Delicious As Sin

Chapter 14

By PinkSunRise


Harry realized his hands were violently shaking. He roughly shoved them into his pockets and whirled around to face a living, breathing Tom. Tom was in Hogwarts. His brain seemed to have processed the fact: ‘Oh shit,’ he thought. Harry pitied Draco because of the position he was in. Draco bent down and kissed the hem of Tom’s robes.

"Master…" he softly murmured. Tom bent down and trailed a finger across Draco’s jawbone.

"There is no need," he assured as he motioned for Draco to stand up. He turned to Ginny and a huge grin broke across his face. "Red…" he said as he enveloped her in his arms and whirled her around. Ginny laughed.

"Hey Tom," she said. Tom let her go, to face Harry, who was still looking at him warily.

"Kitten…" he purred and took a step closer to Harry. Ginny and Draco both looked on, Ginny with amusement and Draco with curiosity.

"You promised me you wouldn’t do anything stupid…" Harry whispered acidly. Tom looked as though he had just been slapped.

"I… thought… I wanted us to be together…"

Harry turned to walk away but Tom caught his arm. He was roughly pulled against Tom’s chest.

"You will not run away from me!" Tom growled dangerously. Harry broke away.

"Don’t you understand!? We can not be together here! You… are the blood Dark Lord! In my dreams, it’s different! It isn’t real!" Harry exclaimed. He stopped as a voice boomed in the hallway.

"Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley, Mr. Malfoy! What is the meaning of this!? And who…" Snape bellowed as he approached them. It was then, that he almost skidded to a stop as he noticed Tom’s presence.

"Severus…" Tom purred "No need for the yelling; we were just having a friendly chat." Tom said and Snape bent down and kissed Tom’s hand.

"Forgive me master… I had no idea you were here," he said looking extremely embarrassed. Harry was trying to decide whether it was because he had just lowered himself to a sixteen-year-old Voldemort or because Harry, Draco and Ginny were all looking at him. "I don’t mean to be rude, but did anyone else know of your plans?" Snape asked softly and Tom smirked.

"No," he simply replied, and Snape looked rather alarmed, "Severus, please don’t punish them for being out late. You can escort Ginny and Draco back to their dorms but I’d like a word with Harry."

"In that hallway… ?"


"Then where?"

"In your quarters, of course," Tom said with a satisfied smile. He looked like a kitten that had just finished his bowl of milk: completely and utterly pleased. Snape looked a bit annoyed but seemed to accept the situation with a sigh and whisked Draco and Ginny away. Ginny blew Tom a kiss in the air and winked at Harry.

"Password, Severus?" Tom called

"I’m sure you’re fully capable of finding them out… master." Snape added sounding rather condescending and jovial that he seemed too eager to give Tom a hard time, without being subject to the Cruciatus curse. Tom and Harry walked side by side, in silence. ‘How can I even begin to speak?’ Harry pondered. It was simply absurd that Tom could even begin to assume that he could just insert himself in Harry’s life and that Harry would simply accept, without resisting. ‘He expects me to give in and run away with him…’ Harry thought, ‘To forsake everything I’ve ever been taught and be seduced by darkness.’ Harry was beginning to get annoyed at the way things were turning out. Harry watched as Tom muttered a few spells and laughed softly as Snape’s door slid opened.

Tom bowed and stepped aside as he motioned Harry inside. Harry sighed and paced the room, yet again.

"This looks familiar," Tom said, wrapping himself around Harry’s body in a quick motion, "Is it going to end the same way…?" he purred and nibbled on Harry’s ear. Harry gently pushed him away.

"Do you care about me, Harry?" Tom asked, tipping Harry’s head up slightly. Harry remained silent. "Do you care about me even a little, Harry?" Tom asked and Harry looked away. "Do you?" he whispered stepping away from him "Say no, and I’ll leave. I’ll leave forever; no dreams, no nothing. Everything will be the same way it was before. There will be nothing between us. If I see you on the battlefield I WILL kill you."

