Chapter Three: One Night in Bangkok

By M.Mishima

One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain’t free.
You’ll find your god in every golden cloister
A little Flesh, A little History.
I can feel an Angel Sliding up to me.

-- Murray Head, "One Night in Bangkok"

The moon was still high in the dark, cloudless night when Chaolan was startled by a loud knock to his apartment door. Leaning up on his extended arms, Lee scanned his sleep blurred eyes to the digital art nouveau clock display. 3:30am, You have to be kidding me? Fuck that.

The silver haired beauty let his head fall back onto the pillow. He did not remember going to sleep, let alone how he managed, in his chemically enhanced state, to tumble into his bed...fully clothed.

The intrusive knock came again, louder this time. Flickering his lashes beneath a tendril of liquid silver hair, Lee exhaled sharply. Forcing himself to roll off the bed, Chaolan stumbled toward the wall, bracing his hand for support as his legs adjusted to the pressure of standing. Disheveled, exhausted...coming down from an intense high, Lee slipped his hand against the door of his loft, opening it only as far as the chain lock would permit. "What the fuck? Who is it and what do you want?"

"Open the door Chaolan." Kazuyas voice seemed to purr through the opening allowed by the chain. Without hesitation, Lee let Kazuya in, his arms falling along the neck of his lover.

"I could barely maintain my sanity from day dreaming about you." Chaolan felt his body tremble as Kazuya returned his embrace only momentarily before pressing him back with the flat of his palms. "What...what’s the matter?"

"Pack a small bag of only your essentials. We are going on a rather sudden and hasty business trip. Our plane leaves in 45 minutes." Kazuya said matter of factly, tracing his finger along the delicious curve of his lovers cheek...drowning in the hunger that arose with the sweet agony brought from the sensation of skin to skin.

"Where are we going?" Lee rubbed his eyes free of gathered sleep, stretching his back...as his supple spine cracked, releasing delicious pressure.

"You will see when we get there. I have left word for Detective Wulong earlier this evening that we are required to leave the country for this business trip sometime today, though I did not inform him of where. That should buy us some extra time. Now, get ready." Kazuya leaned along the doorjamb of his lovers bedroom, his hungry eyes devouring Chaolan as he slid out of his sleep disheveled clothing...teasingly he removed each garment with an agonizing slowness...that brought an instant, stiffening response from the CEO.

"Are you sure we can not spare 5 minutes, Kazuya? I am...hungry..." Lee half cocked a malicious grin.

"As am I, my beautiful Chaolan. It is only by the force of my will that I am able to resist fucking you, right here and now." Kazuya narrowed his eyes darkly, his voice low...controlled and dangerous as Lee dressed himself, nearly panting for the wanton sensations ravishing his thoughts.

Throwing various sundries into a light travel bag, Lee was sure to pack clothing that were impressive enough for the board room and the nightlife of where ever this mysterious location might be. Shouldering his bag, the Silver Haired beauty ran his fingers through his moonlit mane, smiling wickedly as Kazuya’s eyes roamed along his form.

Without another word, Kazuya walked toward the door with a hidden grin pressed along his velvet soft lips. Tapping his hand to his suit jacket breast pocket, Kazuya could not help but imagine Chaolans surprise...

The executives boarded the private Zaibatsu plane as the Flight attendants secured their bags in the overhead compartments. Taking a seat on the custom leather couch, Kazuya sipped champagne from his flute glass as Chaolan spread out on the adjacent divan, across from his lover.

Throwing his legs up as he stretched his lithe, muscular form, the Silver beauty captured a strawberry in his fingertips. Lavishing the decadent fruit with the tip of his tongue as he traced the berry against his lips, teasingly. Taking a bite of the luscious red strawberry with an overdramaticized puckering of his porcelain cheeks, Lee suckled the juices noisily before washing it down with a sip of his own fluted glass. The silver haired beauty could see the dark torment in his lovers eyes as Kazuya traced his hand against his own Armani clad inner thigh, his eyes narrowing slightly as his fingertips grazed his aching hardness.

"Please prepare for take off, Dono Mishima...Dono Chaolan." The beautiful Japanese female flight attendant smiled, adjusting the temperature in the private cabin. "Once we are in the air, please let me know if I can get anything for you. I am at your service."

Kazuya nodded, unwilling to take his eyes from the languishing beauty across from him. "Thank you."

"The intensity is nearly too much to take, all from one night of denied...pleasure. I wonder what will ‘come’ with the rise of morning, Dono Mishima?" Lee nearly hissed his laugh, aroused to the point of painful aching...it was all the silver haired beauty could do to lay his head down on the cushion of the divan. Watching Kazuya..watching him...was a delicious form of torture, each moment locked in a long lashed stare with his sable eyed lover was a moment closer to his own relinquishment of Chaolans fragile semblance of control.

