The Secret

Chapter Eight

By Kuttner

"Leave us alone," Seifer told his posse.

Raijin had placed Zell on Seifer's bed at the tall blond's order.

"TROUBLE?" Fujin asked.

"I'm gonna teach him a lesson," Seifer answered, taking off his coat and throwing it across a chair.

Fujin could see the determined anger in Seifer eyes and nudged Raijin silently away.

Zell moaned and Seifer looked over at his prone body, his frustration and hunger were building. Zell on his bed... Again Seifer's thoughts went along trails he'd only previously reserved for his unrequited love Squall - now his rejected love, that was...

Seifer clambered over Zell as the younger blond started to return to consciousness. When he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was Seifer's face - with that evil grin.

"Welcome back, sweet cheeks," Seifer said, putting his hands on Zell's arms to hold him down as Zell attempted to get up.

"Seifer! What -?"

"You wouldn't let me have this last night. Maybe I should just take it now," Seifer threatened.

"Please -"

"Please? You want this?" Seifer asked sarcastically, keeping Zell pinned.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to -" Zell tried to speak. Seifer cut him off once more.

"Didn't mean to what? Beat me up? Rescue me? Reject me? What? What?!"

"Seifer...," Zell wriggled, his legs trying to move but Seifer had his body pressed down on them. Would Seifer... rape him? He wondered briefly, then just as briefly almost hoped he would try something. It was what he was trying to say. What he was going to say in the cafeteria. That he'd decided he wanted Seifer. Or at least wanted to give it a try.

Zell stopped struggling, thinking instead.

Seifer smiled, almost a normal smile.

"That's better. Behave yourself and there'll be no trouble - for either of us."

Zell closed his eyes, waiting for something, for Seifer to do whatever he was going to do.

But nothing came. Instead Seifer's voice, near to his face, low and desperate sounding:

"You tell anyone I let you off after that little display - and I hurt you. Tell no one about last night, yesterday, any of it, and anything about me - it's our secret, got it? Tell nobody - or I will hurt you. Zell? Okay?"

And the weight was gone from his body. Zell opened his eyes to see Seifer turned away from him, something in his stance not sitting right in Zell's mind.

He got off the bed, his jaw still stung from where Seifer had hit him, but he barely noticed it.

"Now just leave," Seifer continued. "I don't want to talk to you, I don't even want to see you around."

Zell hesitated. Should he be put up with this? Could he?

"Listen, Seifer -"

"Dammit, Zell, just leave me alone, can't you?" Seifer turned and Zell saw the beginnings of tears in the older boys eyes again.

It made for an easier decision.

"No, I'm not going."


"I'm not leaving you alone and keeping out of your way. I don't think you want that either."

"You little... look, I don't want -"

"I don't care what you say. I'm not listening."

"Zell...," There was a warning there.

"I didn't mean to push you away last night. You just... took me by surprise. I never expected..."

Seifer narrowed his eyes. Zell continued.

"I wouldn't refuse you now."

"I don't want you," Seifer said, knowing it sounded harsh but he was so confused right now he didn't know what he really felt. "I wanted Squall, but he..."

"Seifer...," Zell's voice was soft, comforting. To Seifer it also sounded sensual but he didn't want to give in to that now. "I want you. I wanted to tell you that before you... hit me... in the cafeteria... I'd been thinking..."

Seifer scoffed at this remark and Zell's face fell again, losing his confidence. Was Seifer going to be a bastard about everything, even after he'd made the first move? Maybe he should forget it - but it was in his head now and he wanted at least the chance to kiss Seifer once more - and do it properly.

They were close together now, Seifer wasn't moving away but the gesture was more defiance than desire.

"Try it again," Zell stated suggestively, his big eyes looking Seifer's face over longingly. He wanted to know if he really did like being kissed by a man or were his dreams is just some fantasy born of his lack of experience.

