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Don't know where the hell you are? Need help getting around? Want to know absolutely anything about this site? Can't figure out what the hell Final Fantasy VIII is? ...Well if you need help with that last one, we don't know why you're here... We have just one thing to say: you're definitely missing out. If you're answer was "Hell, yeah!" to any of the questions above, you're in the right place ^_^

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Link Explanation
  Library Probably our most visited area - the Library: Garden Card Catalogue. Home to our huge archive of FF8 fanfics, the majority of which are yaoi, or yuri.
  Dormitory Character profiles! We have info on all the major characters, as well as most of those other characters who play an important role, but aren't major players in the game. Spoilers lurk behind every click of the mouse...
  Quad The Garden's interactive section. Wanna have some fun? You can take Polls, do various textGear type stuff, check out our archive of Quotes, and download some music.
Info (stat/profile type stuff) on the GFs. Also any other misc. stuff from FF8 we wanna put up.
  Cafeteria Image Galleries! We have tons of piccies to oggle -- especially of Squall, I'm not sure why... *_* -- so why not come on through and check out the archive. If ya find a broken link, tell us.
  Infirmary If you haven't figured out what this place is, I suggest visiting a doctor ^_^ Nah, just kidding. The Infirmary has information on the site, and any other misc. stuff that we wanna put up, but don't know where to put it!

:: How This Insanity Began ... ::

The Garden was the main reason Noire Sensus began: I wanted to put together a Final Fantasy VIII yaoi fanfic archive, cos I could never find a really good one on the Net. Going to a billion different sites to find an average of only one fic per site was really annoying. Hence the Garden Card Catalogue -- and we're over a hundred fics now, with almost 10MBs worth of fics so I'm haaapppyyy ^_^   All the other sections (except for the Profiles which I started out of bordom and nothing to program) followed from there. I'm wierd: if I don't have anything to program (or too much to program) I get depressed o_O

:: Linking ::

As far as my understanding of the term 'link-free', that's what we are ^_^ So if you want to link to us -- which would be really cool! -- you can link to the main site, Noire Sensus, and tell people to head to the Final Fantasy VIII section (if that's what caught your attention). We don't encourage linking straight to the Garden, cos I haven't made any little link banners yet, AND I'll probably never do it. I made the last batch of banners on a sudden hyper craze (I'd just figured out how to use Photoshop &_&), and after two hours or fiddling was tired. So I'm not doing it again soon.

You can use one of the Final Fantasy VIII themed banners below of you want; if you don't like them, there are more in the Banners section of Noire Sensus, but the majority are right here cos we're FF8 crazed ^_^

the sorceress Had to make a Seifer banner ^_^ During the fade to white 'Nother Squall -- I can't help it, he's so *pretty* Smile, you're on candid camera ^_^ Lookin' down vr.2 I like Edea, she was mad -- talk about mother figures...

Have to have Seifer :) Quisty Squall - if ya didn't know Close up on Squall's eye

I like this one the best The sorceress' knight

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If you drop us a little note saying you've linked us, that'd be cool, too. We just like to know where people are coming from...