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In Academia

Part 10 - Sport And Warfare

By Sushi


Severus growled and punched his pillow. He'd not had this much trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve since he believed in Father Christmas. Once again, he tried to tell himself it was the stress of losing his family, learning about Tom, seeing Lucius for the coward he'd been hiding all these years. That would eventually be overcome by exhaustion, though. It had been five days, and the excuse was growing rather thin.

"Still can't sleep?" Emeric's voice came through the darkness.

"I'm sound asleep right now, can't you tell?" Severus snapped in response.

"You don't have to be nasty about it."

"What do you expect me to do?"

"I don't know. Wank like the rest of us?"

Severus snorted. "Please. As if I'd resort to something that crass."

"If it works, do it."

"If you're so determined that I need to relax, Avery, why don't you come over and do it yourself?"

There was a growl, and a thump, and suddenly the curtains around Severus' bed were thrust back. Emeric's wand lit his freckled face and made his strawberry blonde hair look like anaemic meat. "If that's what it takes to get some peace around here, I will." He climbed in, clad in a Coed Naked Quidditch T-shirt and plaid boxers. "Budge up, you're hogging the bed. Don't know how Malfoy can stand it."

"Nice pillow talk, Emeric. Are you this romantic on all your dates?"

"Shut up, Severus." He rolled his eyes and set his wand on the table where it made a soft, encompassing glow. "Budge up."

"You're serious."

"No shit."

Severus opened his mouth to speak, then gave up and fell on his pillow, exasperated. "Go back to sleep, Avery. I'll do it myself."

"Excuse me, Mister I-Don't-Wank, but I came all the way over here, barefoot, in the freezing cold. If you even think you're going to kick me out, you can stick it up your arse."

"Not half demanding, are you?"

"Do you want me to do it or not?" Emeric stretched out and straddled one of Severus' legs.

Severus rolled his eyes and was about to give his grudging assent when he noticed something on Avery's left arm. He grabbed it, and Emeric yelped.

"What the Hell did you do that for, Severus?"

Severus pointed to the skull. "When did you get this?"

Emeric pushed his scruffy hair out of his eyes. "Last month. Not that it's any of your business."

Snape shoved him to the side. "You people make me sick. All you do is simper and cringe for your master. What happened? Did you all have your spines removed?"

"What the fuck are you talking about, Snape?"

"I'm talking about Lucius cowering before your 'Dark Lord' like some sort of dog! Believe me, I've met him and... for god's sake, Emeric, Pettigrew would make a better Dark Lord."

The blood faded from Emeric's skin. "Don't say that," he hissed.

"Why not? It's true. If I wanted to declare myself the 'Dark Lord' I'd bloody well have all of Europe wetting itself inside two years! He's been at it, what, six? Six and a half? He's a nice fellow, but, really, is he worth pissing yourself every time you breathe too loudly?"

Emeric clamped a hand over Severus' mouth. "Shut up! You haven't even met him, have you? If you had any brains you'd treat him with some respect!"

Severus yanked Emeric's hand away. "He didn't seem to mind when I told him what I thought of his followers."

Emeric gaped.

"What?" Severus snapped.

"You talked back to the Dark Lord."

"Yes, I talked back to the Dark Lord. Have you got a problem with it?"

Avery shook his head slowly. "When did you turn into a Gryff? I thought they were the only ones that stupid."

"When did you lot forget how to use your fucking spines?"

"About the same time he put the Cruciatus on me for two solid minutes, that's when! All I did was what Malfoy told me, remember my manners and be nice. Fat lot of good it did me!"

Severus blinked coldly. "Maybe you should've shown some balls. If he's such a bastard, why this?" He prodded Avery's arm hard enough to leave a red mark.

"Are you joking? Give up access to that much power? I don't know what House you're in sometimes, but I've got ambition. There's a new world being built and I want a part of it."

Snape sighed. "You're such a fucking idiot sometimes, Emeric. Ambition is one thing, sucking up is completely another. Until you learn the difference, I don't know how you can call yourself a Slytherin."

"Bite me, Severus."

"Only if you ask nicely." Snape smiled sweetly and fluttered his lashes.

