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By tir-synni


After Meteor's fall, rain regularly fell onto the city of Neo-Midgar. Generally soft, it helped cleanse the Planet of the former capital's poison. Its steady streams washed through the towns, even those untouched by Meteor and Holy's fury. The rain swept away the refuse from the Mako reactors. Within only two years, the holy flood, delivered by the Planet, erased much of ShinRa's reign of terror.

However, even after two years of regular downpours, the heavy precipitation still disturbed many. For years, ShinRa's desecration of the Planet had left everything dying or dead. Such life-giving fluid had been rare, and now that it was plentiful, no one knew what to do with it.

Thus, only one man walked through the fury of the storm, the harsh rain sweeping the blood from the large blade on his back. Oblivious to the rare, fierce lightning that sent so many scurrying, the thunder that shattered the air, and the pounding rain, the young man glided like a shadow down the street. His slender hips swayed in odd counterpart to the sound of gil clanking in his pocket.

// "Bring me his head. . . ." //

The blond hummed softly, the rasping voice thrumming through his mind contrasting with the soft melody.

// "Too much. . . that's too much. . . ." //

The rasping voice began hissing, the masculine voice shifting. The young man tossed his head, raising the gentle humming lightly.

// "F-fifteen t-thousand gil. You . . . you must bring back hisĖ" //

"There's no time for us," the young man sang under his breath, cutting the thought off. "There's no place for us."

The trembling, oddly sibilant voice faded, and he closed his eyes, rejoicing in the sorrowful notes of the song. The notes washed the filth from his soul as the rain washed the dirt from the street.

"What is this thing that builds our dreams," he hummed carelessly, "yet slips away from us?"

Lightning lit the sky, and his steps faltered as the silver sheen dominated the sky. Emerald filled his sight, and the frightened voice returned, slipping into a feminine hiss. Electricity swamped him, before he again tossed his head. The distant gleam returned to his eyes, and he carelessly hummed the next line.

"Who wants to live forever . . . Who wants to live forever . . . ?"

Before him, a frightened youth darted into a rundown old apartment building. Negligently, he followed, his overly large boots slipping silently through the flooded street.

"There is no chance for us," he whispered as silver once again ruled the skies. "It's all decided for us."

Thunder rumbled, and his eyes glowed.

"The world had only one sweet moment, set aside for us."

However frightened the young boy had been as the lightning, the sight of the drenched swordsman slipping past him in the narrow doorway seemed much worse. He ignored the youth's terrified whispers. Tossing back his sodden hair, he passed the petrified boy and entered the building. The dark whispers arose in a deadly chorus to the stranger's pathetic whines. The odd chant of //childchildchild// almost made him forget the next line, but he plunged on nonetheless.

"Who wants to live forever," he breathed. Leaving the whispers and whimpers behind him, he started his long trek up the stairs. Thunder rocked the building, and lightning blazed behind his eyes. "Who dares to love forever, when love must die?"

His large sword clanked against the railings, and he paused once before continuing. The storm seemed quiet in the shadows of the staircase. His ears rang.

"But touch my tears. . . ." Another step. "With your lips. . . ." Blank eyes focused on a nonexistent horizon. "Touch my world. . . ." Another step. "With your fingertips. . . ." Thunder roared. For a moment, all he could see was silver. He blinked. Another step. "And we can have forever. . . ."

He shifted from the stairs to the landing. The next line played on his lips as he opened the door.

"And we can love forever. . . ."

He tossed his hair again. Rain splattered the walls as he started down the hallway.

"Forever is our today."

Doors lined the walls. Lightning flashed, and each flaw in the wood shone, each scar and hole burning in his eyes. Unlike the staircase, three windows decorated one side. He was blinded by silver. All he could hear was laughter.

"Who wants to live forever . . . ?"

The shimmering blade was laid carefully beside the lone bed in the small apartment, a tender finger sweeping over its handle. All other items on his person were tossed carelessly to the floor. The lightning flashing through the open balcony lit the metal like flame.

"Forever is our today." Barely a breath of sound.

Like a puppet cut loose from its strings, he collapsed on the bed. Only his shirt and gloves garbed him.

"Who waits forever. . . ."

The gloves slipped lifelessly to the floor.


The tattoo of a number three burned with silver light in the night.

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