Lee Chaolan fell asleep a short time after take off, his body lulled into comfort by the smooth shifting air currents gliding the plane to the secretive destination. Kazuya also drifted into a light slumber, the last image of his heavy lids...was the angelic face of his lover drifting into a land of dreams. To be so close and unable to touch..to taste...Desire is my Master...

Lee awoke as the jostling of the plane along the jagged private airstrip caused for a rough landing. Glancing out of the window as the sun rose along the horizon line, the taste of Champagne still heavy on his lips, the silver haired beauty stretched...arching his body in delicious release. "Well, can you tell me where we are now?" Lee teased the awakening Kazuya with a dark smile.

"We have just touched down in Samui airport, Thailand." The CEO stretched his languid form, arching his body forward as the tension of his sleep broke in one subtle motion.

"Thailand?" Chaolans eyes seemed to sparkle as his lips parted...in anticipatory breath.

Kazuya smiled ruefully, pleased at his lovers reaction. "Yes, Thailand. We will be spending a few nights at the Baan Napa Beach Chateau, an exceptionally exclusive section of the Le Royal Meridien Baan Taling Ngam, which is of course on the other side of the Island."

"That sounds..wonderful...but..what about Bangkok....I mean you can’t even say the word Thailand without the eliciting the magnificent, image of a city so grand...so loose and morally deprived as Bangkok. Drugs...Fetish...Gambling...Prostitution...." Lee seemed to flush as a world of possibility overcame him too quickly.

"You are like a kid in a candy store, Chaolan." Kazuya could not help but emit a low chuckle. "I have every anticipation of having us take the helicopter I chartered for the weekend from our hotel on the extreme south west of the island to Bangkok...as often as you wish." Kazuya shouldered his bag, lowering his voice to a whisper, shielding the flight attendants view with his back as he traced the tip of his finger down the warm flushed curve of his lovers cheek. "I want you to have the most incredible time while you are here, my Silver beauty. From the moment we step off this plane...the last vestige of Zaibatsu property and restriction are left behind until we are forced to return home to Japan. Here we can be as you long for us to be...with no constraint on social stigma. Here we both can fully enjoy the benefits of my wealth, with all the decadence...all the desire my money can buy. Here we have no reputation...we have nothing to lose. Now, come, our helicopter is waiting to take us to our Chateau."

Lee was nearly out of breath, his mind desperate to cling onto each word, each promise issued from his lovers velvet soft lips. "Kazuya...there is no business meeting, is there?" Chaolan whispered, gathering his bag.

"Shhh...say nothing, my exquisite beauty....your enjoyment will say it all to me, for you." Kazuya turned with a smile, cleverly dissuading the topic before exiting the plane for the awaiting Helicopter on the smaller launch pad across from the landing strip.

Lee was not far behind, slipping his ray ban sunglasses along his pleasure filled eyes.

Lee stood out along the heavy wood balcony on the second floor of the Baan Napa Chateau...overwhelmed with the incredible view of a Thailand he had never even dreamed to have existed. Zen gardens, Temples that extended with longing to the sky...an arrangement of flora so pungent and indescribably delicate, tapered with the most fragile petals...this was a tropical Asian paradise.

The hot Thai wind whipped through his molten silver mane as he braced his arms along the opulent wood. The Chateau was immense, utterly decadent, equipped with its own staff of butlers and maids to pamper the wealthy guests with every intense luxury.

Kazuya slipped his arms around Lees waist as he pressed behind his awe struck lover..reveling over the beauty that was Thailand. "Are you pleased, my love?" Kazuya pressed his hot breath against Chaolans ear..his eager mouth and velvet tongue slowly exploring Lees skin.

The silver haired beauty leaned back into the warm firmness of his lovers body, his lashes lowering as he moaned to the sweet tune of Kazuya’s soft, wanton mouth falling over his neck, dripping down to his shoulder. "Yessss....."

"We could never do this anywhere else...stand out on an exposed balcony...this way...for the world to see..." Kazuya hissed as his hands worked the buttons of his lovers shirt open from behind, letting the warm mid day breeze blow the material back, exposing Chaolans porcelain flesh.

Removing the shirt with a hard, pulling motion, Kazuya tossed the material behind him...his mouth and hot velvet tongue tracing the sinewy curve of the silver beauty’s spine. Lee tipped his head back in sweet ecstasy...his nails scratching into the railing in the exquisite pain of need was brought to life at the tip of Kazuya’s tongue.

The silver haired beauty turned around slowly as his lover rose from his haunches...his body sliding up against Chaolans as their starved mouths found one another...instantly, hungrily devouring the taste as if this kiss had been years in the coming. With deft fingers, Lee slid Kazuya’s shirt from his body...exposing his tremendously toned, supple frame.

