Delicious As Sin

Chapter 10

By PinkSunRise


For the first time in his life, Harry was desperate to get to sleep. He wanted — no, he needed — to talk to Tom, but he simply couldn’t fall asleep. There were too many thoughts plaguing his mind. ‘Holy unicorns! Ginny has really changed,’ he thought, and that was an understatement, ‘she was a completely different person. She was confident; she even had a tinge of arrogance. And that kiss!, what was that supposed to mean? She wanted to see if I was as good as Tom has described? What exactly has Tom been telling her?’ Harry reflected…


"I see you talked to Red." Tom questionably said and Harry pointed a finger to the middle of his Tom’s chest.

"You…" he said as he pushed Tom back onto the bed "Have a lot of explaining to do." Harry said as he sat on top of Tom. Tom gave a tiny ‘oof’ of protest but Harry gazed at him with determination and Tom sighed.

"What do you want to know?"

"You slept with her!? How could you she was so innocent! Why did you take advantage of her!? How could you sleep with her? What am I to you!?"

"First of all I did not take advantage of her," Tom argued, pushing Harry off of him and in turn placing his leg over Harry, effectively immobilizing him.

"She told me she didn’t want to be innocent, she said that she wanted to grow up, she said she didn’t want to live in people’s shadows. So I taught her and I could have forced her to stay you know but I let her go to find someone for her. This thing between Draco and her could be good for her you know. She needs someone who she can be herself with. She can be vicious you know. I see she got to you," Tom explained slowly.

"And you," he said, as he ran a finger over Harry’s lips, "you are everything to me. That was before, this is now," Tom paused an instant, "You are everything to me, Harry."

"What was that about!? The kiss? She said she wanted to know if I was as good as you said I was."

"She’s a big girl Harry. I talk to her like a friend, she needs it."

"So, you tell her what we do in… bed!?"

"Not quite I just told her how amazing you are and how much I care about you."

"Why did you give her a protection ring?"

"I want her to be safe. You never know if she could need it. She’s too devious for her own good. Red’s special."


"I call her Red."

"God she’s changed. I still can't believe you slept with her!" Harry whined

"She changed for the better. She was weak, innocent, naïve, and so unsure of herself. Second of all I slept with her, past tense, I'm with you know."

"But now… she’s… I don’t even know the word for it."

"I think she’s sexy now," Tom said and Harry looked at him.

"I will never understand you," Harry said.

"But we have forever to understand each other, kitten… if it helps, I think you’re sexy too — much more, to me," Tom said as he slid his hand across Harry’s stomach and gently rubbed his side, where he’d been sore from Quidditch. Harry gave a smile of appreciation, which disappeared as quickly as it had come, when he heard Tom’s soft, doubtful voice asking him:

"How long do we have to live like this Harry?"

"What do you mean?" Harry said as he rolled away from Tom and sat up.

"How long does this have to just be a dream? It’s a wonderful dream, but how long until you’ll want this to be real?" Tom said leaning closer. He was inches away from Harry’s face.

"I don’t even want it to be a dream!"

"You know you would slip away without me," Tom hissed

"How could this ever be real? Don’t even think about doing something stupid!" Harry exclaimed.

"Fine, forget about it," Tom said as he kissed Harry, "For now anyway…" he whispered under his breath.


When Harry awoke, Ron was looking at him. His best friend was shaking, looking terrified and repulsed at the same time.

"What is it Ron?" Harry asked getting up and Ron backed away.

"You-know-who!? Have you gone insane!? I trusted you! I comforted you! I never asked any questions… but turns out you’re sick and disgusting!"

"Ron, no it isn’t what you think!"

"Are you fucking kidding me? You were moaning his name Harry, in your sleep! I can tell a terrified scream from one that’s… well, sick," Ron exclaimed, "I don’t even want to talk to you!" he yelled before running from the room. Harry sighed and felt like crying once again. ‘It was his fault! It was all Tom’s fault! He started this mess! I hate him!’ Harry thought. As he stood, Hermione burst into the room. She stalked towards him until she was almost touching him.

"What did you say to him?" she hissed. Her voice was quiet, low and utterly deadly. Harry sighed, rubbed his eyes, and put his glasses on.