Avery cackled hoarsely. "Right. I'm going to ask nicely while you get all of us smeared halfway across Britain."

"Get over it. Do you want a shag or not?"

"I want to get out of school in one piece, s'what I want," Emeric muttered.

"Fine. Get out of my bed." Severus kicked at Emeric.

Emeric yelped. "I said I want to get out of school in one piece! That includes not having the crap kicked out of me. For fuck's sake, Severus, let me get my damn clothes off."

"I don't need pity fucks, Avery."

"S'not a pity fuck. It's a shut-the-fuck-up fuck."

Severus growled. "You'd better make it worth my time."

"Yeah, yeah. What else are you going to do? Sleep? God, just taking a sleeping draught next time." Avery skinned out of his clothes and burrowed under the covers.

"You've done this before, right?"

A reddish head popped out over Severus' stomach. "'Course I have. Sort of."

"Sort of?" Snape folded his arms and arched an eyebrow.

"Erm..." Emeric ducked back under the covers. "I used a banana."

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Severus hauled Emeric out from under the blankets. "You're not getting your teeth anywhere near my tackle until you've had some practical instruction."

"Let go, Severus! That's my ear!"

Severus dropped him. Emeric sat there, straddling Severus' waist, blankets up to his shoulders. He rubbed his left ear, scowling.

"Like I said, you're not getting your teeth anywhere near my tackle until you know what you're doing."

"I know what I'm doing. My sister taught me. She's had more experience than anyone."

Snape looked at him, unimpressed. He sat up. "Lay down, Avery."

Avery lay down.

With a heavy sigh, Severus stretched out between his legs. He gazed down at Emeric's limp prick. "You're eager."

"Just fucking get it over with." Avery looked somewhere between affectedly bored and scared shitless. Severus grinned, baring his pointed canines, and Avery squeaked.

"Wimp." Shaking his head, Severus leaned forward and took the flaccid lump of flesh in his mouth. He tried to say, "You see? Not hard. At all," but all that came out was a series of metred humming sounds. He raised his eyebrows and motioned with his hand before setting in to suck lightly, letting the gumdrop-shaped glans slide back and forth in its loose skin.

Emeric whimpered softly. "You've done this before."

Severus took the gradually hardening prick out of his mouth and stroked it. "What do you think Lucius and I've been doing since we were fourteen?"

"Practise makes perfect, I suppose."

Severus snorted and went back to gentle sucking. He stayed at the same pace and pressure until Emeric was fully hard. "You see?" he said, going back to stroking for a minute. "Steady pressure without forcing anything is the way to start. As long as you remember where your teeth are, you won't have any problems at this point."

"Uh-huh. Get on with it." A sheen of sweat had broken out on Emeric's body.

"I wonder what your marks would be like if you were this eager in Charms."

"Shut up and do it, okay?"

"Hmph. That's real gratitude, that is." Severus sniffed haughtily and plunged back into his work. He'd never admit it, but he was having the most fun he'd had in a while, tormenting poor Emeric. It didn't hurt that the sheer control he had was giving him an erection that could punch a hole through case hardened steel. He rubbed it lazily against the bed while attempting to teach by example the finer points of deep throating.

Avery moaned loudly. He wrapped a hand in Severus' hair. "Marry me," he groaned.

Severus glanced up with his mouth full. He held up two fingers, and let the long, slender cock slide into his throat again. His nose nestled in pinkish curls. Before he pulled back, he took the insulting fingers and pressed them into the spongy flesh behind Emeric's scrotum.

Emeric yowled. His body wracked with spasms and Severus had to focus on massaging the glans with his tongue to keep from choking. "Oh, my god!" Emeric panted. "What was that?"

"Prostate." Snape immediately dived back into teaching.

"Fuckin' Hell," Avery muttered, dazed. "Forget Potions, Severus. Do this for a living - you'll make a bloody fortune!"

"Oh? What am I supposed to do? Set up a shop for lonely wizards somewhere down Diagon Alley?"

"I'll have a standing appointment. Would you please shut the fuck up?" Emeric reached down and pushed Severus' head into place.

