All characters in this fiction are from Final Fantasy 7, an epic RPG by Square Soft. I did not create them and therefore make no claims of ownership. This fiction is simply written for my own and other’s entertainment.

A New Beginning

Part VI

By Wingless Demon


Sephiroth slowly leaned over the foot of the bed, staring straight across the mattress into Cloud’s shining, mako-infused eyes. "Like me, you do not require sleep" he said in a soft, cold voice. "Why do you waste your time with it?"

"Wha?!" the blond gasped nervously when his blanket was suddenly removed from over him before he could even contemplate an answer. He shivered a bit when the warm barrier was stolen, but he still made no effort to move. A quick flash of lightening allowed him to catch a quick glimpse Sephiroth leaning over his legs at the foot of the bed.

"Words seem to have no effect on you," Sephiroth said in a stern voice, "so I will not use them this time."

Cloud dug his fingernails into the mattress beneath him when he felt the silver-haired warrior’s hands on him. He could feel the other man’s palm slowly sliding up his legs to his knees, to his inner thighs, and then further still.

An unseen, wicked smile stretched Sephiroth’s lips when he heard the younger warrior breathe in a sharp, sudden breath through his nose. His hands and finger’s lingered for a moment before finally moving to Cloud’s crotch. He chuckled softly when the blond started to squirm, but it only encouraged him to continue.

Cloud’s mind once again became an inseparable mix of panic and anticipation. He felt like he was trapped in one of his old fantasies and worse nightmares at the same time. The former mercenary turned his head to the side and bit down onto his tongue to keep himself from crying out when the other man started to slide his pants down his legs.

Sephiroth struggled a bit, but was soon able to remove Cloud’s pants entirely. The dark state of the room left much to his imagination, but it did not matter to him; nothing would deter him from what he was planning now.

Without wasting another moment, Sephiroth brought his hands to Cloud’s already exposed chest. The legendary ex-Soldier found that whenever he forced a reaction other than the usual hatred from the younger man, it gave him a strange, yet pleasant thrill. He moved his hands up to Cloud’s shoulders before leaning down to inhale the blonde’s masculine scent. The smell only motivated him more and Sephiroth decided to risk proceeding to the next level.

"Hnn!" Cloud gasped against his will, unable to suppress the soft sound when he felt the other warrior’s hot, wet tongue just below his navel. He was completely exposed, defenseless, and now, at last, at Sephiroth’s mercy. The feeling of dread that he had expected to come with the situation was strangely absent however, and despite his best efforts, his former adversary’s actions were having a certain effect on him. He desperately hoped that Sephiroth would not notice, but he knew it was only a matter of time before he did.

The younger warrior then looked up, puzzled and strangely disappointed when the weight of the other man on his bed seemed to vanish. A distant, yet bright flash of lightening pushed the darkness of the room away for a moment, allowing Cloud to see his former idol standing near the foot of his bed as he stripped himself.

The room fell dark again, but the blond could hear the sound of Sephiroth’s black, battle-worn black pants being discarded onto the floor. A few moments later he felt his former nemesis once again crawl onto the other end of the bed, causing the mattress’s springs to creak under their combined weight.

Cloud’s breath hitched in his throat when he felt the other man’s mouth on him again. He could feel Sephiroth’s lips kissing the small patch of fine, golden hairs just above his penis. The blond warrior swallowed nervously. Have to stop him, he thought, before he notices...

"No..."he protested weakly, "Stop..."

An unseen smile stretched Sephiroth’s lips when the plea reached his ears. "No," he whispered, "not this time." The silver haired swordsman withdrew from the small patch of hair and started to move his head further down Cloud’s body until his face collided with something warm and hard between the younger man’s legs.

Sephiroth chuckled softly when he realized what the warm, hard pole of flesh brushing against his cheek was. "I am sure you have a perfectly rational explanation for this," he said sarcastically.

Murder marked Cloud’s face, and the blond was immediately thankful that the dark state of the room hid the deep blush that was no doubt present on his cheeks. Cloud’s breath became slightly labored and he bit down fiercely on his tongue once again to prevent a soft gasp from escaping his lips when his erection again brushed against Sephiroth’s face.

