By Passo


-Somewhere outside Hogwarts-

“I can feel your tears sometimes.”

Surprised, the boy looked at the man beside him. He raised a pale hand to his beloved’s cheek.

“I feel you, too. Here.” He touched his brow. “And here.” His heart.

The man crushed the boy to his chest, his tears flowing freely as the moment when they had to part drew nearer. How he hated that moment. Every second spent with him was dangerous. Time was precious, and stolen. But now, in the dark, hidden between the trees in the forest, the couple spent what they had.

“They would kill me if they found us here,” he whispered into the soft hair, “You’ll be an outcast. They’ll leave you with nothing.”

“I don’t care.” The boy kissed the full, elegant mouth of the man. “I’ll have had your love, and that’s all I’m ever going to need.”

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