Part 1 - Demands and Secrets

By Passo


-Malfoy Manor-


The blond boy raised his head and met a pair of cold silver eyes identical to his own. “Yes Father?”

“I need you in my study, now.” The tone was imperious, commanding. Lucius Malfoy swept from his son’s room majestically, without waiting for a reply. He knew the boy would follow.

The head of the Malfoy household sat behind the great mahogany desk. Before him, looking quite small and lost, but proud at the same time, stood his sixteen-year-old son. Lucius made a graceful gesture, indicating the younger man to sit. Draco obediently complied.

Draco looked at his father, taking full note of his appearance. Lucius was a man aware of his own beauty. His long silver-blond hair shone in the firelight. His sleek muscular limbs wrapped in alabaster skin and his manly carriage accentuated the sylph-like yet strong impression. Lucius Malfoy was moonlight personified, and his son was no less beautiful.

At the moment, Lucius’ pale coral lips were stretched into his trademark smirk, or may be a smile. When he finally spoke, he sounded a little displeased.

“You were late in coming home. I expected you a week earlier.”

Draco brushed it off with a wave of his hand. “I had to stay an extra week in school for a special Potions project. It would allow me to take Advanced Potions a year early, giving me extra time to plan for my career in seventh year.” He paused. “I thought you would be pleased.”

“Oh, I am. You know how much I value hard work and ambition.” This was said in the same regal tone.

The silence stretched, silver looking into silver. Lucius’ voice suddenly softened into a whisper. “I just missed you, that’s all.”

Draco slowly stood and moved to his fathers’ side. He slid his robe from his shoulders and let the black material pool around his feet, revealing a perfectly sculpted naked body, honed with Quidditch training. He slid his pale arms around his fathers’ neck and kissed the petal pink lips. Coral pressing coral.

“I missed you, too.”


-The Burrow-

“Ron, what’s wrong?”

Ron Weasley started at Harry’s voice. His best friend was looking at him with a curious expression mixed with worry. Harry had good cause for concern. For the past week, Ron had been losing a lot of sleep, staying unusually silent during conversations, and looking like a wreck during the day. If it had been Finals week, Harry wouldn’t have thought twice about his friend, but it was summer and they were supposed to be spending a happy holiday in The Burrow.

“Nothing. I’m just tired.” Ron smiled wanly.

Harry would never understand. The Boy Who Lived had known pain, but not one of this kind. Oh, how I miss him! Ron had never imagined that it would hurt so much, living so far from a loved one, especially when everything had been left hanging. His whole being ached for his beloved’s touch, his smile, his voice…

“I don’t believe you,” Harry broke through his reverie. The sixteen-year-old savior of the wizarding world would not let his best friend lie his way through this time. He would get to the bottom of things for Ron’s own good.

Harry put his hand on Ron’s shoulder. “Please, tell me what’s wrong. I can feel your pain. So do you family. I don’t understand why you refuse to share whatever’s troubling you.”

Ron raised tortured brown eyes to meet his friend’s warm green ones. “I don’t think you’d like to know.” He bowed his head. “You might not want to have me as a friend if you knew.”

“That’s stupid!” Harry scoffed, “After we’ve been through so much…” He faced the other boy squarely, clutching his shoulders tightly.

“Look, Ron, whatever your secret is, it wouldn’t make a whit of a difference to our friendship. Whatever happens, you’ll always be the brother I never had.” He smiled gently.

Ron felt his throat constrict. Harry was right. He was being stupid. His friends and family wouldn’t ditch him just because he was gay. Gay and passionately in love with a Slytherin. A much older Slytherin. He sighed. He may as well tell Harry. He would die if he kept it a secret for long.

“I’m in love,” he mumbled hoarsely.

“What? That’s it?” It was the last thing Harry expected to hear. Relief coursed through him as he whopped Ron’s head lightly.

“You miserable bastard! For a while there I thought you were dying of an incurable disease.” Harry grinned at his friend who grinned back.

“Well, who is it?” he asked impatiently.

“(mumble) (mumble).”


“A SLYTHERIN! A MALE SLYTHERIN!!” Ron shrieked. “Oh, Harry! I swear I never meant for this to happen. I always thought I was straight after going steady with Lavender and Padma Patil but after really knowing him I realized how wrong I was. I swear, if you only knew him, you won’t think it’s so terrible--“

“Stop!” Harry halted the half-hysterical tirade. “I don’t think it’s terrible at all.”

Ron’s shocked silence was the only answer.

Harry giggled. “Is he sixth year or seventh year? A Slytherin, huh? Oh, well… I heard they’re great in bed.”

“It doesn’t bother you at all? The fact that I’m gay… is it all right with you?”

“Of course, you silly twit. Now, I would forgive you’re falling for a Slytherin if you tell me who he is. C’mon, I’m dying with curiosity.”

“Well, he’s no longer a student…. He hasn’t been for a long time and… I don’t know how to say this.”

Harry looked at him beseechingly.

Ron bowed his head, blushing madly, and muttered, “It’s Severus.”


“SSShhhhh…. Not so loud.” The redhead quickly covered his friends mouth and quickly looked around to check if anyone heard them. “For Pete’s sake, Harry, there’s no need to announce it.”

Harry pulled Ron’s hand off. He was still shocked but now had the presence of mind to whisper. “You can’t blame me. I thought you hated him! What happened? How did this…” He gestured madly with his hands.

“Well… remember last month, when he made me serve detention for dropping a vial of Shrinkee on Goyle?”

“Uh-huh. Well?”

“I was supposed to weed the whole west side of the rose garden. Severus was there, making sure I did the job right when it started raining. We both got soaked through and ran to his office since it was the nearest room, and…”

“Yes?” Harry encouraged.

Ron took a deep breath, grinned, and continued.

“We had to take our robes off so we won’t get sick and when he handed me a towel we sort of… you know… he looked at me and…” He paused. “We kissed.” Ron finished lamely, blushing crimson to the roots of his equally red hair.

Harry smiled widely, enjoying his friend’s discomfort. Honestly, he was more than a little surprised with Ron’s revelation but if Ron liked him, then Snape couldn’t be so bad. Harry and Hermione would just have to learn to get along with him for Ron’s sake.

“So,” Harry whispered, “have you done it yet?”


“C’mon… have you?”

“Well… yeah. Lots of times.” By now, Ron was a wave of crimson.


“Well, try not to visualize it too much.” Ron chuckled and dragged Harry back to the house.

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