Seifer appeared to hesitate for a moment, his eyes narrowing mirroring Zell's in the scrutiny of the others face, then he frowned.

"No," he backed off a step.

Now it was Zell who was becoming frustrated. Seifer had practically made up his mind - he wasn't going to let himself be hurt repeatedly. If Zell was now offering he wasn't going to take it because the boy was likely to scream rape as soon as Seifer laid hands on him - or so he thought - for all he knew this was a con or set up. Maybe Zell hated him so much to want to get him kicked out of Garden. A rape charge would certainly do it. So if Seifer gave in it would be so easy for Zell to accuse him and there'd be proof - everyone had seen Seifer hit Zell and have him carried away - he regretted now how stupid he'd been in that decision. It wouldn't look good - so Zell's attempts at seduction now were all a scam in Seifer's head. He wouldn't give in to them.

"Damn it, Seifer, make up your mind!" Zell exclaimed in exasperation. "Now I want you to kiss me and you refuse! What's up?"

"I'm not going to be used for one of your games," Seifer replied, his face hard and wary.


"I'm not getting expelled for you, I have to pass SeeD this year. You're not going to stop me."

"I'm not trying to stop you. Look, you kissed me last night - I... I want that moment back. I was the one who loused that up. Can't you give me another chance?"

"Yeah, I have sex with you and you get me thrown out for rape. I'm not falling for it."

"You think I would do that?!" Zell was incredulous that Seifer could think such a thing. He knew he could never be that mean or manipulative, but apparently with his trust issues, Seifer didn't know him that well.

"I wouldn't put it past you," Seifer confirmed, grimly.

Zell let out an exasperated breath but he wasn't ready to give up. All morning he been itching to get to this point and Seifer's paranoia wasn't going to stop him now. Making an impulsive decision, he lunged at Seifer, grabbing him bodily.

"Hey!" Seifer cried out in surprise.

Zell managed to whirl him around and push him onto the bed. He didn't intend rape, as Seifer's face seemed to imply but rather force some of Seifer's paranoia away - enough that he'd give in. Zell had wanted another kiss, he'd have been satisfied with that, but since Seifer had mentioned sex now it was on his mind to.

He jumped on top of Seifer. The tall blond was defenceless. As he'd previously noted, Zell was a stronger than him and it was only Zell's reluctance to escape before that had kept him pinned.

Seifer was too startled to struggle at first. Zell swiftly unzipped Seifer's vest, exposing his smooth toned chest, which Zell gazed at appreciatively for a moment before crawling up to Seifer's stunned face, their lips nearly touching. Zell hesitated a moment, looking into Seifer's frightened eyes - and they were genuinely scared - before giving Seifer the kiss he'd dreamed of all morning. One hand lurked inside Seifer's unzipped top, resting firmly on his chest, the other was pressed to his upper arm and shoulder in a restraining way. Seifer shifted under Zell but his lips refused to try to escape Zell's forced kiss. He felt his body reacting to it too, the want burning in him. The thought of Squall briefly causing guilt to surface but this was quickly chased away by the thought of his rejection and the feel of Zell on top of him. He opened his eyes as Zell released the kiss and they were no longer filled with fear. His hand went to Zell's cheek, tracing the tattoo. Zell bent and started kissing Seifer again. He was liking it more each time he did it. He tasted Seifer's warm lips and the way the older boy was responding eagerly now, seemingly past his fears of rejection and rape accusations. Zell relaxed his hold and allowed Seifer to wrap his arms around him. The touch felt good. Zell was already aroused by the kiss, remembering his dreams last night. He didn't think of how Seifer had tormented him for years, how he'd nearly hated him, he only thought how right this felt; how good.

