Delicious As Sin

Chapter 16

By PinkSunRise


Harry had snatched his wand and pointed it before the person was even finished speaking.

"Whoa! down, boy!" Blaise cried out as she emerged from the darkness followed by Zach, another Slytherin boy.

"Damn, Blaise! You gave me a fucking heart attack! Next time, warn us before you go on sneaking up on us like that," Ginny exclaimed as she patted the spot beside her. Blaise sat down and Zach slid up next to her. Blaise and Zach were two of the only Slytherins who couldn’t care less which house as person was in. Zach had taken down a 7th year during his 4th year; since then, no one dared to mess with him. Harry glanced at Blaise and Zach, trying to calm down, and decided that Zach and she were both very attractive people. Blaise was tall and slim with hair resembling a black waterfall pouring down her back, her skin was like white porcelain, a tiny silver stud adorned her nose, and her blue eyes were so vibrant they were almost electric. Zach's skin looked sun kissed, his hair fell straight around his face, barely touching his shoulders. His eyes were of a brown so dark, they almost looked black. 'Wonder how I managed to miss him,' Harry mused silently. Harry's heart was still pounding in his chest. For a moment he had thought their visitor had been Tom. 'I miiisss hiiimm!' the thought sounding like a child deprived of their favourite candy.

"So Potter, how ya holding up?" Zach asked.

"Pretty good," Harry answered.

"What are you two doing out in the Forest at night?" Ginny asked. Blaise flushed slightly.

"What you were doing?"

"We were talking."

"That's not what Draco and Harry were doing when I saw them. Be careful babe the green eyed god may steal Draco away from you," Blaise said, winking at Harry who paled slightly and gave a weak chuckle, "I don't care man, whatever. I've kissed girls too, no biggie. Anyway why do you hang out with those losers? You're pretty cool."

"I know right? Some Gryffindors are okay, but you picked the worst of the worst," said Zach.

"They're not that bad."

"Are you kidding me? Someone told me how Weasley told everyone you were a sick fag. That's harsh. I wouldn't hang out with trash like that if they did shit like that to me," Blaise explained as she pulled out a cigarette.

"Damn Blaise, give it up. Smoking is nasty."

"It's not like I'm smoking that muggle stuff, weed or whatever. I need to take a break, chill you know."

"It's strange how you come across to sophisticated and elegant, but really you're laid back." Harry murmured.

"I know. I hate it. If anyone ever told my parents I was really like this… well let’s just say I wouldn't be around for very long, after that," she explained with a soft laugh, "I have Zach to keep me straight, you know my dark haired, dark, mysterious, and disgustingly well mannered lover," she said and inched dodged as Zach reached to tickle her.

"Were you really with the Dark Lord?" Zach enquired softly looking at Harry.

"I… I'd rather not say."

"No problem."

"Damn you guys we'd better get back before we get caught," she said.

"We should split up so they won't catch us all together," Zach proposed.

"No!" Harry, Draco and Ginny exclaimed, in unison.

"Uh, okay. Whatever. Bye, Harry, Draco, later babe," Blaise said as she tugged at Zach's hand trying to get him to stand up. Zach gave them an odd look before shrugging it off and giving a quick wave.

"Whew… that was…" Ginny began

"Interesting?" Harry asked

"Random?" Draco added

"Both of those; let's head back," Ginny stood, Harry and Draco followed her cue, and they all made their way back to the dorms — but once out of the Forbidden Forest, Ginny turned around to face the accompanying boys.

"Okay you guys, I can get back alone but I don't want Harry alone. So I'm gonna go ahead and you guys come, after a few minutes, okay?" She said as she planted a kiss on Harry's cheek and playfully bit Draco's ear.

"Are you sure? I mean…?" Harry asked. Ginny waved him away.

"I'll be fine," she said as she walked away from them, leaving them in an uncomfortable silence. They stood side by side for a few moments, avoiding looking at each other.

"So…" Harry softly said.

"I… I'm… I'm sorry," Draco said, "I shouldn't have done… done that… without thinking."

"It's okay."

"No I mean you have Tom and everything plus I didn't even ask I just… went for it."

"No, seriously it's okay. I didn't mind."

"You didn't mind?" Draco said raising an eyebrow in amusement as he heard Harry's words.

"No I didn't mean it like that! I meant… I meant I'm not pissed or anything and you don't need to apologize or whatever."

"Of course," Draco said still smiling. Harry laughed in response.

"Fine let's get back," he said as he began to walk. When they reached the doors Harry offered Draco part of his cloak, which Draco silently slid under.

When they reached the entrance to the Slytherin common room, Draco stepped out and Harry peeked out. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry extremely quickly.

"I'm still your friend, prat," he said smiling as he said the password. Harry laughed softly and made his way to his dorm. When he reached his bed, he noticed a tiny red box sitting on it. He looked at it curiously and debated whether to open it or not. He opened it gently and inside was a folded piece of paper.

Hey Kitten,

I've missed you so much — you have no idea. I've been waiting until I’d be able to see you again. I couldn't come to you in your dreams because that fool Dumbledore cast a spell on you and until I see you I can't remove it. I hope you've been well, darling. I love you kitten. By the way… did I forget to mention this was a portkey?

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