"I am starved for you..." Kazuya hissed, his hands unbuttoning Chaolans dress pants, sliding them down until his lover was able to step out of them as he pressed Lee back against the railing...feeling the warm heat of the silver beauty’s precum slickened shaft slide against his exposed taut torso.

"As am I..for you..." Lee bit into his lower lip, fighting the urge to explode as his own hand freed Kazuya of the confines of his trousers.

"Turn around Chaolan..." Kazuya hissed, hungrily...commandingly, panting for breath as his tongue moistened along his lower lip.

Lee moaned as his face flushed with desire as he turned, enthralled with the authority in his lovers voice...to wanton to wait another moment for the sweet ecstasy of penetration. Instantly, the silver beauty gasped...feeling the sweet thrust of his lovers saliva slickened fingers. Chaolan arched back with a short, shallow cry as Kazuya pumped two of his deft digits in and out of his lover...his hot whisper sending shivers through Lees already tortured gasps.

"I love to watch you squirm when I finger you. Your such an beautiful bitch...so needing...so responsive..." Kazuya mocked, his breath coming in sharp controlled sighs as the tip of his tongue flicked the silver beauty just behind the earlobe. "Now...grab onto the railing...your about to get fucked...and I want the world to hear you scream..till it echoes back to me through all of Thailand..."

Lee could feel his lovers hands pull firmly on his hips...inching him back slowly...forcing Chaolan to impale himself on Kazuya’s achingly stiff length. "Ohhh goddd..." The silver beauty cried out...tortured with the agonizing slowness of the penetration...every nerve ending in his body alive with desire...craving more.

"That’s right Lee...everyone can see us fucking...do you realize that...your on display..." Kazuya mocked, yanking Lee hard by the hips..forcing him back with all his strength to swallow his lovers length deep into his tight pink pucker...to the hilt.

Chaolans scream of exquisite pleasure sent his lover into a violent drive of powerful thrusts, Kazuya’s hands forcing the silver haired beauty to take him fully, upright...pressing deeply into the very nerves of his deliciously tight hole. "How bad do you need to cum..." Kazuya hissed, mid stroke...his words like a mind fuck through Chaolans already altered state of bliss...

"mmmm Kazuya..." Lee whimpered, tortured...aching from the sting of his lovers beautifully violent..deep thrusts.

Kazuya gasped as he drove himself harder into his lover...tunneling his fingers around Chaolans achingly hard, precum slickened length. "Fuck yourself into my hand...I want to lick you from my fingertips...."

Lee could feel his eyes rolling back as he counter thrust his hips from his lovers rythm..forcing Kazuya to tighten the grip he held around the Silver Beauty’s pleading length...

"Ohhh Kazuya...ohhh god...." Lee cried out..squirming from the intensity of overstimulation, his body trembling...as Kazuya wrapped his free hand along the silver beauty’s waist, pressing Lee tight against him...back to torso as the thrusts became more violent...pushing him closer to the edge of his own sanity.

"I...I’m cumming..." Kazuya cried, pressing himself deeper into Chaolan as his body seized in the beautiful convulsion of release, emptying his thick hot seed deep into his lovers thirsty body.

Lee felt the explosion...gasping as his lovers release spurred him harder and faster against the tunnel of fingers wrapped around his pleading length. One hand dug into the rail, the Silver haired beauty cried out...feeling Kazuya tighten his fingers...working counter rhythm to Chaolans hips...spurring Lee into the most delicious whimpers...pleading for release.

"Kazuya...I...I’m cumming..." Lee cried out, his head falling back against his lovers shoulders as his body trembled in a beautiful fit of convulsions. Kazuya held the silver haired beauty tight against him, working his lovers length with every last ounce of his passion and strength.

"Cum for me my love...yesss....ohhh god yess....you are so beautiful..." Kazuya bit deeply into the side of Chaolans neck, along the join of the shoulder as the silver haired beauty released thick, hot lines of snow white cum along Kazuyas fingers. Sinking back against his lover, Lee gasped for breath...leaning along the strength of Kazuya’s body.

Draping one arm around his waist, Kazuya brought his tainted fingers over Chaolans shoulder...to his lips. The tip of his velvet hot tongue slid out from the confines of his thirsty mouth...as Lee turned his head, watching his lover lick the snowy lines of seed from the bridge across his fingers.

Kazuya rolled his eyes closed as he devoured the last taste of his beautiful lover...slowly disjoining them...as his arms wrapped tightly along Chaolans chest. "What are you thinking, my beautiful lover?" Kazuya whispered into Lees skin.

Lee laced his hands along his lovers forearms, nestling back with a sense of comfort he could have only dreamed of. "We have been in Thailand for all of 2 hours and already...I do not want to go back."

"This is only the beginning...now, let us go inside and get dressed. Bangkok awaits us..." Kazuya smiled darkly, releasing Chaolan slowly as he gathered up his discarded clothing. "Be careful how you bend before me, my beauty, else you might be full up with me...all over again..."

