Only Time: Deja Vu

Chapter One

By J. Marie


Warning!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. Why, you ask, am I writing a Nakago x Tasuki fic? Well, the answer is simple. My favorite character is Tasuki. My second favorite is Nakago. There you go. But I will not just shove my favorite characters together in bed just so I can write about them fucking. I promise to produce a good plot, and a lengthy storyline, possibly even an epic (if I may use the word to refer to my own work). I will show you the magnetism Nakago and Tasuki would have produced, if the writer of Fushigi Yugi had deigned to have Nakago and Tasuki interact more deeply. I firmly believe that there is chemistry between the irascible Tasuki and the cold Nakago. And I shall endeavor to show you just that, and pray that that my writing skills don't fall short of my storyline. This story takes place six years after the end of the third OVA, (which is the end of the Fushigi Yugi series) in Miaka's world, which basically translates into twenty years later in the Universe of the Four Gods. I have also included the lyrics to "Only Time: Deja Vu" by Enya for mood setting. If there are any incongruities between my story and the manga, that's because this is based solely off the anime. Well, I'm done being pretentious now, so I'll get to work.


Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time
And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time

Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
- only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
- only time

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
If the night keeps
all your heart

Night keeps all your heart

And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time
Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time

Who knows - only time

Who knows - only time

-- "Only Time" by Enya


"Alright, Tamahome, you got your lunchbox, right?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"You got your backpack?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"You packed extra snacks for when you get hungry?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"Are you ready to go to school now?"

"No, Mommy."

Miaka Sukunami sighed and frowned at her five-year-old son. He gazed at her evenly with his lavender eyes that he inherited from his father, and grinned widely, like his father would do when he was trying to get out of something.

"Why don't you want to go to school, Tamahome?" Miaka asked, placing her hands on her slim hips.

"Because I don't know anyone there, Mommy," Tamahome blinked.

"Well, how will you know anyone if you don't go? I met Yui-san in kindergarten. And Amiboshi and Suboshi will be there. So there you go. You know two people. And you'll know many more. And you have to go," Miaka said kindly, giving her son a comforting smile.

Tamahome looked exactly like his father did at his age. His black hair had been tied back like his father's had, and his lavender eyes were exactly like his father's, if a bit wider. However, young Tamahome acted nothing like his father, Taka Sukunami. In personality, he seemed to take after his endlessly hungry and irrepressible mother. He merely stuck his finger in his mouth, his wide lavender eyes full of fear at the thought of leaving his mother and going to school.

"They'll have good things to eat at school. Like cookies and hamburgers!" Miaka smiled through her teeth, a last ditch effort to convince her son to go to school. She habitually closed her eyes when she smiled, and when she opened them her son was putting on his coat quickly, rushing for the door.

"Tamahome!! Wait for me!!" Miaka cried, rushing to catch up with the child. She ran outside as the boy dashed out. Tamahome crashed into his father's leg, causing Taka, to fall over, holding his leg in obvious pain as Tamahome stuck his finger in his mouth, giggling.

"Taka!! Are you alright??" Miaka gushed, kneeling over her husband, who shakily came to his feet, holding his knee.

"Does he have a rock for a skull, Miaka? I know he didn't get that from me," Taka sighed.

Miaka was about to say something, before she was distracted by Tamahome opening his lunchbox and attempting to grab a bag of potato chips.

"No, Tamahome!! Not until lunch!" She cried, snatching the box of food from her son, who pouted and gave her sad puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, here. Eat it. Here's extra money for lunch. Just get in the car," Miaka sighed, handing the lunchbox back, as well as some money. She couldn't resist her son's puppy dog face. Taka gave her a stern look, but said nothing.

The car ride to school was quiet as both mother and son were happily chowing down on potato chips, and Taka was feeling taciturn at the moment. It was times like these when he was filled with happiness at how wonderful his life had been the past six years. His son, named after his past incarnation as a Celestial Warrior to Suzaku, was five, and healthy as a horse, and with an appetite to rival his mother's. Miaka and he had decided to have another child in a few years. And now his son was ready for school.

Life was good for Taka.

Taka pulled up to the school moments before Tetsuya did. Miaka waved excitedly to her childhood friend Yui, who was pulling out her twin sons, Amiboshi and Suboshi out of the car. Yui waved back, smiling. She had named her sons after the twin Celestial Warriors to Seiryu, who had given their life for hers. Taka got the impression that Tetsuya disliked the naming situation, but had lived with it. Despite the fact that Suboshi had been in love with Yui, thusly competition to Tetsuya, he had still died to save her.

Taka stared at the two little boys, who clung to the other's hand as their mother fussed over them. Miaka ran over to chat with Yui, and Tamahome followed her, babbling away to Amiboshi, and picking on Suboshi, as was his custom. Taka leisurely followed, noting with mild unease how much Suboshi and Amiboshi resembled the dead Celestial Warriors they were named for. It was odd. It didn't make sense to Taka. Suboshi and Amiboshi had mild similarities to Yui, who was light haired, but Taka didn't understand how her twins came out like juvenile versions of the twin Seiryu Warriors.