Severus smiled. Greedily, he sucked at random intervals, letting the shaft slide between his lips to press down on his massaging tongue, then pulling back hard, sucking for all he was worth. Emeric's steady, building moans and garbles told him what was most welcome.

Just out of curiosity, Severus dragged his teeth up the tender skin. Lucius liked it, so what the Hell? Avery winced. "Careful, jackass."

"I was careful. You should feel it when I'm not." Without waiting for a response, he tongued the edge of foreskin around the delicate slit at the tip. Emeric groaned and squeezed Severus' head. So. That was certainly welcome. Flicking back and forth, he loosened it, encouraging the entire glans to show itself. Emeric started thrusting. Severus had to lay an arm across his hips to hold him still.

"Oh, god, please, let me come."

Taking the tip between his lips, Snape shook his head. Avery sobbed, and Snape had to apply pressure to hold him down. The fingers digging into his skull applied nails. Snape reached up with his free hand to loosen them.

He kept up the teasing torment for as long as he could. His own erection throbbed, and it was getting a bit chafed from the blankets. Finally, Severus took pity, in his own special way. He slowly took Emeric into his throat one last time, easing down until he mouthed crisp hairs, then slid up, sucking and swallowing to the keening song of frenzy. When he let go, a tear ran down Emeric's temple and vanished in his hair.

"Let me... please..." he whimpered. Weak hands tried to push Severus down again.

"I don't think so, Emeric."

Emeric managed to lift his head. His eyes were round, and glowed with disbelief. "You bastard." He let his head drop to the mattress and shook with leashed, desperate sobs.

"I want something out of this, too. Somehow, I get the feeling you won't be up to returning the favour once I'm done, so you can either suck me now before I let you finish, or we can shag."

"I don't care." Avery thrashed his head from side to side. He tried to grab his cock; Severus slapped his hand away.

"Shagging it is, then." Snape sat up to get the jar of lotion. "Have you ever done this before?"

"Only with girls." Cobalt blue eyes caught him and begged.

"Bloody Hell," Snape muttered under his breath. "Fucking virgins."

"I'm not a virgin!"

"As far as I'm concerned, mate, you are. Goddammit." Severus rubbed his eyes. It was familiar territory, and, quite frankly, he was sick of it. Sometimes it seemed like the entire world had to be introduced to the pleasures of the flesh slowly, carefully, and right when all he wanted was to get off. Seeing as he had to live with Emeric until June, he'd better be nice. "Bend your knees."

"What're you doing? I'm going to be on top, right?"

"Not with that thing ready to go off, you aren't. I'm not going to have you come and fall asleep on me three seconds in. There're two of us here, you know."

Emeric stared. His irises showed round and bright in white sclera. He pushed himself up on his elbows and let his gaze drift from Severus' face, down his long body, all the way to his crotch. For a moment he frowned, eyebrows pinched, muttering equations under his breath. Suddenly his eyes went even wider than before. "Holy fuck," he breathed. "I'll pop!"

"You won't pop. Just relax and this'll be easier for everyone involved."

"Can't I just use my hand?"

Severus poked Avery's rough palm. "Not with those calluses, mate."

"Come on. They add friction!"

"If you want friction, that's fine. Personally, I'll take something that won't circumcise me by the time it's done with." Severus was secretly pleased to see Avery wince.

"Fine. Only, be careful, okay?"

"Always." Snape dipped four fingers into the lotion. "Just lay back, hold my hand if you need to. This might hurt a little." He slid his index finger from the base of Emeric's scrotum to the small, red pucker bared by his bent legs.

At the first shallow push, sharp fingers dug into Severus' arm. He hissed. "Ow, goddammit! Get off me! I said 'hold my hand', you idiot, not 'rip my arm off'!" He shook himself loose and offered his free hand instead. "Just relax, would you? It can't be that bad."

"How would you know?" Avery muttered through clenched teeth.

"Do I really need to give you the details?" He smirked as Emeric sighed softly and tried, once again, to relax.

It took quite a while to get him to calm down enough to get a finger in completely and slide it back and forth with ease. As reward, Severus sought out and tickled the small lump of prostate. Emeric groaned, bucked, and loosened. Severus added a second finger and repeated the whole process. "Not bad, for a straight boy," he said smugly.

