Delicious As Sin

Chapter 5

By PinkSunRise


Harry awoke in the early morning and was almost purring in delight. It had been one of the best nights of sleep he had gotten in a long time. He rolled over to his side and reveled in his happiness for a few moments. He heard a silent swish as his curtains were pulled open and he felt the bed sink slightly as someone sat behind him. He smiled slightly as he felt the person lie down and trail a finger down his exposed back.

"Hey, Mione," h e said as he rolled over to face her. She was the only person he knew who actually had the audacity to sneak into the boy’s dorm while there were boys in it.

"Oh, Harry…" she whispered softly as she tentatively reached out to touch a fading bite mark on his shoulder. As she leaned forward her hair fell into her face, and he leaned forward and pushed it away. She had grown into a beautiful young woman and had captured the attention of many of the boys at Hogwarts including a certain red head.

Harry smiled at her reassuringly.

"How are you doing?"

"Actually, today I feel better than ever. I got a whole night of sleep."

"No dreams?"

"I dreamt but it was… different."

"Does he…does he do this to you?" she asked as she help her wand to a bruise on his side and muttered a healing spell.

"It’s not umm in pain…," he said blushing and in turn Hermione blushed knowing very well what he was talking about.

"Talk to me, Harry, you seem so distant"

"God, Mione, he’s so beautiful, it’s hard not to give in"

"You have to fight, Harry, that’s why life is so hard"

"He makes it so tempting to let myself fall. He knows more than he lets on."

"How so?"

"It’s not important."

"It’ll be okay, Harry."

"I keep telling myself that."

Hermione leaned forward wrapped her arms around him. Harry returned the hug and pulled her close similar to what he was used to doing with Tom. She blushed as she realized that Harry didn’ t have a shirt on. She pressed her lips to the tip of his nose.

"Be careful," she whispered as she slid out of bed.

Harry stood feeling unusually refreshed. He walked towards the bathroom and smiled at his reflection, which of course smiled back. He washed his face and slid on a pair of shorts and a large t-shirt. He slid out of the door and made his way outside. He breathed in the fresh air and he began to run. He made his way towards the gardens and stopped a moment to take a breather. He gazed cautiously at a beautiful rose. The petals were such a dark red that they appeared black. He hesitantly reached out a finger to touch the petals and drew away quickly when the rose changed to a crimson color. He turned and jogged back to the front entrance. He walked relaxed through the halls. He smiled at he saw a gray cat turn the corner towards him.

"Hi, Professor."

He watched as the cat transformed in Professor McGonagall.

"I see you’re doing well, Harry."

"I feel much better actually, professor." He said nodding as he passed her. He made his way back to the common room and to the showers. He took a quick shower and threw on a robe. He threw open the curtains to Ron’s bed letting the sunlight stream through.

"Oh, Ronnn." He said in a singsong voice "Time to get up!"

"Oi! Harry, have you gone mad! Let me get some… Harry? You’re awake!"

"Why, of course."

"How do you feel?"

"Dandy, thanks for asking."

Ron gave him a curious look before he sat up.

"Did Mione put a cheering charm on you?"

"No, come on, hurry up."

Ron made a noise similar to a growl before he disappeared to the bathroom. Harry walked over to his desk and examined his essay for Charms and made a few corrections. Ron appeared looking rather disheveled and threw on a robe. They made they’re way down to the Great Hall where Hermione waved them over. She rolled her eyes as Ron assaulted Harry with Quidditch questions. Breakfast was eaten in relative peace, but a tawny owl landed in front of Harry’s plate. Harry untied the letter from the owl’s leg and offered it a bite from his plate. Harry carefully unfolded the letter.

Meet me at 9 in front of the Slytherin entrance. I need to get away.

Harry slid the note into a pocket of his robes and he turned to face Ron whispering something in Hermione’s ear. Her cheeks were rapidly taking on a dark pink shade and she looked at Harry with a pleading look.

"So who was the letter from?"

"It was, uhh, about an extra credit assignment…"

"From who?"

"In... potions."