No sense in dwelling on it, he mused to himself, before exchanging pleasantries with Tetsuya, who was trying to put his broken mirror back on. It had been constantly in a state of repair for the past six years.

"Well is everyone ready for school?" Miaka cheered to the three little boys.

Tamahome stuck his finger in his mouth, and the twins looked at each other. Taka wondered if the twins could talk to each other silently. Would explain a lot.

A sweat drop appeared on Miaka's forehead and she sighed. "Well, let's take them in, Yui..." she said, taking her own son by the hand, as Yui took her sons'.

Taka and Tetsuya followed with bemused expressions. Miaka and Yui had both taken the first day of school so seriously that they had both demanded that their husbands take the day off to accompany them to taking the children.

The two former priestesses of Beast Gods led their children down the hallway and to an open door, leading into the kindergarten class. Yui carried Suboshi, who usually demanded to be held, why the more independent Amiboshi was content to hold his mother's hand. Miaka skipped down the hallway with Tamahome, singing him a silly song that made the child giggle.

The two families entered the room, where Yui set down Suboshi, who instantly clung to his brother instead. Tamahome took a few steps away from his mother, marveling at the other children. Miaka raised her eyes from looking fondly upon her child, and scanned the other children. Yui, Taka, and Tetsuya did the same.

And gaped.

A small, purple-haired boy approached Tamahome with a big grin. He had a beauty mark on his left cheek, and his gender was almost in doubt, for he was as pretty as a girl. He wore boy's clothes, but on his wrist, hidden slightly, was a little girl's bracelet, and around his neck was a glittery necklace, obviously made for a girl as well.

"Hi! My name is Nuriko! What's yours?" the little boy, whose voice even sounded like a girl's, although at such a young age, that meant nothing.

Tamahome's face split into a grin. "Tamahome!" he said proudly.

Miaka began shaking on Taka's arm. Taka was in a state of shock. "Taka! Taka! That's Nuriko!! Nuriko!! I know its Nuriko!! He even said so!" she cried. Taka nodded dumbly, too shocked to speak. Tetsuya's sunglasses fell off his face. Yui's hand flew to her mouth.


The adult's eyes shifted to a small redheaded boy, with pronounced canines. In his hands was a paper fan, which he was using to beat a pretty little boy on the head with. He was laughing happily, while the other boy was crying about his hair being messed up.

"Tasuki! Hotohori!" Miaka cried. The two children noticed her and clamored to get near her, even as Nuriko grinned foolishly up at her. Tamahome stood proudly by his mother, as if he was showing her off.

The young Tasuki grinned up at Miaka, his Osh-Be-Gosh overalls almost falling off of him. He raised his fan and whapped Miaka with it, showing his fangs.

"Rekka- Shinen!" he said amicably.

"That's right, Tasuki! Rekka- Shinen! And fire's suppose to come out... So you can fight the bad guys.." Miaka said with a hopeful smile, bending down to be eye level with the children clamoring up to her.

A small child, whose pony-tailed hair stuck straight up waddled over to her, his adorable face crinkled up in a big smile. Behind him came a rather tall five-year-old, with short black hair and a remarkably calm face. And behind him came a boy with light blue hair, whose bangs were poofy, and whose smile was impossibly large, and his eyes a little squinty.

"Chiriko! Mitsukake! Chichiri! You're all here!! Do you remember me??" Miaka asked excitedly. The group of little boys looked at each other in confusion.

"Who's the old lady? How does she know all our names?" Tasuki asked evenly, putting his hands on his hips.

Miaka narrowed her eyes. "Who are you calling an old lady??" she cried.

"Don't call my mommy an old lady! Or I'm gonna haveta open a can of whup ass on ya!" Tamahome said arrogantly.

"Oh yeah?" demanded the fiery redheaded boy, leaning into the other boy's face.

Tamahome leaned back, unintimidated. "Yeah!" he cried. The two boys began to scuffle, but before Miaka could intervene, Yui grabbed her arm.

"Look, Miaka! It's not just the Suzaku Seven! It's the Seiryu Seven too!" Yui cried, pointing to another group of small children clamoring up to the blonde.

Miaka gaped at the children. A boy with a black ponytail, and hazel eyes stared up at her, and she was suddenly reminded of a boy projected into an illusion of the real world by Tomo of the Seiryu Seven. Beside him was an ugly, hairy boy with a boorish expression on his face, obviously Ashitare, yet more human looking.. Sitting down next to them was a small, bald child, playing with a spinning top, likely Miboshi. Suboshi and Amiboshi stared at a pretty little girl with an odd ponytail, whose hair was a dark shade of red, who could be none other than Soi.

But it was the seventh child that caused Miaka and Yui to gasp in fear.

He was a blonde, large for his age. His eyes were true blue, intense, and even cold. He was beautiful, and at this age, pretty enough to pass for a girl. He stared at Tamahome intently, a look of instant dislike crossing his face. He calmly walked through the crowd of children, parting them like water. He was obviously Nakago. There was no other.