"Fuck you, Snape." There was no resolve behind the breathy voice. Severus added a third finger and wiggled them. Emeric panted erratically. "Oh, god. Can I change that to 'fuck me'?"

"Maybe." Severus teased him for several minutes yet, landing glancing brushes to the small gland and slowing down whenever it looked like Emeric might finish without him. There was an odd sense of power in bringing a (more or less) virgin to peak with his cock. His smallest finger joined the others, and Emeric whined when he opened them.

"Just do it now, you bastard." Emeric tried to sit up; his body didn't quite agree.

"Pushy, are we?" Severus was having a hard time not simply slamming in and getting it over with, so he slid his hand out (much to Avery's annoyance if those strange noises meant anything) and rubbed it over his own cock as long as he dared. "Hold still, and let me know if I need to stop."

"Get on with it already!"

A flare of annoyance rose unexpectedly in Severus' chest. "If that's the way you're going to act, then fine!" he snapped. He got on his hands and knees and, with one sharp, angry thrust, pushed his way into Avery.

Avery howled. "Jesus fucking Christ, Severus!"

"Don't tell me what to do when you don't know what the Hell's going on."

"What crawled up your arse and died?"

Severus didn't want to share that answer. Frowning, he started to thrust his hips. It was a bit of a job to go slowly until Emeric's whimpers told him he could safely speed up. The sound of flesh slapping flesh grew louder, interspersed with heavy groans and whimpers. Legs wrapped around his waist and tightened.

Snape tried to focus on bumping Emeric's prostate as much as he could. It seemed to calm him down, and after that entry Snape actually felt a little guilty. This was one of his fellow Slytherins, after all, someone he'd lived and studied with for six and a half years. He pushed a few strands of moist hair out of Emeric's flushed face.

He fell into a steady rhythm, quick and slick and regular. The sensation of daggers was starting to come back to his legs and hips, but he didn't stop. They were both too close. Suddenly, Avery groaned, gasped, and shoved himself hard against Severus' cock. He humped wildly for a few seconds, legs tensing, and with a vicious groan came in a series of wild jerks, sending puddles of semen about his furry stomach.

Severus gritted his teeth and pumped faster. Emeric was limp and panting and pliable and willing, but the atrophied pain was insistent. Hooking his hands underneath freckled shoulders, he slapped his hips against Emeric's backside as hard and fast as he could. He closed his eyes. Air ran fast and harsh through his mouth. Suddenly, the sense of impending oblivion touched him. His screaming hips shimmied. The wire of tension twisted, snapped, and whipped back hard, and he nearly passed out from the flood of torment and release.

He collapsed backwards on the bed, Avery's legs still trapped beneath him. Neither spoke. It was too much just to breathe. Severus gulped air. His legs felt like they'd been pulverised. Beneath the burning in his lungs, he was afraid.

It was almost a relief when Emeric crawled up the bed and spooned behind him. They lay there, sweaty and panting and crusted with drying white smears. Severus grumbled something about Emeric getting back to his own bed. By the time he was able to say it coherently, Emeric was asleep.

I give up. Frowning more than was really warranted, Snape pulled the covers over them both. Emeric's extinguished wand clattered on the floor. He tried to imagine it was Tom who held him so securely, who breathed softly into his back. It hurt too much. That was never going to happen, and just imagining it threatened to crack something vital. He closed his eyes, and was more than a little frustrated when it took him most of an hour to fall asleep.


"Happy Chr-oh, my."

Severus opened one eye to see Rita Skeeter standing in the doorway, her rhinestone glasses glinting. She smirked. "Isn't this a pleasant little picture?"

Emeric was still wrapped around him. Severus' own arms grasped his. The covers had slid down, leaving them naked from the hips up. Emeric stirred. "Wha'time'zit?"

"Nearly nine," Rita said smugly.

Emeric bolted upright. "Holy shit!"

"Skeeter, fuck off," Severus said calmly.

"Why would I do that? Looks like you've got the monopoly already."

"What do you want?" Emeric's voice trembled.

