Delicious As Sin

Chapter 17

By PinkSunRise


Harry gasped as he abruptly hit a bed with full force. He quickly sat up to find himself in a bedroom. Tom was looking evenly at him, with the smallest of smirk.

"Welcome to my home, kitten," he softly said. Harry looked around, from the elaborate furniture, to the thick velvets and silks; the room was decorated with impeccable taste, perfection woven into its each and every corner. Harry threw himself in Tom's open arms and shut his eyes. He breathed in Tom's strong scent of cologne, tinge of clean soap, and another indescribable odor that was utterly Tom.

"I missed you," Harry mumbled, "but you shouldn't have brought me here; it's too dangerous," he finished softly brushing a strand of hair out of Tom's forehead.

"Now that you're here, I'm not going to let you go," Tom whispered provocatively into Harry's ear. "Mine," he said as he kissed him. Harry laughed softly and there was a knock at the door. Tom pulled away for a second and waltzed towards the door. Harry looked alarmed as he opened it. Tom murmured softly as the visitor and Harry both sank into a chair. He looked up, panic in his eyes, as Tom brought the visitor forth.

"Kitten, this is Lucius, you know — Draco's father and one of my most loyal servants," he said and Harry shrunk down. He had been avoiding this all along. He didn't want to be introduced to Tom's "servants". Tom seemed to be looking for a reaction from Lucius. A look of hatred crossed his face, before bewilderment, then some interest. A smile hinted at the corner of his lips. Lucius bent down and slid Harry's hand into his hand, and turning it over he kissed the palm.

"A pleasure to meet you," he said. Harry realized he was still holding his hand and quickly let it go. He nodded and Lucius bowed once more before retreating. After a few more words with Tom, he disappeared out the door. Tom laughed and Harry simply looked at him.

"He thinks I'm up to something he doesn't realize I really love you and I'm not using you," Tom said as he walked towards Harry. He bent down in front of Harry and straddled his lap. Harry rested a hand on Tom's thigh and looked up.

"I really should leave… someone might notice I'm gone — someone will, eventually," Harry reasoned.

"Who cares? They know I've wanted to take you, but they will be rather surprised when I returned you unharmed — well with a few bruises and teeth marks, but all with good intentions." Tom said smiling.

"You said that if I didn't care about you, you would kill me."

"You know I never could. Your scarlet blood would stain my soul for eternity pet. You would haunt my days and nights; you’d be present in my mind’s every waking thought. The only way I could survive if you died would be to spill my own blood. I wouldn’t bare to live knowing that I’ve ever caused you more pain."

Harry shivered. Tom knew how to reach a person's soul with words. It felt like nails had just raked under his skin.

"I… okay," Harry said simply.

"You should think about it again, you know."

"About what?"

"Joining me, giving in… I would give you anything. I would bend to your every will. After all no one wants to be a hero forever…"

"You don't have anything I want," Harry snapped trying to push Tom off his lap but Tom caught his hands and pulled them above his head.

"Liar," he said.

"Who cares if I'm lying. I can't stay with you if you act like this."

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have. I should have never brought it up. You know I love you. I don't care if you ever join me," Tom whispered.

"What do you want from me?" Harry asked. Tom looked at him for a few moments and pressed his forehead against Harry's.

"Do you honestly want to know all the things I want from you?"


"… I want to make you scream out of pleasure. I want to make you understand how impossibly beautiful you are. I want to defile everybody's god. I want to be the sin that makes you fall from the divine heaven into my arms. I want to watch as you turn from a hero to being just mine. I want to tear at your innocence with my teeth. I want to show you the way the world really works. I want to please you in so many ways it'll make your head spin. I want to burn that golden halo around you head. I want you to stop resisting me. I want to crush your morals and fill you this dirty passion you can't get enough of. I want to hurt you just so I can save you. I want to make you give up everything you live for and run into my arms. I want to make you mine. I want you possess your body and mind. But most of all, what I want from you, what my heart yearns for, I want… I want you to love me."

A tear spilled over and Harry brushed it away.

