Delicious As Sin

Chapter 15

By PinkSunRise


The past two days had been nothing but rain, reflecting Harry’s current emotional state: Harry had kept his emotions in check since the 'incident' and it was driving him insane. His head ached low in the base of his skull and the pain was beginning to spread. The last couple of days had passed without any event what so ever. Snape hadn't even looked at him, Hermione and Ron had been treating him with wary civility, he hadn't had any sort of interaction with Draco or Ginny — after his talk with Dumbledore he decided to lay low for a while—, and Tom hadn't so much as given him a whisper in his dreams. Everything was driving Harry absolutely mad. He wanted something to… happen but then he thought better of it. 'If Tom hasn't been in my dreams for two days something is up,' he surmised. He had told Tom that he cared about him after all. When he fell asleep after Tom and Snape's little fallout he had been surprised to find his dream empty of… well, Tom. The second night Harry was on edge and a bit paranoid, but decided it may be for the better. He had a little time to himself before dinner, and he was curled up with a muggle book, extremely grateful that he had caught up, and even was ahead in his work.

He wanted a storm, with claps of angry thunder and great flashes of energy as lightning dancing in the sky, but no, nothing, absolutely nothing. It was bleak outside, suffocating, weathering, and miserable in its intent. It was damp and oppressing weather, everyone hated it. Harry was using the time to reflect on everything. He laughed softly and Hermione looked up at him strangely, before smiling warmly. He had apologized for his rude comment to her and she had been content. He remembered the day following Tom’s visit, he had been summoned to Dumbledore's office. Snape had been there as well and Harry sighed, resisting the urge to hex him with an horrible spell 'Does he really have to report everything to Dumbledore? You're a big boy Snape, suck it up,' he thought as he made himself comfortable in a chair for the interrogation he knew was coming. Even Fawkes seemed suspicious of him; not daring to come near him and instead perching of Snape's shoulder which was rather interesting — and insulting.


"Harry, my boy, you should have come to me."

"I did Professor, about my dreams."

"You never told me that he was planning on coming here," he gently said 'As though he's afraid I might run away screaming,' Harry reflected, annoyed.

"I didn't know, Professor," was Harry’s reply.

"Did he hurt you Harry?"

"No he didn't, he didn't do very much at all actually."

"Severus said that he subjected you to the Cruciatus curse." As Dumbledore finished the sentence Harry burst into a hearty laughter, which echoed in the office. Dumbledore simply regarded him calmly.

"Contrary to what Professor Snape may have said, no, he didn’t subject me to the Cruciatus curse. I took it willingly trying to save Professor Snape, who carelessly angered Tom beyond control. Tom threw the curse at him and I jumped in front. After all I would never let such a noble Professor take such pain if I could stop it. Although he may not be that useful now since Tom knows. Anyway Professor I'm sorry for wasting your time, as you can see I have no useful information for you and I am doing quite well. Good day," he said as he turned on his heal and left an astonished Dumbledore and Snape behind

~End Flashback~

Harry grinned at the memory — it had been pleasant not to bend to Dumbledore's will and spill all the 'horrors' he had been subjected to, or subjected Tom to for that matter. He knew Snape would never tell that to anyone. 'Toms rubbing off on me,' he though 'And Ginny and Draco for that matter.'

He decided he rather liked it. Being sarcastic and cynical was rather entertaining although he tried to keep his comments to himself; after all, he would keep everyone believing that their 'Golden Boy' had nothing but perfect manners. He was very aware of the rumours that were circulating about him, although Ron had tried to tell everyone he had simply been angry, it had done nothing to qualm everyone's fears.

"Hey lets go to dinner," Hermione softly said to Harry as she tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up and nodded.

"Did it stop raining?" he asked

"A while ago actually, no one seemed to notice though."

"I need to go send a letter first. Save me a seat, I'll be there in a second," he said as he shut his book and gave her a reassuring smile. Hermione and Ron had no idea about Tom's 'little visit.' Harry left his book on his bed and scrawled a quick note.

Hey you guys,

I'm bored and I'm going insane. I really need to get out, meet me at 10 at the front entrance.


He made his way to dinner and sat down next to Hermione, eating dinner in silence. He watched as Draco's owl dropped a letter in his lap and flew away. Draco looked confused for a moment before he picked up the letter and Ginny leaned across to read it as well. A second Draco folded the letter up and slid it into his robe. He looked a Harry for a second and gave a slight nod. Harry stifled a laugh as Ron looked over at Ginny who waved. Ron grumbled something under his breath to which Hermione gave an indignant squeal of disapproval.