"He heard me say Tom’s name while I slept. I forgot to cast a silencing spell last night," he nearly stuttered and sat back down on the bed. "Everyone is going to hate me. Everyone does hate me. ‘Mione what am I going to do? I can’t live like this!"

Hermione closed her arms around him and leaned in to the embrace.

"If you don’t want to live like this don’t. I know it’s not your fault and I’ll always be your friend Harry. There will always be people who don’t understand and there will always be people who just hate you. But you have to do something soon before it comes down to it. Before you know it, it’s going to be him or everyone else and I don’t want you to have to make that choice."

"It’s not that easy! He knows… he knows what would happen to me if he left. I can’t just kill him."

Hermione sighed, exasperated.

"I know he is trying to screw your perspective of things up, but you must fight."

"I’m tired." Harry said weakly.

"We all get tired of fighting but we do it anyway, Harry. Tell me, what do you want me to do? I would take your problems away if I could, but I cannot. I’d like to — oh! how I’d want to. I see the effect it has on you and I hate it. I’ll try to smooth over the edges with Ron but I can’t guarantee anything," she said as she pulled away from Harry.

"Oh, and Ginny wanted to see you," she quickly added, as she walked out.

Harry sighed for the thousandth time and tossed a robe over his head. He walked out and out the common room ignoring everyone that tried to get his attention. When he entered the infirmary, he saw Draco laughing at something Ginny said. It astounded Harry. Draco rarely gave one of those beautiful carefree laughs; he was always so guarded and impassive. He had the urge to turn and walk out, he felt like he was intruding on a private moment but Draco caught his eyes and motioned him to come closer.

"How are you doing Ginny?" he asked.

"Okay. It looked worse than it actually was, you know. I get discharged later today," she said as she gave a tiny whoop of joy.

Ginny looked closely at him and raised and eyebrow.

"What happened?" she asked softly.

"Ron knows," he said

"Oh, Harry," she said as she opened her arms. He accepted the embrace and sat down on the bed. She offered him a piece of chocolate, which he gratefully accepted. "He’ll get over it," she reassuringly added, "and if not, I can kick his ass for you," she offered and Harry laughed before dismissing the idea. Draco was watching them with curiosity and Harry noted the affection in his eyes, as he was gazing at Ginny.

"What is your father going to say about you two?" he asked Draco, and Ginny smirked. Harry flushed as memories from last night flooded his mind.

"What can Draco’s father possibly say about a relationship even the Dark Lord approves of?" she asked and Draco laughed, yet again.

"You are something Virginia," he murmured and Harry looked away.

"I should go," Harry said. He had missed breakfast but he wasn’t particularly disappointed. It simply meant less time to deal with the awkward situation with Ron.

"If you need to talk Potter…" Draco began and Harry nodded and turned to leave.

Herbology never had been a problematic class. But today, he had to deal with Ron’s disgusted glare and Hermione’s expression of sympathy. They were helping Professor Sprout repot the latest batch of Mandrakes, and Harry managed to knock one of the pots over on his way out of the greenhouse. He sighed in distress as Ron snickered in amusement. He actually pitied Draco. They had treated him like this for years and it sucked. For the first time he was grateful that Professor Sprout required them to keep their earmuffs on until they left the enclosure. Harry put his bookbag back down, and stayed behind to help the Professor clean up his mess and soothe the young Mandrake's hysterical crying. Ron gave him another look, and left with Hermione in tow who in turn gave him an apologetic expression. ‘Of course go with your boyfriend,’ Harry thought but immediately felt bad. ‘It wasn’t Hermione’s fault it was Tom’s.’

It was only when Professor Sprout finally deemed the damage tended for, that Harry was allowed to exit the greenhouse. He wasn’t in a particular hurry to get to Charms. Professor Flitwick barely batted an eye as Harry entered and took a seat, alone.

"You’re lucky you didn’t make us lose points," Ron hissed and Harry ignored him. He opened his textbook and followed along with the lecture.