Seifer felt the eagerness in Zell's kiss too and it allayed his fears that he was not sincere. Would Zell go all the way? Was Seifer ready for sex with another man? With Zell? He felt like he was cheating on Squall, despite all that had happened. Zell sensed a hesitancy still in the tall blond but he wasn't going to cater to it. His penis was hard in his pants and he wanted Seifer to relieve it one way or another. He may be a virgin but he knew how it all worked. What he couldn't decide was whether he wanted Seifer's ass or mouth first. He felt like taking the initiative, moving his hand down to slip inside Seifer's trousers. The belt cinched around Seifer's waist made it a tight squeeze. Seifer jerked, startled as the Zell made the move. He placed hands on Zell's shoulders to hold him off. Zell leaned forward wanting another taste of Seifer's mouth. Seifer held firm.

"Are you sure?" Seifer asked, sounding strangely frail.

Zell grinned in answer and taking his hand out of Seifer's trousers, he gently took one of the blond's hands away from his shoulders and before Seifer could think to maybe protest, placed the palm against Zell's groin.

Seifer appeared startled again to feel Zell's obvious arousal. He looked at Zell's grinning face and playfully sparkling eyes; the desire underlying the mischievous expression. He was rather shocked by the swiftness of the small blond's change of attitude towards him as his fears and guilt prevented him from enjoying this moment so quickly. His own organ still lay flaccid in his underwear. Not that he wasn't getting turned on by Zell's enthusiasm, but he was slower to let go of his defences.

"Want to see?" Zell asked cheekily, his hands on the band of his shorts as if about to pull them down.

This was moving too fast, Seifer felt almost dizzy.

"Wait," he said, knowing his face bore an expression of shock.

Zell merely grinned and returned to Seifer's lips. He knew that worked. Seifer responded warmly, kissing Zell with more passion than before.

"Ohhh, Seifer, I want you...," Zell groaned into his mouth.

He pressed his groin against Seifer's as if to indicate his need. Seifer sensed his own defences dropping, feeling Zell's hardness poke into his abdomen. He'd only ever had sex in his dreams; and rare day dreams, and always with Squall. This was so much different. Better? He wasn't sure yet.

Zell's fingers were now going for Seifer's belt. This time Seifer didn't try to stop him, his mouth locked on Zell's, caring only about the kiss. The small blond got the buckle loose and plunged his hand into the tall blond's underwear again. He reached his goal this time, having his first touch of another man's genitals. He was vaguely disappointed by Seifer's still limp penis, dimly worrying that maybe Seifer didn't want him after all. His kisses said otherwise and Seifer's hands were in Zell's hair now, trying to run through the thick dried gel. Zell was really too aroused to care how Seifer felt but he preferred that the older boy wanted him too, so he did his best to even the lust between them. He grasped Seifer's penis in one hand and started pumping it. This brought the desired response, elicting a sexual groan from Seifer. Zell smiled, gaining progress. He kissed Seifer's neck as he felt the taller blond's cock start to stiffen in his fist.

"Fuck me, Zell," he heard Seifer whisper.

Zell looked up from his kisses on Seifer's long white neck. Seifer's head was thrown back; eyes closed; lips slightly parted; panting a little as Zell worked as his penis. The small blond smiled to himself, but the whisper had been so quiet - barely a breath - that maybe he hadn't heard properly. He wanted to make sure.

"What was that?" he asked gently, still massaging Seifer's quickening erection.

"Fuck me," Seifer stated, not changing his position.

Thinking of Seifer's prior confession, Zell had an nagging feeling that Seifer wasn't looking at him because he was imagining Squall instead. He was so ready for this but he wanted Seifer to want him, not Squall, here and now - even if the tall blond still had his crush, he didn't want his own first time to be someone else's false fantasy of another man. He rather reluctantly let Seifer's now erect penis go and crawled back up to his mouth. Seifer opened his eyes, looking disoriented at the abandonment. As he did, his first questioning word was:

"Zell?" just before he looked at him.

The tone of it was more: "Zell, why did you stop?" than: "Zell, what the hell are you doing here?" so Zell was grateful for it but he still wanted one more reassurance. At Seifer's lips he spoke:

"You asked me, now I'll ask you. Are you sure you want me and not Squall? I'm not just... available. That's not the reason?"

