiroth!”

“It had better been nothing.” He growled, glaring at him and then leaving in fast, even strides.

“My, my, Laguna, I do think our Sephiroth is getting a little wild, considering he should be showing a lot less care for this matter now that it’s been spread,” A dark skinned boy, mature looking enough to be called a man, was leaning against the wall across from where Sephiroth had abused the student. Zell whipped around to look at the two. He hadn’t seen them around before.

The other man, thought Zell because he looked like he could be a teacher were it not for his uniform, was as tall if not taller, with long hair the color of Squall’s. His arm was propped up on the other’s shoulder as they watch Sephiroth’s form disappear around the corner of the corridor.

“Hush, Kiros, I think we’ve got ourselves a weasel,” Laguna said, approaching Zell. “Well, well, what have we got here? It looks like a new one, Kiros, or a rebel… He doesn’t seem to have any respect for our privacy,” Kiros went behind Zell and ran a finger down the nape of his neck. Zell jumped and punched Kiros in the stomach.

Laguna stared in shock, and then slammed his fist into Zell’s face. “You little shit! Who the hell do you think you are that you can get away with doing that to a member of the school council!” He shouted as he began to horribly beat up Zell’s face. Zell was so frightened with shock that he did not retaliate. Laguna got up, wiping Zell’s blood off his fists on Zell’s uniform. He then went to aid Kiros.

“Are you alright, Kiros? That little fuck is going on my hit list, don’t you worry,” Laguna spoke soothingly. Kiros nodded and coughed, grasping the wall and Laguna’s shoulder. Laguna helped Kiros away to the council’s room, glowering at Zell’s unmoving body. “You’re going to pay hell the next time you mess with us, you got that?”

Zell stared at the ceiling, trying to remember how to breathe. Can these bastards get away with shit like this? He was lying there for what seemed like thirty minutes when it was only ten, not wanting to move because it was so painful.

“Jesus Christ,” He heard someone finally say. So many people had passed him but done nothing. He felt like as long as those two were around everyone was afraid to help. He felt the owner of the voice lifting him up. At that very moment, the movement caused a thick pain to burn through his face and he blacked out.

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