"When will you learn, Kazuya...the more I get of you..the more I want of you. How could I ever be full..when the sight of you makes me so..hungry." Lee smiled as he buttoned his dress pants, drawing a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket...sparking it to life.

One Night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble,
Not much between Despair and Ecstasy.
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble,
can’t be too careful with your company.
I can feel the Devil walking next to me.

-- Murray Head, "One Night in Bangkok"

Lee interlaced his fingers through those of his lover as they walked down the crowded, busy streets of Bangkok city. The Human traffic was comparable to any major tourist site...though somehow, a seamy undercurrent seemed to whisper..of a life more decadent...more illegal, just below the surface of the painted face of Thailand.

"Still feeling alittle rigid, Kazuya?...As if holding my hand is the only thing you have ever...held." Lee licked the menthol taint from his lips as he spoke, glancing at the still stoic vision of the gorgeous, dark CEO.

"It...It isn’t so much the act of holding your hand. But to be here, in the throng of public, the paranoia still...still does not leave me." Kazuya cleared his throat as he looked to the sunkissed smile of his silver haired beauty.

Lee tipped his Raybans down on the bridge of his nose. "We are far away from anyone who would know us...and no one here cares. The underside of Thailand is much deadlier than the act of walking along the street with your boyfriend."

"Boyfriend. That is an odd way of...putting it." Kazuya quirked a brow slightly.

"Would you rather I said...man-slut?" Chaolan laughed, his nails tracing along the inside of his lovers wrist. "Now..lets loosen up a bit and have some fun..."

Kazuya stopped, mid stride...hand in hand with Lee. "I prefer the term lover, though you can be quite the slut when provoked, my beautiful Chaolan." Kazuya traced a shaking finger down the curve of Lees cheek, draping across the curve of his mouth...eliciting a soft moan from the silver beauty’s lips. Chaolan met his lovers finger with the tip of his tongue, teasing the flesh of Kazuya’s tip as though it were something more..intimate.

"Do not tease me here, when I am helpless to taste you." Kazuya growled amidst the crowd passing to the side of the lovers.

"You are far from helpless, Kazuya..." Lee smiled wickedly, the flat of his hand pushing against his lovers chest. Kazuya stepped back, quirking a brow..unsure of what devious task Chaolan was up to as he pressed his back against a building wall...watching the silver beauty advance.

"That would not be trepidation I see in your eyes, now would it, my love?" Lee flicked the ashe from his cigarette onto the concrete walkway as he stepped in against Kazuya, bracing his thigh against his lovers. With a sadistic smile, the silver beauty traced his delicate fingers along the tender flesh between Kazuya’s legs.

"We need to find a place less populated...." Kazuya hissed as his lovers fingers danced along his most private flesh, guarded only by the fine flimsy material of his Armani pants.

"Why be so discreet when everything I desire is at my fingertips..." Lee breathed his hot, menthol tainted breath along his lovers lips as he leaned in with a dark whisper.

"Because the things I want to do to you should have no witness...." Kazuya growled as his diabolical dark eyes lowered, a wicked smile creeping over his lips.

"A gentlemans’ club, Chaolan? I thought women were...unappealing to your more delicate tastes?" Kazuya mocked darkly as Lee walked toward one of the many small round tables near the far end of the stage.

"I never said women were unappealing...simply, unchallenging. I have been with my fair share of the feminine persuasion, some of the most beautiful and intriguing ladies on a global scale...and yet..." The Silver beauty was cut off by his abrupt lover.

"...and yet you find you can be the only pretty bitch in the bunch, eh?"

"I prefer the term androgynously ravishing." Lee smiled, leaning back in his seat. "Besides, this is not your ordinary gentlemans’ club. Most of the establishments similar to this one, cater to more refined tastes...." Chaolan pointed his long, delicate finger toward the stage, redirecting Kazuya’s attention as he took seat beside his lover.

Kazuya arched his brow as his eyes beheld the spectacle he had failed to see upon entry. The dancers along the stage and those circulating within the club were not all females...but rather a mix of some exquisite males in the throng, seeming to cater to a more specific clientel.

"Beautiful aren’t they..." Lee licked the menthol taint from his lips, his eyes enraptured by the erotic Thai males and females glistening under the lights like painted porcelain dolls.

Kazuya shifted, a slight sense of discomfort slipping over his strong, gorgeous features. Clearing his throat gently, he tried to change the subject. "When I said a place less populated...I was not thinking of something like this establishment..."

Lee turned, tilting his head slightly to the side as he drank in the vision of his lover beneath the dripping blood red lights. "Why don’t I cut you alittle something to take the edge off?"

"In here?" Kazuya leaned down slightly to cloak his response to any passerby’s.

