Delicious As Sin

Chapter 13

By PinkSunRise


When Harry entered the common room, the Fat Lady inquired upon his whereabouts but he dismissed her with a wave of his hand. Except for Hermione, armed with a textbook and a few snacks, the common room was deserted.

"Too loud?" Harry asked

"Yes! Don’t they at least have some decency… Harry!" she exclaimed as she threw her arms around his neck, tossing her textbook into the air. He whirled her around before setting her back down on the couch. "I was so worried about you! I asked everyone if they had seen you! Then I asked… Snape and he said you were with him. What happened? I talked to Ron and he sort of got over the whole dream thing. I have no idea why he said you were at least trying or something like that…" she trailed, staring at his patient expression. "Sorry I was… anyway what happened?"

Harry looked away for a moment.

"I had made him pay… For everything… But then… then, I couldn’t believe what I had done. I did not even think, you know? I let the rage consume me and I ran to Snape. I figured… that he would understand, and I was so exhausted. I just, stayed in his chambers."

"Oh Harry… I’m so sorry…" she whispered looking sympathetic, yet again.

"I’m happy that I can talk to you ‘Mione, but I don’t want your pity. Night," he said as he turned on his heel and stalked towards the boy’s dormitory. He was thankful that no one was awake, until he heard a soft voice call his name. He turned to look at Ron.

"Do you wanna,… go raid the kitchens?" Ron asked hopefully. ‘At least he’s trying’ Harry thought.

"Sure," he answered as he grabbed his cloak. He turned and made his way back to the common room. Harry let out a mental sigh of relief; Hermione had left soon after he had. They made their way down to the kitchen in silence. Harry looked for food to cheer him up which he soon found in the form of chocolate ice cream. He dared not disrupt Ron’s good mood so he remained silent.

"I’m sorry!" Ron blurted out and looked down "I’m sorry I overreacted, it was… stupid of me. You’re my friend and I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you for something you had no control over…" he mumbled and Harry snickered in laughter.

"Is that what you really think or is that what ‘Mione forced you to say?"

"’Mione," he said blushing.

"What do you really think?" Harry asked with a fixed gaze.

"I… I still don’t understand how you could possibly sleep with that… thing. I’m trying to get over it since it’s not your fault he gave you the dreams. I mean I still do not accept it and I don’t think I ever will but… I am not gonna hold it against you. I figure you need all the friends you can get… since everyone else thinks… sorry…" Ron said

"I’d say that it’s all right, but you know isn’t," Harry retorted bitterly.

"I… okay… I… let’s not talk about it now…" Ron said.

Harry was smirking on the inside. He knew it was insanely hard for Ron to give him somewhat of an apology and he was making it hard for him. He knew it was Ron’s pride that stood in the way, and he had no shame giving it a little insulting.

"Are you sure? Any more insults you wanna throw at me really fast before we move on?"

"Why are you making this so bloody hard?! I said was fucking sorry. I am! I’m trying get over it! I need some time."

Harry sat back looking quite pleased with himself.

"I… don’t even want to be here. It’s late. I’m going back…" Ron said as he stood and turned away. Harry was annoyed, he was still exhausted and he came down to the kitchens just for Ron. ‘I should have just said no after all I just wasted thirty perfectly good minutes on a pointless conversation.’ Harry said as he put his bowl away and walked out of the kitchen. Ron was already gone. ‘Figures he probably didn’t want to be anywhere near me,’ Harry thought and he found himself walking towards the Astronomy Tower. Sure, he was exhausted, but he had had enough of Tom for today, he wanted some time for… himself.

He sat on the edge of the window and found himself wondering, again, what it would be like to jump. Sure, he could do it with a wand, but to be in the air for a few seconds and feel that freedom… Harry shook his head, trying to rid it of its depressing thoughts. He leaned his head back and shut his eyes. He loved this; he just wanted this time to think… to clear his mind. He did love Ron and Hermione, he was just sick of dealing with them. Hermione always listened to his problems but she gave him too much sympathy. She was always looking at him like some poor boy that was so lost in life. Ron was well… close-minded as usual.

His thoughts were abruptly cut off when he heard two voices on the stairs.

"Damn that cat!"

"She needs to be shot."

Ginny and Draco both stumbled into the room, slamming the door behind them. Draco wrapped his arms around Ginny’s waist.

"Now where were we before we were… so rudely interrupted," he purred as he tangled his fingers in Ginny hair. Harry was frozen for a moment before he cleared his throat, loudly. They both jumped apart startled and looked at Harry.

"Damn, you nearly gave me a heart attack." Draco said annoyed and Ginny relaxed before she walked towards Harry.

"Not much of a… voyeur? Well we could always… include you…" Ginny said as ran his nails across his stomach.

"No that’s alright." Harry said calmly and Ginny backed away.

"What’s that matter? Are we not good enough for you Potter?" Draco said feigning annoyance. For a moment Harry was tempted… he was so tempted but managed to regain control. He cursed mentally at Draco for being able to look so sexy at the most inopportune moments. Draco’s eyes were bright and his lips were a dark red from kissing Ginny. Harry decided to play along with their game. He took a step towards Draco and realized Draco was holding his breath.

"No Draco that’s not it… You’re more than good enough for me…" Harry whispered and stepped away. He sat back down on the ledge and Draco laughed as he sank down into a plush chair nearby, Ginny soon occupied his lap.

"So Mr. Potter… how did you sleep last night?" Ginny said smiling and Harry’s heart sank. He really did not want to go over this right now.

"Fine," he said lying.

"I don’t believe you." Ginny countered, narrowing her eyes.

"What makes you think I’m lying?" Harry replied, his voice icy. Ginny stood again and walked towards him.

"What are you hiding?" she hissed. Draco looked as though he was about to tear Ginny away from Harry.

"Do you really want to know? Do you ‘really’ want to know the horrors I subjected your precious Tom to? I beat him until be bled Ginny. Is that what you wanted to know?"

"What’s wrong with you?" she asked softly.

"I think I’m going insane — that’s the only explanation," he morbidly volunteered and she stroked his hair. Draco bitterly laughed and moved to sit behind Harry on the edge of the window. He leaned into Harry’s ear and Harry shivered.

"I think he deserved it. Good job," Draco murmured and Ginny snorted.

"Maybe…" she said

"No? He killed hundreds of people, without mercy."

"I… okay I guess but what did he do afterwards? Have you seen him since?" she asked. Harry leaned back and Draco embraced him. ‘Ironic how Draco and Ginny were just snogging and I stole him away,’ he thought.

"I saw him afterwards, later I mean, he hit me once but then he didn’t mention it. It was strange he didn’t seem affected by it, it was almost like it never happened." Harry said

"Did you hear that?" Ginny asked cocking her head to the side.

"Flinch," Draco hissed. In less than a second Harry had tossed his cloak over them. It took them a minute to position themselves; the cloak would barely cover them. Harry couldn’t breath, he was very aware of Ginny pressed against the front of him and Draco against his back.

"I thought I heard voices…" Flinch said as he shut the door behind him. They stayed in the same position until Harry couldn’t handle anymore. He stepped aside, pulling the cloak with him.

"That was… interesting…" Ginny said smirking.

Draco stretched his arms and yawned.

"We should all get going: that was close," he said. Harry nodded and made his way towards the door. They walked down the stairs in silence and as Draco turned to the entrance of the Slytherin common room, they heard a silky voice behind them.

"Mmmm, kitten you are so hard to find."

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