Delicious As Sin

Chapter 19

By PinkSunRise


He watched as the dark gray clouds rolled in, swallowing up the last remaining light in the sky. Dark shapes blended together and the rustling trees trembled in the wind before the storm. Thunder rumbled in the distance and he shuddered. He had always loved storms even as a boy. He would sit in his closet and hear the pounding of the rain threatening to wash the world away. With the rain came the smell of the earth and he felt alive.

The clouds looked dark and menacing, warning of the chaos to come. He looked up to find his lover silhouetted against the dark sky.

"It's been a while hasn't it love?" Tom purred.

"Hmm, I thought the dreams were over, " Harry replied.

Harry closed his eyes as the wind swept across his face. The thunder rumbled loudly and he watched as lightning ripped the sky into pieces. Harry looked at Tom inquisitively as if to ask the reason for this sudden dream.

"Think of it as my final plea…" Tom whispered, bending down until he was eye-to-eye with Harry. Tom’s lips brushed against Harry’s, and their eyes closed. The wind picked up and the rain began to fall. The silent drops became part of a deafening tumult of the violent wind.

"Tom," Harry whispered to the side of the boy’s face. Tom shushed him.

"If this is the last time it has to be perfect," Tom replied and pushed Harry’s taut frame to the ground.

The tears were falling down his face, with the rain washing away his pain. Tom’s kisses began gently but evolved into bruising assaults as the violence of the storm increased. They made love, rolling across the wet earth with the rain deafening their cries. It was between these sweet kisses they both allowed themselves to let go. Maybe it was that dream like state that made it all okay, the fact that they weren't going to be judged. Tom teased Harry, and Harry was breaking under the pressure.

"Tom please!"

Tom only laughed as Harry threw his head back. He laid butterfly kisses on the column of his neck. Tom gave in and attacked Harry's body with a feverish urgency. All Harry could do was scream as Tom thrust in and out of him.

"Do you love me?" Tom whispered against Harry's face.


"And I will always love you, no matter what choices you make kitten."

There were no words to describe it, only painful understanding as the rain slowed and clouds began to move once again.

The storm would always remind him of Tom.


Harry sat up abruptly. He groped the table for his glasses and slid them over the bridge of his nose. He gazed longingly at Tom’s sleeping form. He shuddered again as he remembered the feel of the rain against his body. 'I have to give this up…' Harry thought silently as he bent down to retrieve his pants. He gasped as he felt a fist close around his hand and pull him backwards.

"Where are you going kitten?" Tom whispered nuzzling Harry's neck.

"I have to…I have to go," Harry said with determination he didn't feel.

"Kitten? What are you talking about? We have all the time the world. The sun hasn't even risen yet."

"I've chosen," Harry whispered.

He watched as a triumphant smirk crossed Tom's face, then passed quickly as it was replaced with a look of concern. Harry hated Tom for that moment. 'He's so sure I'll stay with him,' he thought.

"Well?" Tom inquired, reaching for a glass of water.

"I'm going back," Harry said firmly. He winced as the glass of water shattered against the floor, sending shards of glass careening off in every direction.

"Say that one more time," Tom purred as he stepped closer to Harry.

Harry screamed as Tom grabbed him and shoved him against a wall. He could feel Tom’s rage emanating from his warm, naked body and crackling in the air. For the first time in his life, Harry was absolutely terrified. Before now he had always trusted that Tom wouldn't hurt him.

"Tom… please," Harry pleaded.

"No kitten, I think you're staying here." Tom said firmly.

"What'd you want Tom? I didn't do anything. You said it was my choice," Harry said, trying to regain his courage.

Tom twisted a lock of midnight black hair gently between his long white fingers. Harry didn’t even see him reach for his hair, just felt his dexterously slender fingers curl the threads. His voice was almost purring as he leaned closer to Harry’s ear. The ravenous glint in Tom’s young eyes betrayed a sexual longing, deep pain, and deeper rage.

"You didn't do anything," The words rolled from his lips like silk, choking all of his coherent thoughts. "My pride, darling, my pride…"

"You're pride? How is that?"

There was silence and Tom disappeared. Harry moved quickly and he ran towards the door, as the room fell into darkness. He stumbled as he hit a table and he cried out, trying to navigate the unfamiliar room. He yelped as he felt hands close around his neck.

"Scared?" His low rumble echoed in the depth of Harry’s ears, sending electric shivers down his body and making the hairs on his neck rise. He found himself gazing into Tom's eyes and he tried to look away.

"My will is as strong as yours!" He screamed as he picked up a book and threw it. He felt silent as it froze inches away from Tom's head.

"My, my aren't you a violent one?" Tom said mockingly.

"You have no power over me! I'm not yours damn it! Let me go!" Harry yelled but immediately regretted as he was handcuffed to the bed.

"I have no power over you? I think this is where you are gravely mistaken, kitten. You're mine and you don't even know it yet."

"I'll never submit to you, you bastard!"

Tom hit him and Harry winced as he felt blood pool in his mouth.

"Bit your tongue? Poor baby," Tom purred as he bent down over his captive and forced Harry's mouth open with his own. He pulled away looking pleased. "Mmm the taste of blood..." he whispered.

"Please stop…" Harry whimpered.

"You ruined me Harry James fucking Potter! I gave you the world! I can give you your dreams, and your hopes and your darkest fantasies. I would have spared your mother-fucking friends if you had asked me."

"I opened up to you and I risked my life to give you everything. You crushed me. You want to go back to your miserable excuses for friends who ridiculed you this whole time? Don’t you want me Harry? Don’t you want this? It is a perfect end to this little game!"

"You said you would always love me!"

"I lied…"

Tom cut off as the door burst open. His screams echoed around the room as he was hit with multiple curses from Professor Snape, Hermoine, Ron and Draco.

Draco tore across the room and uncuffed Harry. Harry watched as Snape knocked Tom unconscious. He noticed Ron and Hermione frantically reciting a spell. The world he was seeing began to blend together and spin. 'Perfect timing you guys,' Harry thought as the scene in front of him faded to black.

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