"This is Bangkok, Lover, not Tokyo." Lee chuckled regally as he removed a small amber vial from his pocket. Uncapping his treasure, the Silver haired beauty spilled out nearly half the vial of fine white powder, using his long pinky nail to cut it into two perfect lines. "After you..."

Kazuya looked wearily side to side before leaning over the table, his finger pressed against his left nostril as his right passageway inhaled the fine crystalline white essence. Rolling is head back, eyes shutting tightly, Kazuya hissed...tasting the chemical drip rush down his tainted throat.

Lee Chaolan took that moment to inhale his own line before grasping Kazuya with his hand to the back of his lovers head...drawing him in for a wanton, delicious kiss. With a startle, Kazuya parted his lashes...before fading into the exquisite taste of his lovers tongue brushing along his own with a moan.

The Silver haired beauty slid back, licking his lips of the chemical taste rich in Kazuyas mouth. "Now, isn’t that better?"

Kazuya felt the edge fade off of his concerns, glancing around a moment to take in the impressive sight and population of the Gentlemans’ club. "So...what do you want to do now?"

Lee snickered, sparking a cigarette to life beneath the violent burst of vivid orange glowing flame. "You." His almond eyes captured those of his lovers as the Silver Haired beauty watched Kazuya through the flicker of flame. "But in the meantime, why don’t we buy ourselves a few of those lovely dancers...slip into one of those private rooms..before I suck you off right here."

Kazuya raised a brow, moistening the edge of his lower lip, his blood heating at the though of Chaolans hot, moist mouth. "I will leave the arrangements up to you, my beautiful bitch."

Kazuya felt the heat of the chemical burning intense through his system as he studied the selection of beautiful dancers filling the large private room. Chaolan had chosen the most erotically beautiful entertainers, 3 males and one exquisite female.

"I got her for you. I wouldn’t want you to feel overwhelmed..." Lee hissed his warm breath into Kazuyas ear as he leaned behind his seated lover, hands placed upon his shoulders.

"I am already feeling overwhelmed..." Kazuya hissed as he watched the dancers erotically undulate against one another to the rhythm of the primal music. A cacophony of hands and exquisite hips pulsed with the beat as the dancers intimately pressed against one another...heaving with gentle moans through the music.

Lee felt himself draw sharp breaths as he leaned behind his seated lover, entranced with the motions as two of the males wantonly, desperately, found one another in a collision of heaving bodies. "They are going to fuck for us..." The silver beauty moaned as his nails traced down his lovers chest. "Does that thought excite you?"

"Yess..." Kazuya hissed as he rolled his head slightly to the side, his flesh capturing his lovers breath.

"I want to suck you off, Kazuya. Don’t make me wait another moment..." Lee whispered wantonly as he slid around to the front of his lover, falling onto his knees to part Kazuyas thighs...unbuttoning his pants.

"Take me deep in your throat...." Kazuya moaned as his lover lapped his tongue along the tip of his swollen shaft. His eyes were unable to break from the dancers as two of the males dancers began pleasuring the female, poised above the face of the third male.

The silver beauty took his lover deep into the back of his thirsty throat, suctioning his lips and cheeks around Kazuyas width with wild, primal need. Hungry hands tilted Kazuya back in the chair, arching his hips harder into Chaolans lustful mouth.

The shackles of moral propriety shed itself as Kazuya thrust himself his lovers luxurious lips, his nails clawing at the arms of the chair as his moans grew louder...more uncontrolled. The rhythm of the room came alive in grinding wanton undulations as the female climaxed in the mouth of her partner...spurring Kazuya to new heights of desire.

Chaolan moved his mouth with intense speed up and down with tight suction on his lovers shaft, igniting him to a new pitch as one of the male dancers came up behind the silver haired beauty...sinking his fingers into Lees molten mane...pushing his head further down to claim the cock of his delirious lover.

"Ohhh god...yesss...." Kazuya growled as his fever built. A pair of strong hands pressed down onto his wrists, holding him firmly in place. Another of the male dancers slid behind Kazuya, his breath falling in hot waves of delicious moans along his flesh. "I am so close...."

The male dancer behind Lee jolted him upward by his molten mane. "Not yet my love..." The silver haired beauty hissed, drawing himself to a stand as he unbuttoned his jeans before falling back against the wall and removing his shirt.

Kazuya hissed as the fire spread through his blood. Rising up as the male dancer released his hands, Kazuya advanced on the gorgeous body of his lover...his saliva slickened shaft pressing into Chaolans tight abdomen. "Bitch..." Kazuya growled as his hand connected to Chaolans beautiful face...only igniting Lees need more. "...Are you ready to scream, my beautiful lover... You are about to receive the fucking of a lifetime."