Seifer frowned as if thinking seriously about the question.

"Seifer?" Zell enquired again, his eyes holding a plea. "Can I ask you something?"

Seifer's hand swept into Zell's hair again in a caressing movement, cradling the side of his head.

"What is it?" He asked softly, his voice full of affection which Zell had never heard in the bullying voice before.

"Have you... have you done this before?"


"Neither have I..."


"So... I don't want it to be... wrong," Zell concluded. "You remember your first time, so I... don't want you to be dreaming I'm someone else."

Seifer ran an elegant, long finger over Zell's pouty full lips, gazing at them as he did so. Then he looked directly at Zell's large eyes. How pretty they were, a flash of last night passing through his head. He wished he'd noticed them sooner.

"When I... saw Squall this morning," he said, not elaborating further. "I was thinking of you. I think I felt guilty then that I was looking at Squall after... last night. Even though you pushed me away."

"Did you dream anything last night?" Zell asked, hoping for more. His own dreams had been so erotic.

Seifer hesitated, sensing Zell's hopefulness.

"I had nightmares," he confessed, grimly, vaguely recalling them.

"Oh?" Zell couldn't hide his disappointment.

"I thought you hated me," Seifer explained.

"Oh," Zell's brow creased. "I don't hate you."

"You probably should."

"But I don't. I don't know... I can't."

"Don't have it in you?" Seifer delicately traced Zell's tattoo with his finger.

"Do you want me?" Zell asked directly, back to the point.

Seifer gazed at the cute blond almost lovingly.

"Yes," he said.

"Me? Zell Dincht?"

"Yes," Seifer almost smirked now at Zell's sudden insecurity. It started to look a little mean, but he meant the words. Squall had gone to the back of his mind - the rejection was a large part of it but his new feelings for Zell were steadily growing. He wasn't certain why but he did want Zell now. It wouldn't be a mistake - he would make sure of that. His fingers moved down Zell's cheek back to his lips. Zell parted them slightly, taking Seifer's finger into his mouth. The innuendo broke down Seifer's final walls. Yes, he wanted to have sex with Zell right now. There was no longer any doubt.

Zell's saw the way Seifer's eyes became lustful at the way at Zell was sucking on his finger and he felt better again about this. His penis was straining in his shorts. It felt enormous to him. He wanted to release it from his clothing. In fact he wanted to get completely naked,but he wasn't sure if that was a good idea - someone might come to check the rooms.

He did reach down for his shorts again though and slipped them down quickly before either he or Seifer changed their minds. Seifer looked down as Zell revealed himself. His eyes widened as he saw Zell's thick penis, Now erect it looked quite impressive. Seifer extracted his finger from Zell's moist mouth and reached for the penis displayed before him.

Zell made a low noise in his throat as Seifer's cool fingers touched his erection. They brushed lightly over his shaft pausing at the tip then leaving. Zell saw Seifer was pulling his own pants off, displaying his own manhood. Zell had expected him to be larger, not so similar in size to his own, which he believed to be larger than average - going by what he'd read. At a glance Seifer's was slightly longer than his though. Any disappointment he may have felt was quickly lost as Seifer moved to kiss him again, their now exposed groins rubbing together. So Seifer wasn't as huge as Zell had envisioned, so what, he was still reasonably big - and Zell felt even more confident knowing that his own cock measured up.

Seifer pulled off his unzipped vest so he was barechested and Zell took a moment to drink in the sight. He couldn't recall seeing Seifer's body so glorious. He'd never seen Seifer with less than a singlet and trousers on - even in very hot weather. He didn't think seeing a man's chest would make him feel so horny, maybe it was because he was already aroused.