"Your stubbornness is admirable," the older warrior whispered, "but I intend to test its limits."

Cloud shut his eyelids together tightly and covered his face with his pillow to drown out his sudden whimpering when he felt his erect manhood being slowly licked.

"No," the silver-haired ex-Soldier said quietly, "You will not run this time."

Sephiroth again licked the sensitive flesh, slowly dragging his tongue along the underside of the warm length. He could hear Cloud’s faint, muffled moans from beneath the pillow.

"Ahhhh!" Cloud shrieked loudly into the pillow, unable to suppress the sound when Sephiroth’s tongue began to swirl over the head of his penis. The lust coursing through his veins became nearly overwhelming. All logic and doubt in his mind vanished and he became a slave to his own arousal.

The salty taste of the younger man’s precum made Sephiroth flinch a bit but he still found it to his liking. He then pressed down, consuming most of the hard length within the confines of his warm mouth. He smiled around the hard column of flesh when Cloud lifted his hips in an attempt to press further into the moist heat.

The blond warrior lost control of himself and began panting when Sephiroth’s hot, wet lips began to slide up and down his erection. Nothing in his life even came close to the feeling of being sucked off by the man he once idolized. The hot mouth that engulfed his most sensitive flesh was pushing him rapidly towards his peak.

Sephiroth halted his actions, and let Cloud’s now wet, throbbing member fall from his lips. He bent the younger warrior’s knees and pushed them forward, causing the blonde’s ass to lift off of the mattress. He leaned forward with Cloud’s legs propped up against his bare shoulders, forcing the blond to stay in the position.

Cloud remained still; the only sound in the dark room was his frantic breathing. The feeling of Sephiroth’s warm breath on his erection made him shiver in anticipation. He had been close, so very close to climaxing before the other man had halted his actions.

"Gah!" Cloud screamed when he felt a finger lightly trace down the cleft of his ass. Sephiroth’s tongue then slowly licked his erect length one last time and he finally tumbled over the edge. "Ahhhhh!" The sudden cry that left Cloud’s mouth then was easily heard through the pillow. His entire body seemed to tense as he arched off of the bed and ejaculated.

The muffled cry that came from Cloud caused the silver-haired warrior to shudder. He moaned softly when the blonde’s cock shot spurts of hot, thick liquid onto his face. Sephiroth’s only regret was that he was not able so see the other man when he had reached his threshold. He closed his hand around Cloud’s throbbing erection and gave it a gentle tug, forcing a few more drops out of the still hard pole. "And if this is any indication," he whispered "then I think that you actually enjoyed that."

Cloud’s heart missed a beat as a loud crash of thunder added an unneeded exclamation point to the other man’s words. Sweat covered much of his body, and most of his limbs ached making him feel as if he had just finished an intense aerobic workout.

Sephiroth crawled over him, bringing their bodies and bare skin together as he leaned down. He smiled when he heard a faint, muffled moan through the pillow and decided it was time to get rid of the unnecessary obstacle.

The older swordsman reached down and snatched the pillow away from the blonde’s face. Now that he was free of the unwanted barrier, he had no trouble bringing their lips together.

Cloud tried to turn his head away, but soon realized that his chin was held firmly in place by Sephiroth’s hand. The former Soldier General ate at his mouth as if it were the last thing he would ever taste. Cloud did not even try to resist this time, and he could not help but sigh into the other warrior’s mouth when he felt something hard pressing against his hips.

The lips that had been robbing him of air released him and Cloud was finally able to breathe again. The deep kiss had left him trembling and nearly breathless.

Lightening allowed him another view of his former adversary, and Cloud felt his jaw drop when he saw Sephiroth straddling his hips.

"Hhhnnn!" The blond groaned at the feeling of another erection fondling his own, it was almost enough to send him over the edge a second time.

Sephiroth tilted his had back and moaned softly in response. "This is a storm," he said in a low, husky voice, "that you will never forget." He reached down and grabbed Cloud’s hard cock, giving it a few gentle pulls before scooting back and forcing the younger man’s legs apart. Sephiroth closed his eyes as he prepared himself for what was to come next.

