Untitled Fic

By Angie

"As my love never ends... there is no end to this song..." - Franz Schubert


Zell walked into the apartment, angrily trying to wipe the grass off of his shorts.

//Damn Irvine, insisting that I help him. Why couldn't he see that he doesn't need to impress Squall?\\ Zell grinned. //It's because he's a blind, stupid, love-sick fool.\\

Snickering at his trail of thoughts, Zell half-walked, half-skipped towards the bathroom, the prospect of a warm shower very inviting at the moment.

He stripped himself of his shirt and shorts (having already deposited his muddy sneakers by the doorway), and walked towards the bedroom to put his grungry clothes in the hamper.

He frowned thoughtfully, his nose scrunched in confusion, as he heard faint strains of music coming from the bedroom next to his.

//Seifer isn't supposed to get home until tomorrow... What the hell?\\ He listened for a few more minutes, trying to decide if he was going insane, hearing things, or if he had accidentially left a radio on.

The song ended, chords drifting off into nothing.

Zell's eyebrows lowered, confused. "Damn.. I must be hearing things..."

Shaking his head, he made his way back to the bathroom, confusion still written on his childlike face.

Warm mug of hot chocolate in hand, Zell carefully made his way towards the couch. Settling down, he grabbed the remote, pressing the triangular play button. The opening credits flashed by, pounding techno beats setting the mood.

"There's nothin' better than watching this movie while lonely..." Zell murmered aloud. "I freakin' miss him, an' I never thought I'd say that!"

He curled deeper into a ball, soft blue blanket wrapped tightly around his small frame, whimpering through a small smile.

"Bastard, you'd better get home soon. Cuz I don't know how much longer I can wait...."

He drifted off to sleep, pale face reflecting the movie playing on the TV, brain filled with happy thoughts of a lover come home.

Irvine bounced nervously in front of Squall, loose auburn hair flying everywhere.

Squall looked up at the anxious cowboy through spider-fine brown hair, smiling inspite of himself.

"Irvine, what the hell is wrong with you today? You're worse than Zell!"

Irvine's mouth turned down in a pout. "I am not worse than him! I can't belive you said that, right after I gave you a present that I bought with my own hard-earned money!"

"Bullshit." Squall said lovingly. "Now, what exactly is this present?" He shook the box. "If you really wanted to give me a present, you could just have gotten a bottle of chocolate syrup...."

Irvine leered at Squall, his mind racing with the images present by Squall's teasing. "Later. First, open it! Jeez! I slave to get the money to buy you a present, and you won't even open it!"

Squall shrugged, slowly opening the box before him. "You always call me a brat. You should start believing yourself."

Irvine scowled, hands twisting nervously as Squall's fingers pulled up another piece of tape.

"That's it! I'm never giving you a wrapped present again! You take too damn long!"

Squall laughed to himself, slowing down his motions.

Irvine threw himself on the couch next to Squall, hat falling low to cover his eyes. "Ass."

Zell woke up from the strangest dream he had ever had.

//Shit... what the hell was that? it was the weirdest fuckin' dream I've ever had! Though, edible finger paints are a good idea... But who were those two girls? An' why were they painting me an' Seifer?//

He shook his head, shrugging off the dream. "It doesn't really matter at this point, does it? Shit, I need a shower! I smell worse than a Chocobo farm!"

He wrinkled his nose. "That was a hideous comparison, Dinct."

He stumbled off towards the shower, the blanket he was wrapped in trailing behind like a cap.

Irvine held his breath, watching as Squall eased his present out of the box.

Squall gasped. "Irvine?"

"Do ya like it? I know it's not much, but still, it bein' our aniversary and all."

Squall smiled up at the taller SeeD. "It's beautiful. But how?"

Irvine tipped his hat, shrugging. "Does it matter?"

Squall smiled. "No, I guess it doesn't. But where did you find it?"

Irvine grinned happily. "When you left the orphanage, you left it behind. I figured that you might want it again if I ever saw you." Irvine blushed slightly. "I never read it, not once. I didn't think you'd want me to."

Squall gasped in wonder, opening the dirty and torn cover of the book. Inside, he saw his own childish scrawl (which resembled his currect scrawl a great deal), surrounded by pictures he had drawn when nobody was looking.

"How did you know?"

"Have I ever forgotten anything?" Irvine asked teasingly. "Right before I left, I buried it so that I could come back and get it if I needed to."

The notebook was gently placed inside it's box, and Squall leaned over, capturing Irvine's lips with his own.

Smiling against the cowboy's soft lips, Squall stood up, pulling Irvine with him.

"Come with me...Love."

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