"Harry, are you mad!? Why do you want to spend more time with that greasy git than you have to?" Ron exclaimed with disbelief written all over his face

"I need extra credit since I’ve been you know out of it for a while."

Hermione smiled sympathetically at him, and Ron had the decency to look a little embarrassed.

"Tell me if you need help," Hermione said.

"Thanks Mione," Harry replied.

"Damn…" she said as she glanced at her watch and both boys just looked at her.


"Did you…

"That was…"

"Guys get over it! I grew up, big deal."

"I know, but Mione you wouldn’t curse to save your life!" Harry exclaimed.

She snorted.

"Well, guys, I’m off. I need to talk to Professor McGonagall."

"Bye," they both chorused.

"Ron, we need to go to. We’re gonna be late for history of magic."

"Who cares about bloody history of magic? S’not like we do anything in there."

"I don’t want to be late, now move it."

Ron grumbled a bit but stood. They both made their way to their dorm and collected their books. As they exited the Gryffindor tower, Harry almost slammed into Draco, but Draco sidestepped him neatly and caught his arm.

"Potter," he said before turning to acknowledge Ron, "Weasley," he said. As he brushed past them, he slid a book into Harry’s bag.

"Bloody git," Ron said.

"Ron, he didn’t do anything to you, he was actually pretty civil."

"He’s probably up to something."

Harry sighed in exasperation as they entered the classroom. Hermione entered a few minutes later and seated herself in front of them. Harry lost himself in his thoughts as Professor Binns droned on. He read the title of the book Draco had given him as he placed it in his lap, ‘Dream Spells’. He turned to the first marked page.

"Psst," Ron said and Harry looked at him, "Whassat for?"

"Potions extra credit," Harry replied mentally smiling as Ron cringed and moved away.

Harry opened the book and began to read.

This book is a comprehensive collection of spells related to controlling dreams. Some are legal and some are illegal. If there is a counter spell for the original spell it will be listed. Dreams are very powerful and they can have a great effect on people. There are many people who will try and control your dream whether you know it or not. Some will take desperate measures to alter a person’s dreams and some will take miniscule steps. When dreams are largely altered, it can often result in dire consequences.

Harry glanced at the passage Draco had marked.

Cruor Somnium is a rarely used spell used mostly for dark purposes. It is a fairly easy spell to use but it requires an immense amount of concentration and power. The spell is to be said before one enters the victim’s dream for the first time. In this dream, one must obtain a drop of the victim’s blood. After this the victim will have no control over his or her dreams. Although the dreams may not seem like reality they have certain aspects that very well maybe reality. Any pain one inflicts on the victim will have an effect in reality. If one murders in the dream the victim will also die in reality. The Ministry banned this particular spell when it was created because of the vast destruction it can cause. There is no know removal for this spell unless the victim kills the caster in reality and in turn takes a drop of his blood.

Harry visibly shuddered. ‘Surely Draco didn’t think Tom…’ Harry thought as he turned to the next marked page.

Imperium Somnium has been used for centuries although it was banned by the Minstry in 1894. It is a simple spell and requires a minimal amount of power. It allows one simple control of a person’ s dream. This spell prevents one from harming the person in dreams but it is still powerful and one of its main side effects on the victim is insanity. It can also cause major depression and suicidal tendencies. The removal spell is quite simple but requires both persons to be present. To remove the spell, say Subsisto Imperius. To reverse the spell, say Redo Imperius.

He turned to the last marked page and doubts were already filling his head.

Unfortunately, dream control is also possible in many legal ways. They are many obscure spells that are rarely used so the Minstry finds no need to ban them. The most obvious one being Directus Somnium. This spell allows minimum control by the caster. Once the spell is cast the caster is allowed to be present in the dreams with a certain surroundings but is not allowed to alter the person’ s mind or perspective in any form. This spell is rather harmless but still may have side effects. There is no removal known for this spell and the caster will always have access to the person’s dreams.

Harry hands were shaking as he closed the book. ‘So which spell is it?’ he thought.

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