Author's Notes: Mega-Crossover. As you could tell from the pairings, this is one messed up story of sex, violence, chaos... and treason. Yes baby. It's up to me to make a senseless but graphically enjoyable plot! But slow as this story might be, what I want is for you to grasp the characters and then watch them get picked off one by one by their evil school.

Ècole des Trahisons

Chapter II - Donnent

By Alix Vitesse

Seifer paced across the gravel path of the garden. Just a few minutes more and that limo containing the new students would arrive. He stopped for a moment, thinking of how ridiculous the whole situation was. That puddle on the floor… Mr. Highwind’s sudden disappearance… And he was to take his place. Of course, it wasn’t much of a surprise. Seifer was, sooner or later, going to dispose of him anyway. It was just that this wasn’t the right time, and all of his sudden his plans come true.

Cloud, who he had asked to assist him, took notice of Seifer's strange behavior. What was wrong with him? It was only a stupid introduction to the school; it wasn't as if it were anything important. Or was it?

He kept on wondering what could possibly be making him pace like that. He frowned at the sight, knowing something must have been important… more important than him. He had always said he was the most important thing, but now he wasn’t so sure. Maybe being the President’s, now Headmaster, lover wasn’t so lucked out after all.

Seifer remembered that Cloud was there, and that he couldn't afford to reveal his problem to him. Seifer walked over to Cloud, who had a somber expression on his face. He took Cloud's hand and entwined their fingers together.

"What's wrong?"

"I should be asking you that," Cloud replied. Seifer was taken back by this. He took a step closer and lifted Cloud's chin. "Pacing is a sign of anxiety. What are you so worried about?" He said.

Seifer gave his charming smile and made Cloud drop his guard. He didn't know why, but every time Seifer was his sweet self, he couldn't help but become jello. Seifer bent his head down and brushed his lips against Cloud's and then backed away.

"I just want to make a good first impression." He said, smiling again. It’s his trademark, that smile, Cloud mentioned to himself. Seifer then power-walked to the gate, just in time to see the front of a black stretched limousine halt to a stop.

"Here's your stop, boys. Have a great time in Lune Croix." The driver said as he pulled the door open to let them out. Zell stepped out first, scrambling over Squall's body to get out. Squall raised an eyebrow and stepped out after him, brushing the dust off his shirt. He walked over to the amazed Zell, who was taking in the scenery bit by bit. Squall was a bit confused.

"I thought you didn't want to come to this place." He assumed. After all, he had said that ‘Lune Croix is an all-boys, preppy, teacher-student affair.’ Zell stared at him for a moment, and then laughed his weird little laugh.

"Yeah, I did. Thing is, it's still better than my shit-hole for a school." He began to spin in circles and inhale deeply. Squall couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the boy's utter oddity. Suddenly, Zell came to halt and stared even longer at Squall's laughing self.

"Hey, hey," He mused out loud. "Mr. Silent's laughing. Wahaha! I am so good."

"Hello," A different, yet dreaded voice was heard coming from somewhere near the gate. Squall, who was too afraid to even turn around, stayed still as Zell came up beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. Seifer stopped for a moment, as his eyes widened.

Squall Leonhart? Fuck… Hm… Well… This is interesting… Back to the old days… What fun…

As Zell inspected the taller blonde on the left, he noticed that he had winced when he touched Squall's shoulder.

Hm, he wondered for a moment. That was weird… but whatever.

"Welcome to Lune Croix. I'm Seifer Almasy, the president of the school council and acting Headmaster,” Seifer approached Zell and Squall, with Squall still faced back. "This is Cloud Strife. If you don't mind, we would love to show you two around Lune Croix."

"Yeah," Squall said, turning around with a glare. "I do mind."

Seifer smirked, advancing slowly toward Squall.

"Now, now Squall. That's no way to treat someone who's trying to be nice to you, is it now?"

"It's a perfect enough way to treat shit like you."

Cloud's eyes narrowed as he ran beside Seifer.

"No one talks to the president that way." He said, a small growl escaping his lips. As he was about to approach them, Seifer stuck out his arm to stop him.

