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Seduce Me

By Garden’s Gnome


Yuffie smiled happily as she looked around the large room. It had been a year since they’d stopped Meteor and only now were they able to take a break from the large clean up Midgar had needed. And this was also the perfect excuse for a party. Yuffie liked parties. It gave her the chance to steal materia and other items from unsuspecting guests. But she had promised to be good in exchange for being allowed to have the party in the pagoda at Wutai. It was hard, but she would try.

When asked by her father what type of party she wanted, she had decided to have a fancy dress Halloween theme. The pagoda had been decorated with lanterns and bats and skeletons. Many of the lanterns were shaped like large materia and her fingers always twitched when she looked at them before remembering that they were only decorations and not the real thing. Taking another glance around the room, the young ninja firmly believed that the party was a great idea.

Across the room was Tifa dressed as a princess getting Barrett’s daughter, Marlene, a drink. Marlene waved her fairy wand in thanks and bounced off to find her father. Yuffie heard the girl’s happy laugh as she was lifted onto the shoulder of a pirate, her father then proceeding to dance with her and Elena. The blonde woman was dressed as a mermaid, her fins trying to trip her over as she danced.

The other Turks were present too. Reno and Rude had come dressed as a pair of trolls and had chased poor Marlene around the room until she had stopped giggling enough to cast a ‘spell’ on them. There was still glitter in their hair. Both men were now grinning into their drinks and looking over to where Reeve, dressed as a ghost, was talking to Tifa. Yuffie smiled as the new president of Midgar lead the dark haired woman onto the floor to dance. The other couples on the floor, including Cid and Vincent, happily made room for them.

Vincent had donned another clawed gauntlet and came as a werewolf, while Cid had borrowed his red cape to make himself a vampire. They had started going out only a few months back and Cid’s relaxed attitude was rubbing off on the ex-Turk.

Yuffie looked around the room and sighed when she failed to spot their spiky haired leader.

Cloud had been against the party the moment she had announced it, but would not say why. He had come only because it was expected, without a costume though, and had immediately disappeared to the top floor once he’d been able to leave the group without notice. Yuffie knew something was up but decided not to pry into the young man’s affairs. Turning she decided to go and drag Reno onto the dance floor when she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

“Where is Cloud?” a deep voice asked.

“Um…he’s around somewhere,” she said, waving a hand and turning to look at the speaker but then fell silent.

Behind a black mask, green eyes glittered with suppressed mirth as they looked down at her.

“Sephiroth?” she squeaked out in question.

But it couldn’t be, she thought to herself. We killed him.

Her eyes watched the tall man walk towards the door that lead to the upper floors and decided that the man dressed in red and black couldn’t be the same evil man that they had destroyed. It wasn’t possible.


Cloud sighed as he looked up at the Wutai night sky. Particular holidays always brought back memories he tried to bury. His birthday reminded him of the cakes with candles his mother used to bake. Halloween reminded him of Sephiroth.

It had been a month or so before that mission where everything had changed. Zack had talked him into attending the party to be held at Shinra building and had even chosen his costume for him. Unfortunately it had been the only one available in his size. A succubus.

After donning the wig and mask, the only thing giving his identity away was his eyes. Their bright blue colour was very unique among the soldiers and he hadn’t had time to get some contacts to change them.

The party had been great. A few drinks to get a pleasant buzz, Cloud had allowed Zack to drag him onto the dance floor. After a few dances, a deep voice had interrupted them.

“Mind if I cut in?”

“Not at all,” Zack had said, handing Cloud over to the new comer. Cloud had been about to protest when he had looked up into bright green eyes.

“So what are you dressed as?” the general had asked, pulling the younger man closer to his body so they could hear each other over the music.

“I…I think Zack said I was a suc…a succubus,” Cloud had managed to tell Sephiroth after a few moments of shock.

“Hmmm, a succubus? Do you know why they are supposed to be scary?” Sephiroth asked. Cloud shook his head.

“They are a vampiric type race. They feed by having sexual relations with their victim, exhausting them and, then feed on the energy released during sex. The victim of a Succubus will experience the visits as dreams. Did you know any of this, Cloud?”

Cloud shook his head again. The feel of Sephiroth’s body against his, the older man’s heat and the velvet tone of his voice was confusing him. “Why are you telling me this?” he managed to ask.

“Why?” Sephiroth asked and then laughed, the sound vibrating through his chest. “Because you are my succubus. I dream of you, you sweet innocence and your lovely body,” the deep voice all but purred in his ear.

Cloud tried to pull back, totally surprised by his superior officer’s attraction to him. Then he froze at the next words he heard.

“Seduce me…and I’ll make you mine.”

And that was what he had done. Although now that he looked back upon the night and the passion they had shared, and the many that had followed, Cloud didn’t do much to get Sephiroth to take him to bed. According to the general, his simple presence there was enough to make the silver-haired man’s mind and body want him.

Cloud sighed again. To save the world from a madman, he had killed his lover. He never believed that the Sephiroth he had fallen in love with that night was the same one he had slain at the bottom of the crater. Jenova had destroyed the mind of his Sephiroth and taken over. She was more of a succubus than he had ever been. Pushing off the railing, Cloud stopped and drew in a gasp at the form outlined in the doorway. It couldn’t be.

“Seph?“ Cloud asked, his eyes tracing the dark clothing and the single large black wing that reflected the light of the newly risen moon. “I killed…you…”

Sephiroth moved forward and drew the shaking blonde into his arms. “The planet didn’t want me but it didn’t let me go unscathed. I am how you now see me,” he said quietly, a great weariness in his voice.

“As you are now?” Cloud asked as one of his hands traced over the black feathers. Looking up he smiled into green eyes, but frowned at the glint of white against soft lips. “Seph?”

“I need you to live. Will you give yourself to me? Let me seduce you?” Sephiroth asked, his voice intent as he focused on Cloud’s neck before leaning down to nuzzle the softness.

Cloud gasped as he felt the soft brush of fangs. He somehow knew what the other man was asking. He didn’t want to loose him again. He would give anything to have him near again. Even his own life.

“Yes, Sephiroth. Seduce me.”

Cloud felt a sharp pain in his neck and then knew no more.


Notes from Gnome: Don’t panic…in my mind Sephy didn’t kill Cloud but this being an hour-fic, I couldn’t add that in. Hmm, my first FF7 fic. I tried to keep them in character. *grins* I could see Yuffie’s fingers twitching at the sight of materia - even if it wasn’t real. Still debating on who exactly I’ll be writing most of…Definitely leaning towards Sephy/Cloud and Vinnie/Cloud though. Hope you liked it. ^_^

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