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For The Love Of....

Chapter 1 - 'I Hate Jin' Club

By Chlover

“OH NO! TURN THE MUSIC BACK UP!!!” Hwoarang screamed as he threw one of his boots at the roof, “SON OF A BITCH!!!!”

Paul raised an eyebrow at his current roommate. They were in a hotel waiting patiently for the forth tournament to begin. Paul was a bit hesitant about sharing a room with the infamous Blood Talon but was beginning to find the experience more amusing then anything else. 

“I think there is ladies above us.”

“… Daughter of a bitch. Happy?”

Paul shrugged and walked out.

Kazuya walked in only seconds later. Startling Hwoarang, who had never actually seen the man before.

Hwoarang sat up, “Damn. An older uglier Jin.” He looked Kazuya up and down, “What the hell happened to you?”

“Years of pain. Now get naked.”


“You heard me.”

Hwoarang frowned, “That’s the problem.”

“Get naked.”

“Not likely.”

Kazuya smirked and dropped his pants.

“EEEEEWWWWWW put it AWAY!” Hwoarang shrieked.

Kazuya looked down, “My briefs are still on, moron.”

“You wear briefs? AHAHAHAHA loser!”

“How does that make me a loser? What do you wear?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Hwoarang grinned.

Kazuya nodded, “Yes I would.”


“For the love of God quit saying EW.”

Hwoarang considered, “why?”

“Because I’m not that gross.” Kazuya said taking off his sunglasses.

“EEEEEWWWWWWWW put em away!!!!!!!!!”

“What? My eyes? Grow up!”


Kazuya walked away carrying his pants and Paul walked back in.

Hwoarang raised an eyebrow, “You dumbass SOB. You just missed Kazuya. Don’t you wanna, like, kill that dude? He just left and he was all trying to get me naked and everything.”

Paul rolled his eyes, “Yeah like I’m gonna really buy that.”

“No, man, I’m really not lying here. If I were lying I’d … well you wouldn’t know it. Now see, you think I’m lying so I must not be. Genius.”

“You’re on my bed, punk.”

“No I’m on MY bed, genius.”

“Screw you. I’m going to see Lei Wulong! My favourite cop in the whole wide world! Outta my way, Genius.”

Paul shrugged and right when Hwoarang got up, the older man hopped on the desired bed, “Later sweetheart.”

“Bitch! MY BED!”

“Not no more.”


So Hwoarang walked out and to the neighbouring room where Lei and Jin stayed. He opened the door and walked in just to see Jin and Xiaoyu making out.

“… Aw man!” He walked out slamming the door behind him, “How the hell am I supposed to function after seeing that disturbing shit?! DAMN YOU KAZAMA!!!!!”

Steve and Julia, who were just leaving stopped by Hwoarang, “Hey. Wanna come out drinking with us?”

“Drinking?” Hwoarang leaped up with a goofy grin like some sort of cartoon character, “You just said the magic word! I’m there!”

So they went out drinking.


Julia and Steve started making out. Hwoarang frowned and walked off through the bar alone with a beer in hand and sulked in his self-pity, “Damn bitches invite me out and then start swapping spit like one of em was dieing. Makes me sick. I HATE YOU ALL! Except you mister beer. I love you. You’re the only one I can trust… except when you cloud my judgement and make me black out and make me wakeup in bed with a one eyed transvestite…. I HATE YOU BEER!”

He drop kicked the beer and walked out the door, “SCREW YOU GUYS!”

Hwoarang walked around for a while outside, looking for someone who would hang out with him, since he lost his best friend the beer bottle. Eventually he realised that everyone was crossing the street to stay away from him so he headed back to the hotel.

The elevator started up to his floor and he fell to his knees when it moved, “Bitch. Everyone is against me! EVEN gravity! DAMN WORLD!!!” He waddled out into the hall, still on his knees and made his way down to his room. When he opened the door and stepped inside, he screamed, “BITCH NOT IN MY BED! DUMBASS GENIUS!”

Paul and Nina covered themselves up with the blanket and blinked at Hwoarang.

“It’s my bed,” Paul responded after a few seconds.

“Nu uh! Ah damn it. I hate you man! I’m going to go … somewhere to hang out with more important people then you!… Like… Nobody.” He walked out cursing Paul the whole way.

Hwoarang sunk down against a wall in the hallway and pouted at his hands, “I’m bored.”

Kazuya walked up to him and smirked, “I can remedy that.”

“HOLY SHIT Where the hell did you come from?! That’s some freaky shit you creepy old Jin wannabe!”

“Jin’s my son, dumbass.”


Kazuya sat down by Hwoarang, “Has anyone told you how sexy you are?”

“Yeah but it’s never grossed me out like this before. Get the hell away from me!”

“Or what?”

“I’ll tell!!!!!!”

“Tell who?”

Hwoarang looked around, “CHRISTIE!!!!!! SAVE ME!!!!!!”