"It's alright. Well, whether you like it or not, we're going to show you around the school," he said looking to Zell. "Your name, sir?"

Zell face-faulted at the question. He had been listening to them argue, and he thought it wasn't worth talking to any of them. He dropped his hand from Squall's shoulder and scratched the back of his head.

"Well?" Zell asked impatiently.

"Zell. Zell Dincht."

"Right, well, you're going with Cloud," He said, with the obviousness that he didn't care for Zell. Cloud was behind him, staring at his rudeness to the other student. He saw a gleam in Seifer's eye as he said the next sentence. "And Squall is with me."

Zell narrowed his eyes as a devious idea attacked his brain. He clung onto Squall's arm and drew him closer beside him and put on a puppy face.

"Why can't we just all be introduced together?" He cooed, grinning at his idea. He watched Seifer's face grow dark and a small frown take place of the fake smile.

"The former Headmaster, before he left, ran over the situation with me already," Seifer lied. "It will all go as planned. Now, shall we?"

Zell smirked and pushed Squall's arm to the side. He walked casually over to Cloud, and then turned to face the two.

"Secret’s out, Mister Headmaster. See you when I see you, Squall."

He saw Squall nod a little, even though his attention was fully at trying to kill Seifer with his eyes.

Squall watched as Zell sped off, dragging Cloud by the arm. Seifer and he faced off. He stood still, with Seifer doing the same and that wicked smile upon his face.

"So you decided to become a man and finish your fight, Squall?" He moved closer toward Squall, who kept a perfectly composed stature. He lifted an arm to Squall’s face, but was welcomed with a swift punch to the stomach. Seifer's eyes bulged in pain and surprise as he staggered back, clutching his stomach.

"That," painful panting. "Wasn't a very nice thing to do." Squall glared down at him.

"Don't even try to touch me. Just get this stupid introduction over with."

Seifer gasped for air as he recollected himself and stood erect in front of him. His face was twisted into an angry expression as he licked his full lips and straightened his tie.

"Well then. Welcome to Lune Croix."

"That's the cafeteria, and the staff lounge is right there..." Cloud said, pointing to every room without care. Zell followed, clueless to everything for he had been getting strange looks from the students. Not strange as in violent strange, or "Look-at-that-weirdo" strange. They were more like giggling little piglets strange. That freaked him out.

"And this is- hey, Zell, are you listening?" Cloud suddenly stopped and turned to look at Zell who was trying to avoid looking back at any of the whispering, staring students. He heard Cloud and hastily turned away, walking ahead of him.

Cloud stayed looking back at Seifer, who had just entered the premises with Squall trailing slowly behind him. Cloud glared, and could barely hear Zell's quiet reply.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine."

A figure was leaning against the doorframe of an empty classroom to the left of Zell. He stuck his hand out to keep Zell from advancing, and stepped out to face him. Zell looked up, indifferent.

"Cloud," he said, looking past Zell and calling out to Cloud. Cloud spun around and turned his attention over to the other boy. "I'll take over for you."

Cloud nodded and walked off, running as he gained speed. Zell's eyes were glued onto the guy who was standing in front of him. The boy caught his stare and smiled extending his hand.

"I'm Sephiroth. You can call me Seph. I'm the vice-president of the school council." He introduced himself with that warm smile. Zell grunted and shook Sephiroth's hand lightly, running his hands through his hair nervously.

"Zell. Dincht."

Sephiroth put his hand in his pocket and tossed his head back to look at a passing young student. The boy suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and forced a smile.

“Hey Seph,” He said, with all the energy he had left after paralyzing himself. Sephiroth ignored him and looked back to Zell with that same over-friendly, creepy smile.

"Well, Zell, it seemed as if you weren't getting any information out of that introduction. I think that having me show you around would do you a whole world better. How about it?" He offered, broadening his smile into a charming grin. Zell shrugged.

"Sure, what the hell."

"Great, then these are the classrooms of the freshmen..." And with every word, Zell found himself still engrossed by the glances in the hall and the many whispers of, “Oh my God… Sephiroth talked to him!”

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