Kazuyas mouth enclosed hard over Chaolans before his lover could answer. Spinning the Silver Haired beauty around with tremendous strength as Lees cheek pressed into the wall, Kazuya poised his slick tip along the hot pucker between Lees firm, round cheeks. Chaolan cried out as his lover teased him mercilessly...working only the tip of his cock into the pink pucker of his asshole.

"Ohh please Kazuya...I need it so bad..." Lee moaned, his eyes unable to be turned from the throng of bodies grinding in sated pleasure...his hand wrapping around his own swollen shaft, rubbing himself with long, fast strokes.

The two male dancers in the midst of pleasuring one another broke apart. One of the erotically beautiful males sank to his knees, his back against the wall...his lips dangerously close to Chaolans precum slickened tip. Parting his lips, the beautiful male slipped them around the crown of the silver beauty swollen shaft.

"Can you handle two men at once, you teasing little bitch..." Kazuya growled as he sank himself deep into his lover with one long, full stroke. The motion drove Chaolans length into the awaiting mouth of the male before him...sending Lee into convulsions and cries of pleasure.

"Christ....ohhh god...Kazuya....harder...please..please..." Lee screamed violently as Kazuya sank himself deeper and deeper into the warm, tight pucker of his lovers sweet hole. Panting for breath, Kazuya grasped Chaolan tighter around the hips, drawing him back with punishing force.

The male dancer, lonely for his partner sank onto his knees behind Kazuyas beautiful firm ass. Spreading his cheeks with his fingers, the dancer flicked his tongue along the Mishimas open pink hole...sending Kazuya into writhing cries of overwhelming pleasure.

Driving himself hard into his silver haired lover, Kazuya felt primal...out of control...dancing the lines of insanity as the dancer behind him sucked and fucked at his hot hole with a ravaging mouth. Lee screamed in delirium...each thrust of his lover brought his swollen cock deep into the adoring hot mouth of the dancer on his knees before him.

"Ohhh dear god, I am...going to..cum..." Kazuya cried out as Lee interlaced his fingers through Kazuyas, holding firm at his hips. In a beautiful, quivering instant, Chaolan heard his lover gasp...feeling the rich convulsions fuck itself harder into his tight pink hole. A burst of heat filled Chaolan as Kazuya buried himself against the silver beauties sensitive nerve...forcing Lee to trip over the edge of his own sanity...load after load of his sweet cream pumping into the awaiting mouth of the male dancer before him.

Gasping for breath, Kazuya thrust once more into his lover. Lee whimpered in delirium...as the dancers left them alone in the room. Barely able to breath...barely able to speak...Kazuya slowly released himself from the tight warm pucker...sinking down into the chair behind him as he refastened his pants.

"You..You have never...done me like that...so violent...so primal...I..I can’t stop..shaking. That was..incredible." Lee turned, sinking his back along the wall till he fell onto his knees on the floor, panting...sweating..shivering. Chaolan crawled his way toward Kazuya, pressing himself between his lovers thighs.

"What can I say..." Kazuya whispered, leaning down to encircle his Silver Beauty with his strong, muscular arms. "...you bring out the devil in me."

Kazuya laid beside his lover, tracing a long finger against Chaolans exquisite angular cheek, one hand propped to rest his head, as he studied Lee adoringly. After the club, the two had gone to dinner before returning to the Le Royal Meridien Baan Taling Ngam via personal helicopter, in the mountains along the opposite side of Bangkok city.

Lee was heavy lidded, exhausted from their excursions in the club as his almond eyes looked upon his gorgeous lover. Such fire, such passion...

Kazuya lowered his lips along Chaolans, tasting the sweet warmth of his mouth..letting his tongue dance along his lovers as if the taste of Lees kiss was the nectar of the gods. Parting hesitantly, Kazuya pressed back, lowering his lashes. "Everything I did tonight...I did for you, my silver beauty...much as what I have done to Drew Montague..was for you...."

When a moment of silence passed between them, Kazuya opened his eyes. Chaolan was locked in a land of peaceful dreams, his body pressed with inviting closeness..safety against him.

Kazuya wrapped his arm around Lee, sinking his head down to the lush softness of the downe pillows. "We have one more night here, my love. Let’s make it count." He whispered, unable to take his eyes from the exquisite profile of his lover..until sleep forced the enchantments hold to shatter into the darkness of the night.

Lee awoke just after sunrise, stretching his body along the wealth of comforters surrounding him. Turning his eyes toward his lover, the silver beauty could not help but smile as Kazuya rested in the peaceful arms of sleep. So content...I have never seen him so...content.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Lee slid on one of the custom cashmere robes left by the Butler. Not bothering to fasten the heavy cloth, his long, delicate fingers reached for his pack of cigarettes. Drawing a cylander to his lips, the silver beauty sparked the nicotine to life...inhaling deeply as his head spun with the euphoric displacement of that first sweet tasting cigarette of the day.

