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Obsidian Solace

Chapter Seven - Hostage

By Chlover

It didn’t seem like a friendly environment. A few guys in the corner kept making rude gestures toward nobody in particular. Jin considered leaving but wasn’t about to leave Fox alone in a place like that. The drinks arrived in a matter of moments. At least the service was good, despite the foul stench. Steve seemed to be comfortable. That would have been a promising sign, had Steve not been so creepy himself.

Jin leaned on the small round table, Staring at his drink. He had no idea what it was. He just ordered what he heard a guy at the other table order. Alcohol wasn’t exactly a common thing in the Kazama household so he generally was repelled after Jun… disappeared. It looked so tempting and strange. Jin looked at the colourful substance. The colours were layered and fascinating. He poked at the cherry with his straw.

Steve raised a brow at Jin during his sip of a strange dark red beverage. He smirked, putting his glass back down on the table, “Is they’re a problem, Kazama?”

“What is this I’m about to drink?”

“It’s a Zombie. It’s good. Try it.”

Jin looked up, narrowing his eyes, “Why do they call it a zombie?”

“Drink it and find out.”

Jin took a sip and spit it out not even a second after it past his lips, “That’s disgusting! You drink stuff like this? Yuck,” He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and shuddered at the taste still clinging to his tongue.

Steve laughed, “No. That crap has more alcohol in it then I’ve consumed in a month. You ordered it.” He motioned to the bartender and another drink with red liquid was brought to them and placed in front of Jin, “Try this, it’s more for beginners.”

The guys sitting in the corner grunted loudly. They were playing what looked like poker, and someone was really pissed off. Jin didn’t even blink in their direction, not wanting to attract attention, but Steve was obviously not so wise.

“Sounds like someone’s a bit of a poor loser, aye?” Steve leaned back and watched a big guy walk over to the table. Jin cursed under his breath, suddenly wondering why he agreed to take Steve with him in the first place. “What’s the matter?” Steve asked the man, “You bet your granddaughter or something?”

The man grabbed Steve by the collar and pulled him up so that his feet were inches off the floor. Unbelievable. Jin, at that point, was certain that his companion was completely nuts. How could those words possibly have a positive outcome? Didn’t anyone think those kind of things through anymore? What was wrong with these people?

“Oi!” Steve kicked the man in the stomach and fell to the floor, “You could’ve ripped my shirt, ya dill!”

Jin stood, and headed for the door. Before he was able to step out into the street, he heard wood snapping. Not a good sign. He turned around to see 5 different guys attacking Steve, all of whom were even bigger then Jin himself. Steve was losing. Surprise, surprise. For a while Jin just watched from the doorway, hoping against hope that Steve would be able to take care of himself. If anything got too bad, he knew he’d loose control. It would take over completely.

Steve broke a bear bottle over one of the guy’s heads and stabbed it into another guys throat. Blood oozed out of the wound as Steve yanked the bottle back out. He tried to get it into another guy, but they pinned him in an awkward position against the edge of a broken table. The one guy left empty-handed, besides the one bleeding all over the floor, proceeded to punching Steve right in the face.

Jin started walking toward the messy group. With each step, the lights seemed to dim even more. With each step, reality swirled with colours representing animosity and bloodthirsty rage. With each step, Jin slipped away a little more. He felt his wings sprout out from his back. Two steps later he was…

Steve coughed, choking on the bloody bile that had risen to his mouth. Another hit. Ouch. It was one of those moments a person would normally plead for their lives. Steve tried to open his eyes only to watch a fist force them closed again. Pain. Another hit, and another. That’s going to need some ice. Another one. Steve began to wonder why he was still awake. Shouldn’t they have put him into a coma by then? He cursed his thick skull.

Screams. Oh shit. Steve thought it was him screaming but then he realized his mouth was too filled with a thick salty fluid to make any sort of noise beyond gurgling. Damn. So then what was really happening. The hitting stopped. Maybe superman showed up. He opened the only eye that would open. The room was running away. Wait a minute… He was moving. Someone was carrying him while they ran… where was the floor going? Steve frowned, despite the pain it caused. Was he dead? Why was the ground so far away?

A growl. Spooky. Claws wrapped around Steve’s arms and he felt himself get pulled away from whoever was carrying him. Big arms were extended, holding him out for what Steve thought was just a better look. Not the kind of mistake to be proud of. There was too much blood in Steve’s eyes to make out who it was, but he had a pretty good guess. The man with the big arms pulled Steve closer and was about to bite into his arm when the man cried out in with a strange voice. Almost… unreal.