Rita shrugged. "I don't know. Money, maybe?"

"We don't have any," Snape said into his pillow. "Quite frankly, I couldn't give a rat's arse who you tell. Just get the fuck out of our room before I drop you off the Astronomy Tower."

Skeeter tutted. "Idle threats aren't very becoming, Severus."

"They're not idle." He fixed her with an annoyed, drowsy gaze. She shifted from foot to foot.

"Well. There are presents downstairs for both of you, if you can pull yourselves together enough to care. Or would you rather keep shagging?"

"We weren't shagging!" Avery's voice broke.

"I have a hard time buying that, Emeric. Two boys, naked in bed, wrapped around each other, one a known faggot-"

Severus snarled and grabbed his wand. Insults were one thing, insults from blabby Rita Skeeter completely another. He pointed it at her and shouted, "Aranea caesaries!"

A single black spider ran down the side of Rita's face. Then another. And another. Within seconds, tiny arachnids poured up and down her hair, her face, her throat, training down the neck of her robe and running out her sleeves or onto her feet. She screamed and ran. Her shrieks echoed through the whole of Slytherin.

Emeric stared with a blank expression. "We're so dead," he muttered.

"No, we're not. Nobody's going to give a fuck. Anyway, the spell only lasts a couple of minutes."

Avery didn't seem to hear. Instead, he started rocking slowly back and forth. His breath whistled in his chest. "My mum's going to kill me. My dad's going to kill me again. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, I'm so dead."

"Get over it, Avery. Nobody's going to care!" Severus freed himself from tangled sheets and dug out a clean pair of shorts. "Really, you're acting like you slaughtered half of London."

"I don't think they'd be as upset if I had! Oh, god, what was I thinking?" He buried his face in his hands.

"Something along the lines of, 'I want Severus to ram his cock up my arse right now', if I recall. I might remind you, it was your idea in the first place." Snape tugged on a vest. It fell loose around his chest. His trousers hung in a similar fashion; only the wide leather braces kept them from falling around his hips. He pursed his lips and dragged on a concealing robe.

"How can you be such a cold prick? This is my life I'm talking about!"

"You didn't see me turn into a sobbing nancy boy when my parents kicked me out, did you? For the same reason, I might add." Severus pulled on his hat.

"You didn't seem too happy."

"But I got over it. Do me a favour and grow up." He turned, shaking his head. "I'll be in the common room if you want me."

Avery didn't answer. As he closed the door, Severus thought he heard the soft, wheezing sound of asthmatic sobs.


Emeric didn't look up through the entire Christmas feast.

He'd come downstairs reeking of Easy Breathing, opened his presents, cried over the broom his parents bought him, gone back upstairs, and spent the entire day crumpling wads of parchment, trying to write them a letter. He'd only sent it off a few minutes before the feast.

Professor Fellus, in his usual incompetent way, asked Avery how he was doing, and looked too shaken by the snapped "Fine" to ask again. Professor Dumbledore, biased old fool that he was, only looked at the bowed, pale reddish head with concern. The rest of the meal, he was cheerful.

Next to Avery, Severus picked at his food. Nobody bothered to ask him how he was, or if he was hungry, or why he looked like he'd just lost the love of his life. Rita glared at him the whole time, which didn't help.

The rest of the table nattered happily. The Lupin brothers, who'd apparently gotten more presents from their friends than any twisted creatures of the night deserved, claimed the crackers the Slytherin contingent didn't want and spent half of supper setting off explosions. Romulus wore two hats, a Napoleon with a tri-coloured rosette and a wide-brimmed witch's hat covered with neon flowers, one on each side of his head. He kept turning one way and doing stupid French voices, then the other and chirping back at himself. Remus nearly choked on his goose, laughing.

About the time even Rita started sniggering with the rest of the table, Severus excused himself and went back to his room. He shoved aside the silver cauldron Lucius had sent, and a book on Dai Llewellyn from Hadrian (the only present he got from any member of his family), and flopped down. The house-elves had made the bed while he unwrapped gifts, and presumably changed the sheets. That was good. Some part of him felt supremely unfaithful, although he couldn't properly justify it if he tried.

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