Damn, that was one helluva night. Lee yawned, running his free hand through his mercury tainted mane. Why do we ever have to leave here? Why, when there is a world of freedom and possibility here for us?

Shaking his head softly, Lee rose, his cigarette dangling precariously between his lips. Amidst a tumble of mercury tendrils, Chaolan stretched his lithe body, walking toward the large expanse of windows, shielding him from the balcony.

A thousand thoughts flooded his mind, each clamoring for his attention. What will happen to us once we return to Japan? What will it be like for us, when all of this is a not so distant memory?

The Silver beauty hung his arms over the railing of the balcony, flicking his ashes to the awaiting greenery down below. I won’t think about this now...I can’t. I will deal with all of this...this...situation after a long relaxing spa break. Perhaps then, the answers will reveal themselves. Perhaps then, the path will make itself known.

Kazuya arose amidst the streaming warmth of sunlight spread over his half bare form. Squinting his eyes as his hand fell over his brow, the Erotically beautiful CEO languished a moment, repenting the garish light of day.

Turning his head to the side, Kazuya parted his lashes to find the bed empty of his Silver Beauty. Slowly drawing himself to raise upward, the CEO stretched his exquisite form, listening as the comfort of simultaneous vertebrae cracking beneath the pressure herald an almost blissful feeling. Running a hand through his taloused mane of thick ebony hair falling down against his neck, Kazuya stumbled toward the bathroom.

"What in the hell?" Kazuya hissed, turning with lightning speed upon the impact of a blast of hot water spilling like a tidal wave over his form.

Lee Chaolan smiled, his hands draped innocently over the sides of the double occupancy hot tub...his eyes casting an almost tangibly naughty gaze toward the direction of his displaced, surprised lover. "Well good morning, Dono Mishima. I trust you have rested well, thus I propose a breakfast meeting in this superb hot tub. Care to join me?" The silver beauty teased as the tension seemed to fade from the eyes of his lover.

"Proposal accepted, Dono Chaolan. I trust you will have something...tantalizing...awaiting me for this breakfast meeting?" Kazuya cast a devious grin to the nearly pink flushed face of the dripping wet Silver beauty.

"I have everything you desire...waiting for you." Lee licked his lips as he cast a suggestive glance to his lover, shielded beneath damp tendrils of his mercury silver mane.

"Is that so?" Kazuya stepped toward the hot tub, disrobing himself of his meager garments, exposing his exquisite muscular form to the feasting eyes of his silver beauty.

"Oh, thats so..." Chaolan hissed as he leaned forward in the hot tub, as if ready to pounce and devour his gorgeous lover as Kazuya slipped into the steaming hot, churning water.

Kazuya felt his body nearly fall limp as the soothing water circled around him, evaporating all of his tension in one delirious moment. As his eyes parted from the ecstasy, the almond depths sparked along the angular..angelic face of Lee Chaolan. Beneath the surface of the churning water, the silver beauty lavished the form of his moaning lover with the exquisite molding of his hands along Kazuyas form.

Taking Kazuyas mouth with sudden abandon, Lee devoured his lovers yielding lips...feasting on the taste of Kazuyas tongue...lapping eagerly against his own. With long, lithe arms encircling Kazuya form, Lee could barely break himself from the wanting passion of his lovers lips... Falling back, the silver beauty dragged his lover with him...but not before spinning Kazuya around to press his back along Chaolans firm chest.

"Your filthy....and I need to cleanse you...Dono Mishima..." Lee purred against the back of Kazuyas neck as his delicate hands soothed over the form of his lover.

Rolling his head back, entangling Lee in the mass of his thick ebony hair...Kazuya could not keep his breath from falling past his wanton lips. "Exactly how do you propose to cleanse me, Dono Choalan?"

Lee nipped along Kazuyas shoulder with his teeth, his cheek dragging against his lovers steaming hot back as his hands trailed along the CEOs hips. Kazuya dangled on the edge of mind numbing chills as he rested on Chaolans lap...biting his lip with the anticipation of things soon to cum.

"Oh, I think you have an idea...." Lee moaned against his lovers back as his fingers tightened along Kazuyas hips. Dragging his lover back with a sharp pull, Chaolan could barely contain his sudden violent cry...brought by the hot pucker tightening along the length of his throbbing shaft.

Kazuya arched with a hot moan as the searing pressure of his lover entered him. Bracing his hands on either side of the hot tub...Kazuya lowered his lashes...aching from the sweet pain wrought from his lovers thickness.

"Ohhh...dear god..." Lee hissed as he filled himself into Kazuyas deep pucker, thrusting his hips with violent intent..his tip finding the precious nerve buried deep within..feeling his lover tense with cries of unbelievable pleasure.

"Harder...." Kazuya barked in the throes of his own selfish need...his hand rubbing up and down against his shaft.