Cloud’s chest began to rise and fall at a faster rate, his breathing becoming nearly frantic as anticipation burned in his veins. The feeling of the warm, smooth flesh of other man’s penis brushing against his anal entrance was the only clue he needed to know what was going to happen next.

The silver haired warrior plunged forward, forcing his way through the small ring of puckered flesh. Cloud’s face warped with an expression of pain and discomfort as his tight tunnel rapidly expanded to accommodate the large organ.

The sudden, enveloping warmth around his sensitive flesh forced Sephiroth to bite down on his lower lip to keep himself silent. The hot, tight grip around his cock beckoned him to push deeper.

Cloud hissed loudly as Sephiroth’s hard sex lunged into him and caressed previously unexplored depths of his body. "Gahhh!" A loud, strangled cry ripped through his throat as the other man plunged into him. Pain traveled up his spine, causing his entire body to suddenly burn as the silver-haired swordsman forced his way deeper into the warm cavity.

Sephiroth buried himself in Cloud’s heat, pressing forward until he could go no further. His tightly gripped cock throbbed impatiently inside of Cloud’s body, but he forced himself to remain still. The soft whimpers from the man below quickly shattered patience however, and he could not resist the urge to pull out and savagely drive himself back into the blond.

"Nnnn!" Cloud moaned loudly, the scrape of the hard flesh inside of him touched something that seemed to set his entire body on fire and make the pain more tolerable. He grinded his teeth together, fighting the desire to scream when Sephiroth jolted into him yet again.

Sephiroth hissed; the friction on his buried manhood nearly overwhelmed him. He began to slide in and out of the hot, moist passage at a slow, but steady pace. He knew that he would not be able to hold off his release for long, and instinct drove him to move faster.

Cloud gasped between his frantic labored breaths. The accelerated pace made it difficult for him to contain himself. His sweaty bed sheets clung to his body as he lifted off of the mattress to press back against the other warrior. His trembling hand reached down to stroke his neglected, hard penis, but the added stimulation was too much for him to handle.

"Ahhh!" the blond warrior cried out, pressing his body upwards to stuff himself with as much of Sephiroth’s manhood as he could. Lightening illuminated the room as he climaxed, and Cloud shivered with when he saw the other man staring down at him.

Sephiroth’s green eyes widened at the sight below him; Cloud was staring up at him, his eyelids half closed and his face flushed as he brought himself to completion. The younger warrior then threw his head back, and an unsuppressed moan left his lips when his seed spilled over his hand.

"Uhhnn!" Sephiroth grunted, the sound of his voice lost within the loud crash of thunder that echoed just outside the window. His entire body tensed when the room fell dark again and he finally ejaculated into Cloud’s body. The warm, slick cavern constricted around him, swallowing his cock as it exploded.

Cloud lie motionless on the bed, still panting from his release. The realization of what had just happened seemed to dawn on him when he felt hot spurts of liquid firing inside of him. His mind was far too burdened with fatigue to sort through his confused thoughts however, so he simply closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.


A lone figure stood in the cold rain at the front of Cloud’s countryside home, clad in nothing but a pair of old, worn-out black pants. The early morning sunlight was hindered by the many gray rain clouds overhead, but it still penetrated the storm enough to light the area.

Sephiroth smiled wickedly, pushing aside the drenched mop of long silver, hair that clung to his face so that he could stare into the dark bedroom window.

It was clear to him now that his attraction to the younger man ran even deeper than he had suspected. He knew that he would eventually triumph in tearing away Cloud’s remaining defenses, but he would have to move carefully to do so.

"It is inevitable now," he said as he walked up to the front door, "but the game must continue, for your sake."

A small sphere of light flickered over his outstretched hand for moment as his sword blinked into existence. He chuckled softly, and then forced the awesome weapon into the wooden door, driving the large blade all the way through.

He paused for a moment to admire his handiwork, and ran his fingertips over the handle of Masamune. "I will be back for you," he whispered, "...both of you."

The legendary ex-Soldier stepped back, and looked upon the dark bedroom window once more. "This is only the beginning."


The End ..............?

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