Tamahome glared back at him evenly. No love was lost between the boys. Nakago looked up from the stolid Asian boy, gazing at the trembling Miaka and Yui. He raised a golden eyebrow, impossibly mature for a five-year-old. He took a step forward, noting how the grown women took a step back. They were afraid of him.

Nakago grinned, his eyes gleaming impishly.

He took another step forward. Taka stared at him, wondering to himself if he should attack the little boy or not. Tetsuya was frozen in fear, same as the women. Nakago was still grinning and stopped before Miaka, who seemed the most scared. All the children were watching him intently. Miaka began to quake before the child, near tears.

Nakago stood on his tiptoes, his grin wide. He looked straight into Miaka's eyes.

"BOO!!!" he screamed, causing Miaka to pass out, and fall into Taka's arms. Tetsuya fell over in shock and Yui found herself able to breathe. Taka blinked, shaking Miaka.

Nakago began to laugh hysterically, finding the fact that a grown woman was terrified of him hilarious. Yui marveled over him, noting mischief in his eyes, but no real malice. In fact, she saw no real malice in any of the Seiryu Seven's eyes. It was all gone, even in Miboshi. How could this be?

Taka shook Miaka awake, who stared at the laughing golden-haired boy. Tasuki grinned and clonked the bigger boy on the head with his paper fan, crying out, "Rekka- Shinen!"

Nakago instantly stopped laughing and punched Tasuki, sending the boy flying into the wall. "Ha!" he cried to the redhead, ripping apart the paper fan.

"That bully!" Miaka cried.

Miaka looked like she was going to grab Nakago and shake him, until Soi beat her to him, planting a kiss on Nakago's cheek. The little boy's eyes widened in horror and he turned to look at the smiling little girl.

"We're going to get married and have lots of children!" Soi said happily.

"AAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Nakago screamed, pausing the whole room with the shrillness of his voice. "Girl germs!!! Girl germs!!! Yuck!!!"

Miaka blinked, watching Soi chase Nakago around like any other normal little girl, trying to get a kiss. And Nakago ran from her, screaming, like any other normal little boy. Tasuki peeled himself off the wall, and cried for a minute over his shredded paper fan, until Chiriko made him a new one, which seemed to perfectly content the redhead. Nuriko started to play with Hotohori's hair, and Tamahome began to jump around, telling everyone he was Superman. Miboshi remained in his corner with his spinning top, and Mitsukake was grabbing a box of band-aids and heading over towards Tasuki. Chichiri started playing Legos with Suboshi and Amiboshi. Ashitare began to color in a coloring book, and Tomo began to color on his face.

It was all so... normal.

"I don't get it," Miaka said.

"I think I do," Yui said, watching all the children.

"Care to share with the rest of the class?" Taka asked. Tetsuya also looked at her expectantly.

"Well.... You were reborn as a normal human, Taka. In this world. Why not everyone else? And just like you were at first, they've been reborn without any memories of their past. Most of what made the Seiryu Seven evil had been their horrible lives. But now, with no memory of that, they're just like anyone else. Somehow, and I don't know why, but all the Suzaku and Seiryu warriors have been reborn. And they're innocent little kids. Look at them..." Yui said.

The adults watched the children play until the teacher came in, and shooed them out.

"I can't believe my sons are the reincarnations of Suboshi and Amiboshi! I should have known!" Yui sighed as she waved good-bye to her kids.

"They are mine, right?" Tetsuya asked.

Yui clonked him on the side of the head. "Yes, they're yours. Which means you're Suboshi's dad, so you can't beat up on him. And at any rate, Suboshi remembers nothing of his past life," she growled at her husband. Tetsuya looked properly chagrined.

"I would like to know why! I mean, I know why I'm here. Or even why my son is here. I mean, Tamahome is almost my reincarnation in a way... But the rest.. Especially the Seiryu Seven. It's too weird," Taka sighed.

"Very weird. And that Nakago kid is scary!" Miaka wailed.

"Well, that's just because your remember him back in the Universe of the Four Gods... But he doesn't remember you. And you can't get involved. They're going to have to learn to get along somehow. And we can't interfere. It will disrupt their learning processes," Yui said patiently.

Miaka pouted. "But what if Nakago beats up on my son?" she asked.

"Tama is already getting the hang of the martial arts I'm teaching him. He'll just beat Nakago back. And since old Nakago doesn't have his stupid life-force blasts anymore, he won't be any challenge to my son...." Taka said with a grin.

"Yes, but remember he's Miaka's son, too. All Nakago would have to do to win is wave a box of cookies around," Yui snickered as Miaka gave her the evil eye.

The four adults began to laugh, their tension draining. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. And Miaka was looking forward to being able to spend time with her friends as they grew up before her very eyes. Even if they didn't remember, there was something left of their past lives left in them.

She just hoped, for all their sakes, that there wasn't too much left of Nakago's past life in him.


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