Seifer watched Zell staring at him, not feeling awkward as he thought he might. If it had been Squall... He'd never thought his inner vulnerability would lead him to not his arch rival but to his long time whipping boy. For some reason, he'd always considered Zell inferior - to both himself and Squall. He'd respected Squall always, but Zell... He watched Zell peeling off his own T shirt, still staring at Seifer's gleaming torso as if he'd just discovered a large pile of gold and diamonds. Seifer swept his eyes down from Zell's face to his naked chest. The muscular curves, obviously Zell worked out regularly. It made Seifer feel almost delicate in comparison. His own body being well toned but not overly defined with muscles. Zell's shoulders and arms spoke of strength and now Seifer could understand how easily Zell had picked him up and carried him to the doctor's office. Zell's bulky clothes had hidden the body of Apollo. The thought of that body soon being on him; inside in; inflamed his quickly growing arousal. He wanted Zell more than ever.

He yanked off his trousers all the way and threw them carelessly to the floor. Zell copied him so they were both completely nude. Zell moved in as they knelt together on Seifer's bed. They kissed again. Each feeling the others body over with appreciative hands. Zell's arms reached around and landed on Seifer's firm ass, clutching it as they kissed. Seifer grinding his groin against Zell's, twin erections rubbing.

"Fuck me, Zell," Seifer whispered again in Zell's ear with urgency. "I want you."

Zell briefly gazed into Seifer's delicious eyes, seeing he really meant it, they weren't fooling around any longer. He felt a little chill, worried he wouldn't do it properly. Seifer moved away from him, reaching to open one of the bedside drawers. He pulled out a discreet bottle. Zell could only assume what it was, and was confirmed when Seifer handed it to him, saying:

"Use this."

"Is this... lubricant?"


Zell was going to ask where - and when - did Seifer get this. If he'd never done this before - how come he had it. Seifer read his thoughts, his cheeks turning slightly pink.

"I bought it... about a year ago. When I thought... maybe.. Squall... I'm sorry, Zell. It seems a little... dumb now. I..."

"It's okay. I guess it was good you were prepared," Zell said, feeling foolish, and hearing Seifer apologise again threw him.

He twisted off the bottle's lid. It had obviously never been used and that made Zell feel more confident again. He'd briefly doubted Seifer's claims to virginity. But what did that matter anyway. Did he want to go around claiming he'd taken Seifer Almasy's virginity? He didn't think that would be a good idea, though we might like to boast that the great Seifer Almasy found him attractive and all the girls in Balamb Garden were out of luck.

Zell spooned some of the cream out with his finger and looked at Seifer, who hesitated, still with a vague blush on his cheeks, then turned his back to Zell. He looked kind of reluctant again, as he had been when Zell had first proposed a kiss. It seemed ages ago now but couldn't be more than half an hour. Seifer was kneeling, stiffly upright. Zell ran his eyes over the tall blond's fine back and settled on his stunningly defined rump. To think he would be inside there in mere moments made Zell almost dizzy with anticipation so he thought he'd better get to work before he collapsed from an overload of emotions. He ran his clean hand across Seifer's smooth lily-white skin, running down into the crack between Seifer's buttocks. Zell parted them slightly with his palms to gain better access and see Seifer's virginal hole. Thinking only of sex now, it looked incredibly inviting to Zell. He started to finger it with the lubricant. Seifer began to bend down, giving Zell an even better view. Zell slipped the lubricated finger inside, feeling and liking the way it held onto him. He could vividly imagined how his penis would feel in there instead and he sensed himself hardening at the thought. Seifer let out a long sigh as Zell's finger probed inside him. Zell used his free hand to scoop out some more lubricant which he then spread over Seifer's entrance. Becoming daring he used both hands and gently inserted two fingers from each, opening Seifer's anus and forcing the lubricant inside. He pushed the four fingers in deep as he could, becoming further aroused by Seifer's moans of pleasure. The tall blond even said Zell's name in a whispered moan. Zell left two fingers moving inside Seifer while he used the remainder of the lubricant still on his fingers to lightly coat his own penis. Touching his penis caused an arousing shudder to pass through Zell and he hoped he could satisfy Seifer before it became too late.

