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Stuck In My Ways

Chapter 7 - Another Mindless Crime

By Chlover

“You can’t just leave in the middle of the project!”

“I have to.”

“This is ridiculous! Wasn’t his whole problem you not trusting him?”

“Yes, but he’s been acting weird lately. He’s NEVER apologized like that before.”

“So what? You finally succeed in changing him, and you trust him even less?”

“You don’t understand. I just have to go after him.”

“What if he gets angry that you followed him and breaks up with you?”

“He wouldn’t do that.”

“How do you know?”

“He just wouldn’t!”

The plane ride was a bumpy one. An annoying yuppie kid sat behind Hwoarang ordering people around the whole time. Of course Kazuya didn’t seem to be bothered in the least. All he did was read some horror novel and eat. By the time they got off the plane, Hwoarang was ready to go on a killing spree. He even considered using the plastic cutlery they gave him with the disgusting meal.

A glass bowl of flowers floating on green water sat in the centre of a table. It was an expensive room in an expensive hotel. Not the type of hotel that would normally host businessmen or families, but once the people realized that Kazuya was a good tipper, it was no longer cause for suspicion. One staff member actually referred to Hwoarang as Kazuya’s son. Such a thing naturally would have set the Korean off if he had not known any better, but he didn’t want to reinforce the suspicion.

The view was beautiful, but Hwoarang completely ignored it. There were much more important sights in the room. The large bed was draped with a cinnamon coloured spread, and off-white brownish pillows. A cot had been placed in the corner for one of the men, although they had only made the request for show. Neither of them was planning to put it to use.

It was difficult to resist. Every move the older man made, drew Hwoarang closer. Kazuya was an angel. A beautiful dark angel. He was strong, and powerful, but the Korean wasn’t one to drool at someone’s feet, despite the temptation.

/Discuss it with him.\

Kazuya glanced at the hideous being in the mirror, wondering if his companion was able to see it, but if Hwoarang did, he did not show it. Kazuya sighed and sat on the bed, “We’ll rest for tonight…I have arranged for a colleague of mine to lead us to where Kazama, Jin will be working tomorrow.”

“Arranged? … You had this planned before I accepted, didn’t you? Bastard.”

“Yes,” Kazuya admitted, “You may order some dinner if you would like, but I’m going to sleep.”

Hwoarang stepped closer to the older man, and snaked his fingers through the ebony hair. His eyes danced around Kazuya’s face, finally coming to rest on the stern Japanese lips. “God your sexy when you try to resist me, Mishima-sama.”

“Not now Hwoarang.”

“Fuck that,” The Korean laughed, pushing Kazuya’s back down on the bed, “You expect me to sit obediently at your feet until you feel like fucking someone’s brains out? No, man, I’m nobodies bitch.”

Kazuya smirked, “God your sexy when you’re in denial, Hwoa-kun.”

“You bastard.”

Hwoarang climbed on the bed and straddled his companion. His rough hands elegantly unbuttoned Kazuya’s shirt. He leaned down and brought his lips to his companion’s shoulder as he removed the shirt completely. He sat up and traced his fingers along Kazuya’s scars. Every single one, a reminder of what the man was. A devil. A dark angel. “Mian hamnida,” Hwoarang whispered.

Kazuya took Hwoarang’s hand, and brought it to his mouth, kissing the tips of the fingers. The Korean’s saddened eyes looked anywhere but at his counterpart’s. Kazuya slipped his hand behind the redhead’s neck, and pulled the younger boy into a sincere kiss.

Hwoarang broke away, “Fuck you, Mishima,” He grinned, attempting to mask his sad eyes, and pulled his shirt off over his head, “You win every time.”

“I know.”

They kissed again. Kazuya played his fingers along the healing wounds of Hwoarang’s back, and smirked every time the younger man winced. Hwoarang unbuckled Kazuya’s pants and smirked.

“Getting straight to the point are we?”

“Gotta practice for your son.”

Kazuya squeezed his eyes closed and groaned in disgust, pushing Hwoarang off him, “Oh fuck you, Blood Talon.”

Hwoarang fell off the bed laughing.

“You’re sleeping on the cot.”

“What?” He asked in disbelief, as he recovered from his laughter, “But Kazuya baby… I’m sorry. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time. I promise.”

Kazuya groaned again and tossed a pillow at his young lover, nailing the man in the face.

It was a simple schedule. From working a forklift in one of the old warehouse districts, to a coffee at noon, and then back to the warehouses. Not once did the hood on Kazama’s head get lowered. Kazuya was watching from a different place, of which Hwoarang had no knowledge.

As Hwoarang watched his rival he found himself wondering why he was so quick to agree. What if the demon possessing his angel decided to kill Jin? Where would he get another worthy rival? It didn’t matter. Only a coward would back out now.

A man, who was probably the boss, showed up and spoke to Jin. The young Japanese man nodded and smiled. Once the man left, Jin started getting ready to leave. The moment he disappeared into the warehouse, the Korean got out of the rented Honda, and followed.

Within seconds, Jin stiffened up, realizing someone was behind him. Without turning around to see who it was, he just stopped and waited, listening carefully to the sound of Hwoarang’s footsteps. Hwoarang admired the large stacks of crates, and the general orderly feel of the place. Warehouses weren’t normally so organized, especially the ones in the old warehouse district. He eyed his prey’s back and smirked.

“What do you want?” Jin asked, still not turning around.

Hwoarang leaned against a crate and crossed his arms, “Do you have a smoke?”

“Hwoarang,” Jin breathed in disbelief. “How did you find me?”

“I didn’t.”

Finally, Jin turned around, his eyes narrowed suspiciously. Hwoarang could definitely see Kazuya in the boy. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a challenge doing it after all. Jin stepped forward, remaining out of reach in case the redhead decided to lash out. “What are you doing here? If you want a fight, you’ll have to come back some other time because I’m exhausted, and I doubt you’d want the credit of a win if it wasn’t a fair fight.”

There went plan A.

Hwoarang straightened up and lunged at the other man, knocking Jin down and pinning him against the cold ground, “You fucker! You think you can just disappear again, and not piss people off? How could I even be sure that you’d show up at the next tournament?”

Jin didn’t even flinch. All he did was smile. The nerve of him! Jin replied, “You know that I’d show up at the next tournament. Now what is this really about?”

Hwoarang didn’t answer. Instead, he let his eyes hold Jin’s. It was all the answer that was needed.

“What… What are you,” Jin looked slightly panicked. He added, with a hint of warning, “Hwoarang… Don’t even think about it.”

Of course, a warning was all he needed. Hwoarang gingerly pressed his lips against Jin’s…

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