Delicious As Sin

Chapter 4

By PinkSunRise


Harry let go of Draco’ s robes a while later and laughed softly.

"Sorry about that," he said gesturing at the wet spot on Draco’s robes

"Don’t make a habit of it," Draco replied.

They both gazed intently at each other for a few moments as if assessing the damage of the situation.

"We’re fucked," Draco said bluntly.

"We should go before we get caught."

Draco nodded, smiled faintly at Harry and brushed some hair off his forehead.

"Don’t fall to deep, be careful," Harry whispered.

"Aren’t I always? And you don’t fall to temptation," Draco said and they both made their way towards the exit. The walked down the stairs and nodded at each other before they made their way towards their dorms. There was an unspoken promise not to mention anything to anyone. An unusual silence hung in the air and Harry felt it as the hair on the back of his neck rose slightly. He tugged his cloak tighter around him and he entered through the portrait, grateful that the fat lady was snoring quietly. He picked up the potion and contemplated it for few moments before he made his way towards the bathroom and poured it out. He returned to bed and knowing he would dream.


"Hey, Tom," Harry said quietly to the figure on the bed that seemed enthralled in a book. Tom turned over to face Harry and sat up.

"No potion tonight, angel? No attempt to get away?"

"What can I say, I’ll always dream."

"Smart of you, " Tom purred seductively and stretched out on the bed like a sleepy kitten. His silk pajama pants slid down to reveal some delicious flesh and the muscles in his arms flexed slightly. Harry allowed himself a tiny moan of appreciation and a moment to revel in Tom’s charms. ‘He’s so beautiful, too beautiful to be evil,’ Harry thought silently as Tom leaned forward. Tom placed a finger under Harry’s chin and pushed upwards until he met his gaze. Tom smiled sweetly and brushed his lips across Harry’s in a surprisingly chaste kiss. He moved away and lay himself down on the pillows. He patted the space beside him, and Harry moved forward without protest. Harry lay down next to him. He tensed as Tom turned but Tom simply slid his arms around him. Harry readjusted his position so his head was pillowed on Tom’s chest. He felt a gentle vibration as Tom laughed. Tom trailed him fingers through his hair and Harry indulged himself in the fantasy that this was right.

"So you spent some time with your enemy?" Tom asked after a few moments of silence and Harry visibly tensed.

"Yes, I did," he said cautiously and Tom laughed again. Harry observed him carefully. "What are you looking at, kitten?"

"I like it when you laugh," Harry said laying his head down and briefly shutting his eyes as Tom resumed stroking his hair.

"I know about Draco, pet. I know he doesn’t want the direction his life is taking."

Harry remained silent for a few moments.

"Are… are you going to ... punish him?"

"No, darling, I know he’ll keep you sane, I won’t take him away from you."

"But will you hurt him?"

Tom sighed deeply.

"I won’t if you ask me not to."

"Please don’t."

"Okay, then. Everyone thinks I don’t know anything and that I get my little servants to run around. I know everything, my angel. I know about Draco, I know where the Aurors are going to plan their next attack, I know who are the spies, I know Severus hasn’t been loyal to me and that he’s been a spy."

"But you haven’t killed him?"

"No, baby, and I’m not going to. I can’t trust him with important information, but with him with me, Dumbledore can believe that everything is okay and there won’ t be any surprise attacks because he would know. Contrary to popular belief, Severus isn’t a complete bastard he can have his desirable moments."

"Our greasy potions master can be desirable!?" Harry exclaimed and Tom pulled him close.

"He was so... he still is, brilliant, he has a talent in potions that can’ t be found in anyone, he is so dark, he can be so malicious, and devious. He was more than desirable in bed. He was so perfect…"

Harry shifted uncomfortably but Tom kissed him again.

"Mmmm, now I have you. Anything else you want to ask me, kitten?"

"Why do call me kitten?"

"You don’t know?" Tom asked in disbelief. But Harry shook his head and Tom pulled Harry up against him and Harry looked confused. He gently nuzzled his neck and Harry made a low purr in the back of his throat. Tom pulled away smiling.

"That’s why," he said and Harry smiled to himself but it faded.

"Why…why do you come to me every night? Why do you pretend to care so much?"

Tom sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"For one, I don’t pretend to care, kitten, I do care. I care about you. I come to you every night because… you need someone, angel. You’re so… alone in the world. I understand what it’ s like to be alone. I know you have friends, but they don’t understand you. I know there is a darkness in you and it needs to be brought to light. Harry…. I would never force you to do anything if you joined me, I would never force you to kill or torture. I would make you my little prince."

"How could I sleep at night knowing that you torture hundreds of innocent people everyday!"

"It’s the way the world works, kitten, the weak die and the strong live. Good needs evil to exist so it can flourish. What if all evil just disappeared one day? What would you life be for? You’re expected to save the world, little one. You’re still so young, and you have a burden on your shoulders like no other. I just want to help ease your pain. We have a connection don’t deny it you can feel it every time we touch. These people they’re so judgmental. Remember when you spoke parselmouth? Everyone was so… scared, like their precious golden boy wasn’t as perfect as they thought. I’m here though, kitten. I’m here for you and I’ll always be."

"I feel like…. I don’t know what’s wrong and right any more. This goes against everything I’ve ever known."

"Shhh, I know. Sleep now, angel."

"You never thought of that before," Harry said and snuggled into Tom’s arms as he shoved Tom’s little monologue to the back of his mind. Tom snuffed out the candles on the side table with his fingers. Harry tossed and turned but found himself unable to sleep. He snorted at the irony and felt it a Tom’ s nails raked across his lower back. He let out an undignified squeal and Tom chuckled.

"Can’t sleep?" he whispered huskily "You were begging me for sleep, I decided to give you a whole night of it, and this is the way you thank me?" he continued and Harry buried his face into the pillow and groaned.

"Turn over." Tom said

"I thought I could sleep tonight."

"I’m helping."

Harry looked warily at Tom before turned onto his back.

"Off with the shirt."



Harry sighed and slid his shirt over his head and resumed his position on his stomach. He yelped as he felt a hot slippery liquid poured on his back.

"Shh, it’s just oil," Tom shushed and began to rub his back. He kneaded every single muscle in Harry’ s back. Harry let out moans and groans as he felt the tension leave his body. By the time Tom finished Harry felt like he was a puddle.

"Mmmm Tom…" Harry groaned as he turned back over. Tom promptly wrapped his arms around him.

"Sleep with me precious," Tom whispered as he resumed stoking Harry’s hair. He felt it as Harry’s breath eased into a gently rhythm and allowed himself an indulgent smile.

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