Falling. Steve was falling. Faster and faster through the air. He reached out to grab a hold of something, but there was nothing to touch. It was scary. What was going on? Steve choked again, partly on his blood and partly on his tears. He couldn’t even see what was happening. Was he even falling or was he imagining it? ‘Am I going to die?’

Arms. Relief. Someone caught him. Some people. Laughing. Cruel laughter. Steve opened his eye again, not knowing when it had closed. A man with wings on his head… no not wings. That was hair. Heihachi. Shit. Heihachi’s men caught him. He looked up to see a winged man circling them in the air. A bang. Heihachi shot at the Devilish Jin. Another unreal cry. Jin must have been hit, but he did not fall. He flew away.

“Hello, Steven.”

Steve spit out blood in response.

“That girl was only a problem in full health,” Heihachi stated, obviously referring to Christie, “Perhaps a less capable hostage will be more convenient. Come with me Fox. Of course I say come with me just so you know that you are coming with me. I would not want you to get the false idea that you have any choice in the matter.”

Steve coughed.

More Leather. Lucky it wasn’t a convertible. That wouldn’t have been good, not that the limo was any better. Jin was going to eat him? He pouted a little and leaned forward, curling into his knees.

The limo didn’t start. After a few moments, Heihachi ordered his men to see what was going on. He refused to lower the window to check on the driver for reasons unknown. Steve leaned back again, closing his eye. Things were looking pretty bad, but at least he was still alive. Or was he? Steve laughed to himself and choked.

The troops screamed and Heihachi cursed, stepping out of the limo. Suddenly, the limo jerked into gear and was speeding away without Heihachi. Steve fell down across the seat, sighing in frustration. He wasn’t used to so much bad things happening without him fighting back with deadly rage. Was this the second or third time he was getting taken hostage in 5 minutes? Damn. If that didn’t suck, he didn’t know what did.

The window lowered, “How many times do you need to be saved in one night?”

“Saved?” Steve coughed, pained to speak.

“Yes. Jin saved you, then Heihachi saved you from Jin, and now I’ve saved you from Heihachi. Do you honestly need these happenings spelt out for you?”

Steve winced as the limo went over a bump, “Violet.”

“I’m so happy you recognise my voice, darling. Do not worry. I have no intention of coming on to you tonight. You have proved to be more important then that. How sweet. Jin’s lover. And don’t you two make quite the pretty pair?” Violet mused, “I’ve been studying you three since I ran into the girl. It’s a very interesting game all of you are playing. A new twist to the love triangle. It’s very inspiring, really.”

Steve considered asking what the man was talking about but decided against it. Violet did save Christie so he wasn’t all that dodgy. It was too painful. There were too many bumps on the road threatening to make him loose all his innards, for him to be able to question anybody. It was turning out to be a pretty bad day.

After a few minutes, Violet carried Steve into the Hotel and up one floor to room number 15. They attracted a few questionable stares, but Steve was in too much pain to notice and Violet was to arrogant to pay those people any mind. The elevator movement twisted Steve’s stomach even more to the point that he wondered if his half a drink actually made him a little drunk. If only. Alcohol would surely dull the pain.

Violet stood by the door going through Steve’s pockets until he found the key. He seemed a little irritated but did not voice it. The door swung open smoothly and lightly tapped against the wall. Steve was carried across the room and placed on the bed with a little more care then the evening he was put on Violet’s couch. A window was open so the room was cool. No complaints, though. Steve enjoyed the cool air on his wounds. He heard Violet murmuring something to a room service person over the phone. It was something about ice and a first aid kit.

Just like him. Always shooting at anything higher then him. Jin walked across the street to the hotel cursing at Heihachi and himself for whatever the devil in him was planning on doing with Steve in that air. Lucky Heihachi didn’t hit a wing. That wouldn’t have had the best outcome. Jin pulled an ebony feather out of his hair. Why did that dumb Brit always have to do such dumb things? Jin laughed. Both of the people he was currently involved with seemed to bring out the worse in him.

He walked into the hotel, well aware of the recognition in the eyes of the staff and even some tourists. The hooded jacket was lost when he changed. That always happens. The wings always ripped it so it would be too loose when he flew and it would just fall off somewhere. Normally Jin would be a little shy bearing his chest when he wasn’t fighting, but this time he had bigger fish to fry. He had seen the limo drive off without Heihachi and he had to know if Steve was all right.

Jin ran up the stairs. Elevators took too long. He rushed to room 15. The door was left open. He peered inside to see Steve in less of a bloody mess on the bed, and Violet sitting across the room, reading a business magazine. Steve’s wounds were all cleaned up, but the other man still could not be trusted. Anything good-natured done by Violet had to have some sort of dark reasoning.