"Your...so fucking tight...god damn...I can’t...ohh sweet Christ...I..I am going to...." Lee cried in tortured moans, following the instinctual heat of his own rhythm...sating his lover as hard and fast as he could.

Amidst the violent tidal wave of water careening down onto the floor of the bathroom, Kazuya cried out, feeling the burning heat of his lovers thick seed coating his tender tight walls. Only a second seemed to elapse of Kazuya brought himself over the threshold...crying out as his cock erupted delicious streams of sweet semen pearls.

Lee gasped as the explosion tightened the walls around his throbbing cock, squeezing every decadent pearl from his shaft. "I...god, I can’t believe I came so fast...." The Silver beauty let his head drip back along the hot tub, panting for his breath.

Kazuya was motionless, breathing in the steam rising from his body as the violent quiver wracking his body...subsided. "I could say the same...for myself..."

Slowly, Lee pressed himself back, removing his abused shaft from the pink pucker of his lover. Kazuya spun around, sinking back against the hot tub wall as the water lapped welcomely against his exquisite body. "Perhaps we should have breakfast brought in?" Kazuya smiled deviously.

"I think I agree..." Lee smiled. "After you..."

"I have to talk to you...and it can not wait any longer Lee." Kazuya set his napkin down on the silver tray as he sat on the tangled bed across from his lover.

"Alright..." Lee looked up, setting his coffee cup down as he brushed a hand back through his exquisite mane. "What is it about?"

"Drew Montague." Kazuya hissed coldly, averting his eyes for a moment as he gathered his recollection about him.

"Oh." Lee exhaled softly.

"Detective Wulong is walking the correct path, I am afraid." Kazuya reached for one of Chaolans cigarettes, sparking it to life as his dark eyes lingered on the almond depths of his lovers.

"How do you mean?" Lee leaned back, fighting the shiver rushing up his spine.

"Do you remember the night you came to me...after he...forced you?"

"Yes. I could never forget that night...for many reasons..." Lee felt his fingertips grow numb with the cold chill spreading through his body.

"This is not easy for me to say to you, for fear of what you will think after the telling is done. So hear me out and do not interrupt." Kazuya cleared his throat. "After you fell asleep that night, I left our bed to take care of the situation. I found Drew at your apartment, sitting outside your door on his knees...pounding it repeatedly with his knuckles. He was crying...proclaiming his sorrow...and his love for you. I snapped. I dragged Drew down to my limo and told him we were going for a ride. He did not fight me, Lee. Perhaps he thought, in his delusional state, that I would take him to you. Whatever the case may be...I instructed the driver to take us somewhere...out of the way..." Kazuya paused as his eyes fell over his silver beauty. Lee had his hand curled into a fist and a look, somewhat fearful in his eyes. With fiendish conviction, Kazuya continued. "and there, in an desolate underground parking lot...I...ended his life. I Killed him, Lee. With my bare hands, I killed him."

"Sweet Christ..." Lee choked his words from deep within his throat.

"You may think me a monster, Chaolan. You might think to be afraid when I tell you this. I enjoyed it...and, I do not regret what I have done." Kazuya crushed the cigarette into the ashtray, watching Chaolan as his eyes betrayed him.

"You have done this in my name...ohh god..." Lee felt his lip tremble as bewilderment reigned in his gaze.

"Are you mourning him, Chaolan, the man who raped you? Or are you delving into remorse for the treachery you committed by running to his bed in the first place?" Kazuya raised a brow as ice edged along his words.

"Neither...and both, Kazuya. I am afraid...afraid of what will happen to you...my love...my avenging angel if Detective Wulong finds the trail?"

Kazuya felt his resolve melt beneath the doeful gaze of his silver beauty. "Let me take care of the Detective. Come the King of Iron Fist Tournament, I will be sure his name is called against my own. Beneath the guise of competition, the Operative WILL fall."

"If..If you have all of this taken care of...why tell me of the fate of Drew Montague?" Lee asked, still shocked by the revelation.

Kazuya turned, removing a small black velvet box from the nightstand beside the bed. Opening it before his lover, Kazuya presented the thick platinum band within. "I had to tell you, if I wanted you to accept this Lee. Though we can not be together as we wish, we can be joined at the heart, with this ring...our secret...bound between us."

"Oh god...Kazuya, I never thought...I can not believe...."

"Believe it, Lee Chaolan." Kazuya slipped the platinum band onto the first finger of his silver beautys trembling left hand. "Once, my father brought you home as a boy to be an adopted Mishima, which by blood you could never be. By this ring, by my heart...and in this bed, you are a Mishima belonging to a Mishima. It is I who deem you so."

Lee studied his reflection along the sparkling platinum band of the ring about his finger...matching identically to the ring held on the hand of his lover. "And it is I who accept. I love you Kazuya Mishima...with my heart, my body and my soul...forever."

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