When Ginny had told them she was going out with Draco, all hell had broken loose. Ron had started lecturing her, and Harry had tried to intervene, but Ginny had stopped him. The next time Ron and Draco saw each other it resulted in fists and quite a bit of blood. Gryffindor had lost 30 house points for it. Ron had received a howler the next day and he hadn't talked to Ginny since. Hermione didn't like the relationship either; deciding Draco was using Ginny. Ginny had taken very well to the situation and simply moved to the Slytherin table, giving Harry an invitation, which he had declined. Things had gotten even more interesting from there when Pansy screeched that the filthy Weasel had taken her Drakie away from her and some other obscene comments which resulted in 20 points from Slytherin. Everyone else from Slytherin seemed to approve of Draco's choice when they saw her true personality. Blaise had befriended her on sight, congratulating her for leaving the Gryffindors while Harry of course had been indifferent to the whole matter.

"Have you finished your Potions paper?" Ron asked and Harry groaned, he had completely forgotten. The last thing he wanted was detention with Snape.

"Damn, I have to do it tonight."

Ron snickered softly.

"What's so funny?"

"I've finished."

"How is that even bloody possible, especially you of all people?"

"I got help from ‘Mione," Ron simply said and Harry narrowed his eyes. He finished his dinner and gave a quick goodbye before he made a mad dash towards the library. 'How many uses can there be for a fucking potion!?' he thought as he slammed a book close. It felt as if he’d been in the library for hours.

"You aren't very good at keeping your word Potter," he heard Draco whisper from behind him and Ginny laughed.

"Shit! You guys I'm sorry!" he exclaimed "How late was I ?"

"Like 20 to 30 minutes but whatever, we figured you might be here," Ginny said as she pulled out a chair and sat down. "Whatcha workin’ on?" she inquired.

"Potions," he said and Draco stood, disappearing behind the stacks of books. He returned with a book in his hand, adding it to the stack of books that were already beside Harry.

"That'll tell you everything you need to know," he said and Harry growled.

"Where have you been all day!?" he exclaimed and then looked at Ginny's smug expression and thought better of it. "Never mind I don't want to know," he said as he opened the book. He riffled through the book until he found the pages he had been looking for. He scribbled down the important fact furiously until he was satisfied. He looked up and Ginny raised an eyebrow. She tapped her wand against his potions book and his parchment, they both disappeared.

"They'll be on your desk, now come on let's get a move on," she said and stood. Harry and Draco followed her. The managed to slip out of the doors unnoticed.

"So where are we going?" Harry whispered and Draco pressed his finger to Harry's lips. Layla appeared and took Draco’s finger. She tugged him forward and they followed her to a tiny clearing in the forest, which was rather dry. It looked rather comfortable, the ground was covered in thick moss and there were two trees perfect for leaning against. Harry sank down on the floor and shut his eyes.

"Ahh! I'm so happy to be out of there."

"I know," Draco sighed.

"Dreams, visits, anything we should know about?" Ginny inquired.

"Good Lord, Gin’ leave him alone."

"No actually no dreams in the past two days, very weird. The visit was rather uneventful, although I took the Cruciatus curse for Snape."

"Are you okay!?"

"How did it happen?"

"Snape was stupid enough to piss Tom off and of course Tom snapped. I, being noble and all that shit, decided to jump in the way. Blah, blah, whatever I'm fine now."

"Harry Potter was it me, or were you just sarcastic?" Ginny said and Harry laughed.

"No dreams…? That is very weird," Draco murmured.

"You know what I think?" Ginny said grinning.

"Do we really want to know?" Draco asked pressing his lips to hers.

"What do you think?" Harry asked.

"I think we should have a threesome," Harry burst into laughter. The thought sounded really ridiculous, but was a very real possibility considering Ginny.

"No, I dare you two to kiss. I think it would be so hot," she said and Harry sputtered.

"But… I mean…"

Without a moment's hesitation Draco pressed his lips to Harry's. He traced Harry's lips with his tongue. Harry didn't even realize what was going on and found himself rather lost as Draco pulled away. Ginny let out a breath she had been holding.

"Phew… that was so hot!" she exclaimed. Draco was still inches from Harry's face.

"This doesn't mean I like you anymore than I ever did Potter," he said smirking as he moved away.

"Why do I always miss all the fun!?" a voice exclaimed from behind them.

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