Harry tackled Tom, slamming him against the floor.

"Would you? Would you, really? Would you pretend that this was nothing and kill me!?" Harry was screaming.

"Do you?" Tom whispered urgently,

"YES!" Harry blurted out, rolling off Tom. "Yes… I do. I care about you." Harry whispered and Tom’s smile was like a thousand-watt bulb. It lit up the room; he could see Tom’s… soul, reflected in his eyes. It made his heart flutter. Their moments together were rushed, knowing when they awoke they would be alone again. Everything was lustful, or angry, or sad. ‘This is perfect…’ Harry thought… until the sound of an angry Potion Master’s voice resounded off the walls.

"How bloody sweet," Snape said.

"Severus!" Tom barked and took Harry’s hand. "You know I love you," he whispered as he kissed the palm of Harry’s hand. Harry shifted uncomfortably. ‘This is wrong,’ he thought ‘I’m betraying Snape.’

"Like hell you do!" Snape exploded. Harry shuddered. He had seen more of Snape’s temper this week than he ever wanted to see in a lifetime. "How long will you feed him this bullshit, Tom?" Snape asked softly, "How long can you hide behind your sparkling eyes, your gentle voice and sweet lips, and your midnight hair? How long can you hide the real you, from him?" Snape bitterly asked. Tom’s anger showed across his face.

"You’ve overstepped your bounds," he said dangerously.

"Oh, really? Did I overstep my bounds when I spread my legs for you and you fucked me until I screamed? Did I overstep my bounds when I sank down in front of you to suck your cock!? Tell me Tom, did I overstep my bounds then!?" Snape shouted and Tom’s anger escalated. With all reason lost, Harry threw himself in front of Snape. He blindly held out his hands and he heard "Crucio," whispered. He was not quite sure whether it was Tom that screamed or him. He heard Tom shout the counter curse and he was fading to black. He could imagine his interview on that muggle TV show "E True Hollywood Story". Dudley had forced him to watch it once.

"So what was the biggest mistake of your life Mr. Potter?" the reporter would ask.

"Falling for the enemy," he would stoically answer.

"Don’t hurt him…" he murmured weakly before dropping it unconsciousness.

He was dimly aware of voices as he floated back into awareness. One voice sounded tight and controlled the other was reaching a fevered pitch of urgency.

"When is he going to wake up? This is all your fault! If he didn’t have such a heartfelt attachment to you I would kill you, you know."

"So good to know you care."

"Wait until we get back Severus… wait and see darling…"

"I’ve stood and watched you for too long. Your murderous crimes, the cruel torture, I should have done something."

"But now you won’t have precious information to convey to Dumbledore will you?"

"He… told…how…"

"Don’t be stupid Severus. I knew long before. Why don’t you think I ever told you anything useful? Why do you think I lost interest, that I hurt you? I knew. I knew you betrayed me. I know it all. I’ve heard it all."

Tom glanced down at Harry’s face to see his eyes open. He pressed his lips to Harry’s.

"I’m so sorry, kitten." He said against Harry’s cheek.

"Do you swear?"

"Do I swear what?"

"Do you swear not to hurt him?"

"… for now…"

"I… I should get back soon…" Harry said struggling to sit up. Tom helped him sit up while Snape looked on in disdain.

"You should get to the infirmary kitten. I should go now as well. Love you." Tom murmured in between kisses. He disappeared without a sound.

"How… you can’t…" Snape said as he looked at the stop Tom had been standing moments ago. He looked back at Harry and simply stared at him for a few moments.

"This is quite possibly the most dangerous game you could possibly play in your life Potter. Watch out before you get fucked over." Snape said as he offered Harry his arm. Harry waved it away as he stood by himself. He looked at Snape with tears in his eyes.

"I’m sorry…" Harry whispered and as he left the room, he heard Snape’s soft affectionate voice.

"I know…"

Harry made his way back to his bed in record time, where he promptly passed out in a heap.

"You can’t help the one you love," he whispered.

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