Violet stood silently and walked past Jin to the hallway. Jin grabbed his arm and glared at him, “Where are you going?”

“I thought I’d be polite and leave you two alone,” Violet replied coolly, “I’ve been waiting for someone to come and watch him because I have a tight schedule that has already been put out of whack. Now if you don’t mind, let go. You’re wrinkling my shirt.”

Something wasn’t right. Jin couldn’t figure out what it was so he glared for another second, trying to read Violet’s face, before letting the older man go. If something were going on he would probably have to face it eventually. He’d deal with it then. Right now he had to deal with the Brit.

“Steve,” Jin said softly, closing the door.

A moan came in reply.

“You just had to get into a fight like that 4 days before the tournament,” He walked to the chair by the bed, “What am I going to do with you?”

Steve opened his good eye, “You healed,” cough, “Christie. Why won’t you do that much for me?”

Jin shook his head, “I was responsible for Christie’s wounds. There were risks. If I gave her too much she’d become part Devil like I am. I’m not going to take that risk with you. Besides, you’re only in the tournament for the fame.”

“No,” Steve said, getting angry, “With the prize from the tournament I’ll have the resources to find the answers to my past. Jin. I don’t know who the bloody ‘ell my mother is. I don’t even know where the hell I got this goddamn scar!”

Silence followed the angry admittance. Jin looked down at his hands, considering Steve’s twisted desire. It was probably a more noble reason for being at the tournament then Jin’s homicide mission, or Christie’s quest for Eddy. How could he deny Steve the opportunity? It wouldn’t be fair. But making a mistake and transferring part of the devil to Steve wouldn’t be fair either. The Brit was ill tempered and violent enough as it was. There wasn’t much of a choice.

Jin stood and grabbed his survival knife out of his pant pocket. Steve’s wounded face lit up in realization and victory. It was disturbing how someone could be so excited about something with such risks. It didn’t matter. A decision was made. Jin pushed the tip of the knife into the tip of his index finger. Steve’s thumb was sliced as gently as possible, and the blood dripped. So much possibility for disaster. Disaster was becoming all too familiar. Jin sat back down and sighed as Steve’s wounds began to heal.

Less than a minute later, Steve smirked a typical smirk. His face was slightly scarred, but it was nothing like it could have been. Jin stood, ready to leave but Steve ran and blocked the door, “You’re leaving?”

Jin raised an eyebrow, “You’re ok now. I have no reason to be here.”

“Don’t tell me you have a tight schedule too.”

“I don’t,” Jin answered honestly, “But, I’m hungry and you don’t got any food in your room.”

Steve grinned. The screws turning in his head were almost visible, “Hungry, you say? Well I can remedy that. We’ll just order up some bits. Do you prefer chocolate or whipped cream?”

Jin rolled his eyes, “That’s not funny, Fox.”

“Good, because I wasn’t joking,” Steve’s eyes darted back to the bed, suggestively. His grin growing more daring then playful, “You know you’re not the only one who’s hungry right now, it’s just… I’m not hungry for food.”

Another decision had to be made. Toss Steve aside or… well… you know. Jin shrugged and decided to call Steve’s bluff. He felt a little awkward but covered it up with his many months training of hiding the emotions. Jin sat down on the bed, winked at Steve, and leaned back, staying propped up by his elbows in a casual position.

Steve’s grin disappeared and was replaced by a smug look of victory once again. It was a little alarming to the Japanese man, but he did not show it. There was a game to be played, and he wouldn’t allow Steve to outplay him. ‘Oh god,’ Jin thought, ‘I’m acting like Hwoarang,’ he shuddered slightly at the thought. Such thoughts dissipated quickly as Steve’s lips caressed Jin’s neck. That was unexpected. He didn’t even see Steve approach.

The lips trailed down Jin’s pecs and to his abs. He inhaled through his teeth and watched, not knowing what to do. Before when he had physical contact with Steve, he had a good reason. To get the Brit out of his hair. Jin cursed himself for making Steve think he actually wanted it… but… If he didn’t want it… What was he doing letting it happen? Trying to think of an excuse to justify such an act? He knew he liked men on some occasions, but Steve? He frowned realizing that he had already basically admitted it to Christie, so why was it so hard to admit it to himself?

Steve’s lips parted from Jin’s flesh as he worked on removing Jin’s pants. It was obvious where it was headed, but neither of them was making any move to stop it. Steve removed his own shirt as he caught Jin’s thoughtful eye. They held each other’s gaze for a few moments before.