As Zell pulled his fingers out of the tight hole, he was undecided about how to do this but he felt that he wanted to lie with Seifer, so he gently pushed on Seifer's back, indicating down. Seifer slowly lowered his body, groaning slightly as his hard penis touched the cool sheets. He positioned himself to the side slightly so his groin was raised up a bit and not squashed against the mattress. Zell ran his hand across Seifer's buttocks again, the lubricant glistening in the light of the room. Seifer parted his legs further so Zell would have no trouble entering him. Zell got between Seifer's spread legs and lowered himself to lie on top of the offered body. He held onto his cock making sure it was positioned at the entrance to Seifer's anus, then he pushed himself forward and down. The slippery lubricant made the passage easy to slip into. Zell let out a low moan as he went in, feeling the tightness gripping him firmly. Seifer groaned loudly at the intrusion. He hit the pillow with his fist once, stifling the noises that threatened to escape him. If anyone in the hall heard them...

As Zell's started to thrust slowly and firmly, Seifer's mind was spinning. A flash of Squall's face sent a wave of guilt through him, but it was not like he was cheating on the silent brunette. He quickly dismissed the image concentrating on the way Zell's cock felt inside him. It was an incredible sensation, one he would have been unable to describe if asked.

Zell's penis hardened inside Seifer as he thrust it deeper. Seifer groaned with longing and pleasure. Zell was harder than he would have imagined, and while not so long his dick was pleasurably thick and felt so good inside him, he whimpered as Zell thrust. Zell's hands rested on Seifer's thighs, relishing the smooth hot skin there. As he fucked Seifer he thought how surreal this was, being the dominating one, causing those small noises of pleasure from the man who'd tormented him. He thrust harder, his memories of Seifer's taunts somehow making him more aroused and passionate. Seifer's own cock was stiff with pleasure, a tiny spurt of come ran down it's large reddened shaft. The tall blond moaned, the feel of his own sperm tickling his member arousing him further.

"Oh, Zell," he moaned. "Please, harder," he whispered. "Yes, yes."

Zell obeyed eagerly, thrusting so fast he was gasping for breath. He was going to come hard.

"Seifer!" he cried, repeating his lovers name as he climaxed, shooting hot semen into Seifer's anus.

Seifer cried out as he felt Zell come and ejaculated strongly too, his fluid hitting the clean sheets. Zell forced a couple more hard thrusts, held his penis inside a moment longer then climbed off Seifer's back, pulling his slightly softer organ out as he did. A pleasant weariness was sweeping over him, a satisfied smile on his lips. He dragged an easy hand across Seifer's back. Seifer made a noise somewhere between relief and protest. He turned to face Zell who now lay next to him. His eyes seemed uncertain.

Zell moved bodily forward, pressing himself against Seifer, finding his mouth again, to kiss it tenderly. Seifer's arms hugged Zell to him, returning the loving kiss.

"I want you inside me," Zell murmured, dreamily.

Seifer moved onto Zell. The tattooed blond felt the sticky wetness of Seifer's ejaculate under him and the thought of it made him hornier somehow. Seifer lay on Zell, kissing him; his mouth; his neck. Sighing, Zell encouraged the attentions, an arm draped around Seifer's shoulders the other reaching down between his lover's long legs to fondle Seifer's penis. It still had some hardness to it and Zell's eager hand started to bring it back to reasonable stiffness again. Seifer found the abandoned bottle, not missing a beat as he got some of the lubricant out and found Zell's hole, smoothing the cream across and into it with two long fingers. Zell groaned a little as Seifer readied his untouched anus for penetration. He could barely wait to feel Seifer's cock inside him...

"What the hell-!?"

An angry voice abruptly interrupted their lovemaking.

"Get off of him!" the furious voice came again and suddenly Seifer was ripped from Zell's embrace by strong, unknown hands.



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