Author’s notes: Sequel to Seduce Me.

Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. FF7 is the wonder child of Square or whatever they are calling themselves now. I’m just playing with them cause they’re such nice bishies *grins*

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Embrace Me

By Garden’s Gnome


The liquid flowed hotly over his tongue. It was sweet. The scent of it was alluring. His need for it was overpowering.

It was Cloud’s blood. And Sephiroth revelled in it.

Silver hair shimmered in the lantern light as a gentle breeze wafted along the Pagoda balcony where they embraced. Shifting his hold, Sephiroth ran a hand down Cloud’s warm, pliant body. The blond smelled of life. Of sweet blood and hot arousal.

Sephiroth smiled as he trailed his hand around to the front of Cloud’s pants while he removed his fangs from a pale throat. The boy was rock hard and stirred at the first questing touch. Mako bright blue eyes lazily peered out from under blond lashes as the younger man regained his senses. The older swordsman smiled. His lover had succumbed to a sensory overload, and had passed out.

Seeing the indulgent look, Cloud blushed.

“There…there hasn’t been anyone since you,” he whispered in a slurred voice, his growing lack of blood beginning to affect his senses.

“We’ll have to rectify that,” Sephiroth said as he licked warm blood from his lips, fingers finding and releasing the closing clasp on tight pants. Cloud sighed in relief as the pants pooled around his ankles.

Kneeling down, Sephiroth wrapped his arms and single wing around the well-muscled body and pulled Cloud away from the railing. The blond shivered as dark feathers caressed his legs and thighs. The shiver abruptly changed into a jerk as his lover took his thick length into his mouth. All the way to the root.

Sephiroth held Cloud steady as he sucked, licked and nibbled gently at his erection. He wanted to make the younger man writhe in his arms, to taste all of him. Then he would change him and they would be always together.

Cloud’s whole world had narrowed to the man in front of him. The heat of Sephiroth’s mouth on him, the feel of silver hair under his fingers as the other man pleasured him and the tingles travelling from the bite on his neck to his groin. After their final battle, he had believed that he would never see his love again. Forever swallowed by the planet. He could not understand why his lover was returned to him from the dead but intended to find out.

Sephiroth could feel the blond’s approaching release and sucked harder. He was rewarded with a cry above him and then Cloud’s essences flowed into his mouth. Swallowing all that was given, he stood and kissed the blond, thrusting his tongue possessively into the other’s mouth as he shared the taste. Cloud was trembling and dazed when they came up for air. He smiled up at the silver haired man.

“I missed you.”

“You will never have to miss me again,” Sephiroth said as he drew his fangs across his own wrist. “Drink.”

Cloud followed the command and fastened his lips around the cut. He felt the leather of Sephiroth’s pants against his still naked skin and felt himself becoming aroused again. Pressing against the swordsman’s body, Cloud began to rub himself against a leather-clad leg. Sephiroth could feel and smell his lover’s growing need even as he felt the blood leaving his body. Quickly sucking on his own fingers, he reached around and pressed then into the blond.

Cloud winced slightly as two of Sephiroth’s fingers entered, immediately stretching him in ways he was sure he would never feel again. He continued to drink down the offered blood even as he thrust himself back onto the welcome fingers. He heard Sephiroth’s breath quicken in anticipation and he moaned quietly with need.

“That’s enough,” Sephiroth said as he gently removed his wrist from Cloud’s grasp.

Cloud looked up at him with bright needy eyes, a smear of blood across his lips. Sephiroth couldn’t resist and kissed his smaller lover hard before spinning the blond around and leaning him over the railing. Quickly spreading some of his blood from the rapidly healing cut in his wrist over his own length, Sephiroth entered the blond in one thrust.

Slightly dizzy from the intoxicating blood now in his system, Cloud held onto the railing and waited for what he knew was about to happen. Sephiroth’s hand on his hip was his only warning before he was filled. Biting his lip to avoid screaming out, Cloud’s eyes closed in pain and discomfort and they both waited for his body to adjust. Then he felt warm lips again on his neck, fangs reopening the wound there. Suddenly the pain was gone, replaced by rising pleasure and a slight pulling sensation as Sephiroth began the task of draining him. Cloud groaned and pushed back towards his lover, encouraging him to move.

Sephiroth was drunk on pleasure. The blood filling his mouth, the tightness around him, the smell of Cloud’s arousal and the sound of the blond’s quiet moans, echoed by the lessening sound of the blond’s heartbeat. Closing a hand around Cloud’s erection, Sephiroth began to thrust into his lover. Each deep movement was met with a gasp, each sucking on the soft neck under his lips, a sigh. The more blood he drank down the more his senses heightened. He could hear the blood moving through veins towards his mouth and could hear the near silent whimpers of Cloud as the younger man’s body approached release again, fighting its way there before he passed out. He would not stay conscious for much longer.

Cloud could feel his body tightening from what seemed like a great distance. His senses were becoming duller until all that remained was the pleasure and the knowledge that when he awoke, he and Sephiroth would be together always.

The heat tightened and pulsed around him and Sephiroth gave himself over to his own orgasm. Cloud’s second release coated Sephiroth’s hand and drained what was left of his energy. As he fell towards the warm darkness, he called his lover’s name, the words following a whisper lost to all but the ears they were meant for.

Sephiroth held Cloud’s body in his arms as he drained what was left of the blond’s lifeblood. He shed a tear as the heart of his lover stopped and then he carefully withdrew from his body and laid him on the balcony floor. Gently, he drew spiky blond hair through his fingers and reflected on the words he had heard.

Cloud loved him. And for that love, was willing to embrace the darkness to be with Sephiroth.


Notes from Gnome: Short, sweet, kinky smut. Thanks Cat for the quick beta and for telling me to leave as is and get working on the third fic for this growing series. This is the same thing that happened in Fist and Ice *shakes head* Thanks M for wanting more Sephy vampy goodness and making me want to write this. Hmmm, Christmas is coming - must think of festive ficcage. ^_~

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