Somewhere in the background, perhaps in the room across the hall, the song ‘Abracadabra’ played softly. The trail continued. Steve removed Jin’s boxers as he continued to bring his lips lower and lower…

“Where is it?” Christie growled at an empty room, “Damn purse! I know you’re in here!” She tossed the heaps of blankets, sheets, and pillows off the bed. A green purse stared up at her, “Not you!” She pouted and turned to the bathroom. “AHA! Found you!” She reached behind the shower curtains and pulled out a fury purple purse.

Four days until the tournament! Christie needed some new clothes to fight in. It was time to search for a good shop. Normal clothing stores never worked. They were always so plain. Not sexy enough. She bit her lip as she went through purse. Damnit. Only a wallet and a stick of hot pink lipstick could be found. Christie tossed the lipstick against the wall, “Hot pink! I don’t want to look like a hooker today!” She sighed and glanced around the bathroom. Where was her modern Bronze?

A knock came at the door. Christie rolled her eyes and continued to search the room, completely ignoring the door. The knocking came again. Some people just don’t give up, do they? “If your name starts with a J or an S,” She said loudly enough for whomever it was to hear clearly, “Then I suggest you turn around and go right back under that rock you crawled out of!”

“What about a V?” a voice asked, muffled slightly by the door.

“Violet,” Christie shook her head. She was a little upset with him, but knew she shouldn’t be. How could she blame him for wanting Steve? No matter how creepy the Brit got, he somehow remained irresistible. Besides, She only met Violet once. There was no need to get jealous. “Come in.”

The door opened and a fashionable looking purple haired man walked in. Christie looked down at her purse and her matching outfit, and then back at Violet. She giggled as he raised a brow.

“We match!” She shook her head grinning, “I’m sorry. What can I do for you?”

Violet shrugged glancing around the messy room, “I have a few hours to myself before I have to get back to business, so I figured you might be interested in a little bit of shopping.”

Christie’s eyes lit up, “Your timing is amazing!”

“Is that a yes?” He inquired.


Three days. Three bloody days. If the tournament had been when it was supposed to be, Steve would have been fine! But making it drag out like this was hell on the nerves. He stepped out of room number 15. Jin wasn’t there when he woke up so he was a little lonely. Maybe somehow making Christie not hate him anymore would prove to be a little more exciting then sitting in a lonely hotel room all day.

The door closed behind him and he made his way to the elevator. What if that’s where Jin was? What if he interrupted Jin’s process again? Steve had finally made Jin not hate him and wasn’t so sure he wanted to screw that up. He shrugged as he stepped into the elevator. If Jin were up there, Steve would just leave before he could ruin everything.

Room 36. Steve knocked and the door slowly swung open. Guess someone didn’t close it all the way. There was no sound from inside. Well they did it on the movies so, why not? Steve walked in. The room was a wreck. Shattered ashtrays by the door where Christie had threw them, and blankets all over the floor. What a messy girl.

Maybe she had gone out for breakfast. It was 10 am so breakfast wasn’t too far out. So why did Steve have such a bad feeling? Something wasn’t right. Something was really wrong.

“Where is she?”

Steve turned around to see Jin standing in the doorway. “I haven’t a clue,” He replied truthfully.

Jin stepped in the room uneasily. His eyes searched the mess for some sort of clue. He looked up at Steve, sadly, “Something’s happened. I don’t know what but I know something’s happened… Maybe I’m just paranoid…”

“I got a bad feeling too,” Steve admitted honestly, “Maybe she just went out for breakfast.”

“What’s that?”

Steve turned to see a note on the TV. The two young men glanced at each other before both walking over to read what it said.


To Whom It May Concern:

I assume you are wondering where Miss Monteiro is. Perhaps I can provide you with a bit of an answer. I have her. It’s not difficult to abduct a young angry woman when you know the secret word. I took her yesterday when she was looking to get you two off her mind. Yes. I know who is reading this because no one else is stupid enough to enter a woman’s hotel room in the morning without permission. Staff wouldn’t enter until after the tournament.

You are wondering why I took her. The answer to that is simple. She is bait to get Jin Kazama. No. I have no interest in the boy myself. My interest is in the power. The bait alone is use enough for me to get what I want.

What do I want? That much I will not say. I will also not say where I am keeping her, because I do not need you two deciding to do something stupid like attempt to save her. I’m sure you two are the last people she wants to be saved by right now.

I thought it was only polite to let you know who had her so you’d be smart enough to leave the police out of it. I don’t think any of us wants Wulong involved.




Steve and Jin sighed in unison, “Damn.”


A/N: I’m sorry. I guess I could’ve done a love scene in this chapter but I’ve never done one before so I’m a little hesitant to do so. Maybe next time… Maybe…

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