Christie, who was just exiting the elevator watched as Hwoarang ran and hid behind her, “What’s going on?” She asked casually.

“That creepy old man was trying to pull a move on me!”

“Kazuya! BACK TO YOUR ROOM!” Christie ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” Kazuya lowered his head and went to the elevator.

Hwoarang sighed with relief and looked at Christie, “Will you hang out with me?”

“Uh… Ok…”

“You’re not going to start making out with somebody, are you?” Hwoarang asked the Brazilian, pitifully.

“Not planning on it, but you never know.”

“OOO OOOO We should start a club!”

Lee stepped out of his room, pouting, and looked at Christie and Hwoarang, “Nobody wants to hang out with me.”

“Come join our, ‘We hate Jin’Club!” Christie offered.

“You hate Jin too? KOOL!” Hwoarang giggled.

Lee’s eyes widened, “OOO OOOOO! OK! I’m in! What do you do? Can I be the tresurer?”

“Yeah ok! We hold our first meeting during lunch which is conveniently starting as soon as we finish this convo. There we can make those people sad that they ignored us! We’ll make the world pay!!!! MWAHAHAHA!”

Hwoarang looked at Christie, “Wow… I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Lunch time! Let’s go!”

All the doors in the hall opened and everyone poured out and to the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria all the new couples sat together and Christie, Hwoarang, and Lee sat at their own table in the centre of the room. Christie banged her bread on the table, “I CALL THIS MEETING TO ORDER!”

Hwoarang frowned, “What are you doing?”

“Getting attention so they envy us.”


“SO! What shall we do today in the WHJ club?”

Lee raised his hand, “I KNOW I KNOW!!!!! Let’s tell stories!”

“OK!” Hwoarang and Christie agreed.

Lee grinned, “I’ll start! … Once upon a time there was a kid named… the name of which is in the title of the club. And he really sucked! And then his mommy died and he sucked even more. And he sucked thereafter and still sucks to this day. The end.”

Jin looked at the three in confusion from his spot in the corner of the room. Xiaoyu, who was in his lap, shrugged and stuffed some pie in his mouth.

“My turn!” Hwoarang giggled gleefully, “Ok… There once was this really stupid guy who tried to ruin my rep. So I hunted him down and now I know where he sleeps at night so I can kill him. The end.”

Jin rolled his eyes and turned back to Xiaoyu.

Christie pounded the bread on the table again, “Now… In a land far away … like… across the room… there once sat a rich bitch who lived a priviledged life until his mommy was killed by a god and his grandfather shot him. Now he eats with my annoying roommate and he’s still a rich bitch only now he has luggage. But one thing hasn’t changed in this young fool.”

Hwoarang and Lee hugged each other, “Scary… Tell us Christie!”

“We all still hate him!”

All three people started laughing Hysterically as if what she said was the funniest thing in the world. Jin raised an eyebrow and looked at Steve who shrugged and went back to his meal. Xiaoyu, However glared at the three people and growled.

Lee looked at Xiaoyu, “Should we make this the WHJandX club?”

Christie and Hwoarang snickered, “YEAH! Yeah!”

Xiaoyu pouted, “Hey! I know what that stands for now! JIN BEAT EM UP!”

Jin glanced at them and whispered something in Xiaoyu’s ear.

“Now what can we do?” Lee asked.

Hwoarang grinned, “Let’s make statues out of our food!”

And so the three set to work on their masterpieces and Christie finished first. “DONE! I’m so done! Stick a frickin fork in me, bitches!”

So Hwoarang jabbed Christie with a fork.

“OW! BITCH!” Christie jabbed Hwoarang with a chopstick in the eye.

“EEEEEEEEEYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” Hwoarang screamed.

Everyone in the room just stared at them.

Lee blinked, “Can we get started, please?”

Christie nodded, “Sorry. Ok. As you can see, I made a statue of a young 21-year-old man with spikey hair, of whom I shall not name, impaled through the torso by a sausage!”

Hwoarang doubled over in laughter, still holding his eye.

Lee grinned, “And I made a young woman of which I shall not name with pigtails making out with Christie.”

Christie almost started laughing then thought for a moment, “Hey… That’s me… Damn you LEE! You’re out of our club! We now officially hate you too!!!!!”

Hwoarang waved to Lee, “Bye man!”

Christie looked at Hwoarang, “What’s your statue of, Hwoarang?”

“It’s a very exquisite piece of a young devil wearing a dress from the Victorian era. His head, falling halfway down his chest with a paperboy approaching the subject, holding a rare gold axe from the 1830’s.”

Everyone stared at Hwoarang. Christie was silent for a moment before kicking Hwoarang, “You’re making me look dumb! You’re out of the club!”

“But… It’s my club.”

“Not no more!”

“But… Fine.” Hwoarang walked away pouting and Christie sat alone at the table looking around, silently…

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