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A New Beginning

Part V

By Wingless Demon


Sephiroth looked down at the fallen blond warrior, a slight grin stretching the corners of his closed lips. Cloud had crumbled to the ground before he even had a chance to strike and was now lying motionless on the grass, still gripping the handle of his large weapon.

The silver-haired warrior slowly walked towards the body of his younger adversary, still unsure of what to make of the whole situation.

"It seems your own mind is still against you," he whispered, "perhaps your hatred for me is more powerful than I thought."

The last traces of sunlight had vanished from the sky, but Sephiroth’s glowing eyes could still make out every detail of Cloud’s motionless form under the pale light of the full moon. The former Soldier legend allowed himself to chuckle briefly, "You are much more tolerant of me when you are unconscious."

Clouds eyes opened slowly, immediately falling on Sephiroth’s face. He swallowed nervously and forced his body to remain still when he felt the sharp point of Masamune on his throat.

"Go ahead," the blond warrior, said softly, "get it over with."

Sephiroth tilted his head to one side, curiously eyeing the younger man from overhead. "Kill you? And then after you are dead, what would I do?"

"What would you do?!" Cloud snapped back, "Summon meteor, kill more innocent people, burn down Nibelhiem again, and..." Cloud stopped speaking before he could truly get started. He was suddenly a bit fearful of how his comments would affect his former idol.

Sephiroth frowned when the former mercenary’s words reached his ears. He lifted the blade of his large weapon from younger warrior’s throat and stuck the huge sword into the ground next to him.

Cloud watched the man above him nervously and quickly started to scoot backwards across the ground when one of Sephiroth’s hands reached down towards his face.

"Stay away," the blond warned, "don’t touch-"

His protest was quickly silenced however, as the other man’s hand latched tightly around his throat. With impressive strength, Sephiroth lifted the blond warrior off of the ground by the neck, and pushed the younger man against the trunk of a nearby tree.

Cloud tried his best to free himself from Sephiroth’s grip, but it seemed that he was just too weak at the moment. "Let go of me!"

"Or what?" Sephiroth asked mockingly, "You are hardly in a position to threaten me." He loosened the grip around Cloud’s throat slightly so that the blond could speak and breathe more easily, but he did not release his grip entirely. "If I really wanted to kill you, I could have done so without any problems within the last few days. I have had plenty of opportunities"

"Wh... what then?" Cloud asked, his voice hoarse and uneasy. He ceased his struggling for a moment, allowing himself to rest briefly and catch his breath.

Sephiroth smiled slightly while taking in the sight of the younger warrior in front of him; Cloud’s face was flushed somewhat from being unable to breathe, his mako-infused blue eyes were watery and half closed, and several beads of sweat trickled down his smooth face as he frantically tried to catch his breath.

"What?" Cloud repeated, his breath steadying somewhat. He backed away from Sephiroth as much as he could, pressing his back fully against the large tree behind him.

The silver-haired warrior released his grip from Cloud’s throat and moved his hand to one of the younger man’s flushed cheeks. His other hand quickly grabbed the bottom of the blonde’s jaw to prevent him from turning his head away. Blue eyes stared back at Sephiroth cruelly as his fingertips traced down the younger man’s cheek, but the older warrior only grinned slightly, not intimidated or discouraged by the harsh glare at all.

Cloud’s thoughts had become an inseparable mix of anticipation and panic when he felt his former commander’s fingers ghost over his face a second time. "Let... let go of me," he protested weakly.

The other man shook his head slightly as a small smirk once again stretched his lips. "No, I don’t... think so." The smirk then vanished and Sephiroth’s expression became unreadable as his face drew closer to Cloud’s. He inhaled deeply, eagerly breathing in the scent of the restrained man in front of him. He could smell the younger warrior’s sweat, he could see his nervousness, and he even thought he could hear his quickening heart beat.

Sephiroth’s green eyes fluttered closed as he pressed forward, closing what little distance had remained between them. He felt the blonde’s entire body tense for a moment before going completely still beneath him when he brought their lips together.

The silver haired swordsmen used his hand on Cloud’s jaw to pry stubborn warrior’s mouth open. He parted his own lips and tilted his head slightly before pressing harder onto Cloud’s lips. He was finally able to plunge his tongue into the blonde’s mouth, and began eagerly tasting every part of the moist cavern that he could reach.