Class eventually ended, and he silently slipped out and went to sit by the lake. He

observed the giant squid’s antics as he revised for an upcoming Transfiguration test. He was avoiding going back to the castle; he wanted to avoid Ron for as long as possible. He knew talking to him wouldn’t help. He just needed time.

When he entered the common room sometime later, he noticed people gave him odd stares. He heard a loud argument going on and looked around to notice the source.

"If you ever say anything like that about Harry or Draco you bastard, I will make you pay!" Ginny hissed as she hit Ron. Ron tumbled to the ground. "They will always be better than you," she said smirking in triumph. Ron mumbled a hex at her and gasped as it bounced of her and hit him.

"Oopps, did I forget to mention that wouldn’t work on me?" she asked, looking innocent, as she walked away. Harry rushed forward and Ron spat at him.

"Stay away from me," he hysterically shrieked and Harry looked confused as Dean approached Ron.

"Get the hell away from him!" Dean yelled and Harry looked around at everyone. They all looked disgusted with him and some people even looked terrified. Hermione rushed to Ron’s side and muttered a healing spell.

"What did you do?" Harry asked Ron softly.

"I told them what sort of person you really are," Ron said and Harry backed away.

"Mr. Weasley, Mr. Potter, and Ms. Granger, Dumbledore’s office now!" Professor McGonagall barked at them. Harry could tell she was fuming. He made a mad dash for Dumbledore’s office avoiding everyone else. He sank down into a plush chair and watched as Ginny, Ron and Hermione entered followed by Gryffindor’s Head of House. They all began to talk at once and Harry shrunk down in his seat.

"Stop! All of you!" Dumbledore said and Harry noticed that the twinkle that was always present in his eyes had faded drastically.

"I want to know what happened beginning with Ms. Weasley."

Ginny looked near tears and Harry applauded her mentally. She was playing it all very well.

"Well I entered the common room when Ron came up and slapped me. I had no idea what was going on! So I yelled at him. He said that… he said some terrible things about Draco and about Harry too. It was so terrible sir so I hit him. I told him never to say something like that about Harry or Draco. I told them that they were better than he would ever be… and then… he tried to hex me!" Ginny exclaimed, tears threatening to overflow. "My own brother! He didn’t know I had a protection spell on from hexes so it bounced off and hit him. Then I… left," she finished and Harry watched as she let a tear escape. She caught Harry’s eye and winked. Harry had to stop himself from bursting out of laughter.

"What did he say about Mr. Malfoy and Harry?"

"He said to stay away from Draco — that he was evil and…" Ginny sobbed, "and I can’t even repeat, it’s so terrible."

"Very well Ms. Weasley," Dumbledore said and offered her a tissue. "Mr. Weasley?"

"She’s got it all wrong, Professor. I told her to stay away from Malfoy that’s true but why would she want to be with a Death Eater!? That’s disgusting! He’s always been a bastard to us and to Harry. Don’t even get me started on Harry!", Ron spat, "he’s revolting… nauseating! Dreaming about… You-Know-Who!" he exclaimed, "What a bastard! What a sick bastard! How could be betray us all like that!? So, I had to tell everybody. And I bloody well did… I told everyone. I told everyone what a sick fuck he was, and to stay away from him."

"Mr. Weasley," Dumbledore dangerously said, "You are in my office. Please refrain from using that vile language," he said, marking each and every word, he then added, dangerously lower still, "And don’t ever make such comments about any student! You hit a student and, when she hit you back in self-defence, you hexed her!? I’m afraid you’ve just earned yourself one full month of detention. In the Dungeons."

Ron paled considerably and looked down. ‘I always admired his ability to make people feel like naughty five year olds,’ Harry mused, while shaking it was too much. He wanted to leave. He felt like the walls were closing in on him.

"And Harry… ?" Dumbledore kindly enquired.

"I… I don’t know what to say," Harry said before he stood up and ran out of the office. Outside he leaned against the wall and tried to catch his breath.

"Albus should I…" he heard McGonagall ask.

"No… Let him be Minerva."

"He can’t take it," Ron said

"Mr. Weasley!" he heard Dumbledore exclaim as he moved down the corridor. He moved faster and broke into a sprint. He had to get to his bed. He had to get to Tom and make him pay…

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