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Kuja  Final Fantasy IX
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Welcome to the newly revamped Sensus Fanfiction Archive (SFA) a.k.a as the Bookshelf, our slash and general fanfiction archive. This is version.three, E.D.E.N., still featuring Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. The latest update can be located here.

The SFA collects the various 'fanfiction sub-archives' featured around Noire Sensus into one easily accessible place, and also hosts all other stories from other fandoms that don't contain as many stories as the major archives. To view the various fandoms that Noire Sensus hosts stories from, view the fandoms page.

Navigation of the SFA relies on the menu set on the left of the page. The Sitemap has additional information about the exact contents of each page. To return to the main site, Noire Sensus, click "noire sensus". To return to this welcome page, click "home".

We've attempted to make navigation of the archive more straightforward - turning as many links as possible from image maps into text links and adding other related links not previously available. Feedback on how to improve anything around the site is greatly appreciated.


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