Cloud’s thoughts seemed to shatter when the deep kiss was forced onto him. He could feel Sephiroth’s body pressing against his own, bringing the two of them together as the persistent tongue plundered his mouth. This... this is not going to happen! Not now or ever! I... I cannot!

The former Soldier commander withdrew from Cloud’s mouth and leaned forward. "You are asking me to explain something that I do not fully understand," he whispered softly into the blonde’s ear, "This feeling... it drives me to do these things to you."

Cloud remained still, not even allowing himself to breath. The man with him now was indeed very different from the apparition he had confronted in his hallucination, but at the same time he was still very similar. The younger man shivered slightly, and goose bumps crept across his flesh when the other warrior’s lips brushed gently over the side of his neck.

Disappointment marked Sephiroth’s face when he felt two hands grab his bare shoulders and shove him away. His expression quickly changed however, and the amused smirk that Cloud had come to despise, returned to his lips.

"You have always been your own worst enemy," the silver haired warrior chuckled, "but as I said before, I have already seen your thoughts. I know what you are suppressing."

It was not even a moment later before the legendary Soldier disappeared, leaving the blond swordsman alone under the dim light of the moon.

Many minutes passed before Cloud finally started to move. He remained motionless after Sephiroth had left, still propped up against the tree as he sorted through his scrambled thoughts.

Finally, after nearly half an hour had elapsed, Cloud managed to pull himself together enough to start walking towards his home. He stopped for only a moment on the way to retrieve Sephiroth’s forgotten sword from the ground.

Cloud stumbled into his bedroom carelessly, slamming the door loudly against the wall as he opened it. Even though he was tired and mentally exhausted, he doubted that he would get much sleep. He propped Masamune against wall near the corner of his room and discarded his shirt onto the floor before plummeting onto his unmade bed.

His mind soon drifted back to his encounter with Sephiroth earlier that evening, gazing at the ceiling as the scene began to replay itself in his mind. He closed his eyes, and remembered Sephiroth backing him up against the tree. The silver haired warrior had then pressed forward to seal their lips together, bringing his body firmly against Cloud’s own as he did so. But it was not enough for Sephiroth to just kiss him; the former Soldier had then ravished his lips and forced his tongue into the depths of Cloud’s mouth.

The blond brought two fingers to his lips; touching them softly as he remembered the intense kiss. During that moment he had been torn between either surrendering or fighting back against Sephiroth. Eventually, the urge to resist the swordsman had finally managed to narrowly prevail. The part of his mind that had wanted events to unfold differently that night was persistent however, and even now Cloud could not help but feel somewhat disappointed.

The sound of rain droplets and the distant roll of thunder from his window stirred in his ears a short while later. The blond warrior could hear the thunder becoming louder and see the lightening flash more frequently in his dark room; the storm was getting closer. He cursed nature for its unnecessary noise under his breath, and stared at the corner of his bedroom to catch an occasional glimpse of Masamune whenever the lightening illuminated his home.

Cloud’s breathing came to an abrupt halt when lightening flashed near his home again. Standing in the place of Sephiroth’s personal sword was now Sephiroth himself. The blond warrior remained still, his eyes now transfixed to the corner of his room where the weapon was resting against the wall. He waited impatiently for the lightening to make Masamune visible again, hoping that he could dismiss his brief glimpse of the weapon’s owner as a figment of his imagination.

Finally, a brilliant flash of lightening lit up the entire room even brighter than before, and Cloud could only shudder in response at the sight of his former hero staring back at him with an amused smirk.

A loud crack of thunder echoed just outside the window before the room fell dark again and Cloud swallowed nervously as he watched two faintly glowing green eyes slowly drawing closer to his bed. The blond immediately thought of fleeing the room, but decided he was too physically exhausted, and would not get far even if he did manage to escape.

Sephiroth slowly leaned over the foot of the bed, staring straight across the mattress into Cloud’s shining, mako-infused eyes. "Like me, you do not require sleep" he said in a soft, cold voice. "Why do you waste your time with it?"


End of Part V

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