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Vital Statistics  
[designate] GF Siren
[summoning] Silent Voice
[translation] From the Greek seiren
[classification] Guardian Force
[magic stats] Non-elemental magic and a silence spell | She may not do much damage, but the free silence spell can come in handy.

Basic Information  
[aquired from] During the Dollet Field Exam, draw her from the boss monster Elvoret (first time I went through FF8 I thought she was some pretty funky sounding magic and drew her >_< Oh well, at least I got a new GF).
[game wise] Sexy lady! ^_~ Nah, seriously, she's a nymph like creature that sits on a rock with a golden harp in hand with the sea crashing gently around it. She's naked, with strategically placed multi-coloured feathers, blonde hair which merges into purple and green at the ends, and has two wings with the same colouring sprouting from her head.
When she first appears, her wings are covering her body, and then they lift away and you can see Siren. She begins playing her harp, and summons a light flood of sea water which hits the enemy, causing Silence ailment if they're not protected against it, and doing some damage while she's at it.
[real world] Named for the Greek legend of the Sirens which lure sea men to their deaths with their hauntingly beautiful songs. The hapless humans hear them, and are drawn off course by the music to where their boats are destroyed by the tides and hidden rocks of the sea. For more info, go read Homer's "The Odyssey"--and I'm not talking about The Simpsons.

[special abilities] Her Treatment ability can cure any status ailment, and since you're not using up junctioned magic (ie. Esunas) and it's still available even when Silenced, it's very useful during a fight. If you can learn it before your fight with the fake president in Timber, even better ^_^
[aquiring tips] Remember to Draw her! Or you'll have to wait until Disk 4 for another chance! :(

[final fantasy legacy] Final Fantasy VIII is the only Final Fantasy game where Siren appears. I don't think she was replaced at all in FF9, and she wasn't in FF7. That said, there were so many status ailment Summon Monsters in FF7... she may have been Typhoon's--much easier on the eyes--replacement.