"What are you scared of?" Tom asked

"I want to… I want to love you. I really do, but it's so hard. It's so…wrong. I've never loved the way you want me to love you. I don't want you to be torn away from me so I can be left with nothing. I'm afraid you'll leave me. I'm afraid you'll show me how wonderful darkness truly is. I'm afraid I won't want to go back. I'm afraid I might make the wrong choice. I'm afraid you might leave. I'm afraid that this is all a dream and when wakeup you don't be there. I'm afraid you're like secret I keep at night but that dissolves at night. I'm afraid… to love you."

Tom kissed Harry roughly, pushing against the back of the chair.

"You are going to be the sin that makes me fall," Harry whispered as he returned the fevered kisses with the same intensity. Tom stood, pulling Harry with him. He leaned in, breath ghosting past Harry's ear, bodies not quite touching, yet close enough that the heat from their bodies met and mingled, entwining leaving them both in sweet anticipation.

His voice was barely above a whisper. "You want the darkness. It fascinates you because you can't have it. You won't admit it because you're too good."

"Was I too good when I beat you an inch away from you life?"

"No you were my tainted angel."

Harry's hands traveled down Tom's back, marveling at the feel of his silky skin. His fingers traced and route over shoulder blades, down along the ridge of a spinal column and back again. Even his legs noted the smooth surface as they wrapped around a narrow waist; he drew his legs in tight, wanting to feel that soft skin pressed firmly against his own.

"You don't know just how beautiful the darkness can be. Close your eyes and see how it feels. See how amazing I can make it for you," Tom whispered, arching into Harry's touch. Harry let his eyes drift shut for a moment, Tom's hypnotic words ringing in his ears. He opened his eyes, realizing what he had done.

"It's so easy to give in," Tom purred.

Harry was rewarded by cold hands caressing his bare skin in return, holding his hips, and balancing him on one firmly muscled thigh.

"Don't fight. You're not fighting me; you're just fighting yourself. Let go, and just let yourself feel for once. There are no rules, no boundaries, no good or evil tonight. There's just me and you."

Harry shut his eyes and drew in a deep breath. The air was thick with lust and it was hard to breathe. Harry could feel the anxiety and need, in the air, heavy against his skin. He shifted his weight trying to remove himself from Tom's grip but arms encircled his waist and he gave up. Tom's hot mouth worked over his lips and chin to rest at his neck. Then they were kissing again. Tom tried to pull away but Harry smirked and fastened his mouth to Tom's.

"Now who's fighting?" Harry mumbled between kisses. The air felt electric and there were currents running through Harry's body. Their skin hugged and clung to each other, a fine sheen of sweat providing a slick surface for them to slide together. They're bodies were intermingled, pressed almost unbearably close.

"This is the way it's supposed to be," Tom said.

"Yes," Harry choked out as Tom pressed him onto the bed. The hands on Harry's hips, subtly rocking him back and forth against his lover's body. Tom's mouth was fastened on Harry's stomach. Kneading and pulling at the skin. Harry howled, impatient and utterly aroused. Tom chuckled as he devoured a nipple.

"Please…" Harry begged.

"Let my darkness embrace you," Tom murmured. Harry was tempted to pout. 'How does he manage to actually have control in these situations?' Harry reflected but his thought abruptly cut off as a finger entered him. It felt like fire was consuming him and there was no escape just release. He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take, of hard friction and teasing fingers. That hot mouth knew just the spots that would cause him to scream. They were so close, Harry had never thought it was even physically possible; but it felt right.

"More…" Harry whimpered

"More what…?" Tom purred

"I want you!" he shouted. He felt agony as the fingers withdrew but Tom was in a generous mood and didn't tease him any further. He supposed it was finally getting to Tom as well. He felt the slick warmth enter him and he moaned in pleasure. He felt complete, whole. Tom rocked gently against Harry and their moans were long and aching. Harry felt the pressure building and cried out. The fire that had been coiling the length of his body was about to explode. He came shuddering in release plunging over the edge, taking Tom with him. He was shaking as Tom wrapped his arms around him and pulled Harry tight against his body. Harry twined his legs around Tom, wanting to continue to feel him, as close as possible. He wanted to say… something, anything but the look in Tom's eyes spoke volumes. He was kissed a last time as he drifted off.

"You’ll soon have to choose my angel," Tom whispered.

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