Naughty and Nice

By Kenji

"Ooo!" Zax grinned. "Cloud got another one!!"

The other two bunkmates made cat calls. Cloud just blushed and grabbed the red envelope from Zax's hand.

"Shut up, Zax."

"Cloud's got a girlfriend." Bunkmate #1 snickered.

"Shut up, Ricky."

"Is it signed this time?" Zax asked.

"None of your business!"

Zax snickered as Cloud climbed onto his bunk and opened the envelope. Again there was a nice Valentine's card inside. It wasn't home made. It wasn't made out of construction paper. It was a really nice card. One bought from a store probably. This is what worried Cloud. This was no female or male recruit that had a crush on him. This was someone with money.

[Oh man...what if it's the President's son? I mean he's cute and all but if a lowly SOLDIER recruit gets caught...doing stuff with the President's son they'd shoot me or kick me out of SOLDIER or...]

"Cloud! Officer present!" Zax yelled.

"What!?" Cloud jolted out of his thoughts, falling from his bunk and landing rather painfully on his ass.

Zax winced and shook his head. Cloud's other bunkmates started to snicker. The blonde rubbed his throbbing tail bone and looked up. His eyes widened as he discovered that the great Sephiroth was towering over him.

"Recruit, are you all right?" Sephiroth asked.

"Sir, yes sir!" Cloud replied, struggling to his feet then wincing.

Cloud's buddies kept snickering. Sephiroth fixed them with a nasty glare.

"Ricky, Zax, find this amusing?"

"Sir, no sir!" They replied in unison, quieting their laughter immediately.

"Very well then. Cloud, come with me. I have an assignment for you."

"Sir, ye-."

Sephiroth cut him off. "No more military. Just 'yessir' will suffice."

"Yessir!" Cloud went to salute but stopped himself. "S-sir?"

Sephiroth sighed. "Just come on, Recruit."

"Yessir!" The blonde saluted, going out into the hall to wait.

"As for you three get moving or you'll be late for your drills."

"Sir, yes sir!" The trio saluted and jogged off.

Sephiroth straightened his coat before starting a brisk walk down the hallway. Cloud had to jog to keep up with the older man's strides.

"As you are probably aware, recruit... Today is Valentine's Day."


"Do you have a Valentine waiting for you at home?"

"No sir."

"And what about here?"

Cloud blinked, a little confused. Why was the General making small talk? And with him of all people? "I-i may have, sir. I've been receiving Valentine's cards for the past few days."

"Oh? Who from?"

"A-a secret admirer, sir."

"Ah. A secret admirer..." Sephiroth smirked a little.


The General pressed the call button for the elevator. "I have to pick up a few things from my room before we go on assignment."

Cloud's eyes widened. "But sir. I'm not allowed up there...!"

Sephiroth scoffed. "You are if you're accompanied by an officer. And...what am I?"

"A-an officer. Sir..."

"Exactly. Now come along. Don't dawdle."


The older man entered the elevator and Cloud quickly followed.

"U-uh..." The blonde stuttered.

"What is it, recruit?"

"What exactly is the assignment, sir?"

"The specifics are in my room. I will tell you then."

The doors slid closed and they were taken on a short ride to the officer's quarters. Sephiroth exited the lift, Cloud still jogging to catch up, and walked down the hall to his private room. He unlocked the door and went inside. The blonde stood shyly out in the hall.

"Come in, Cloud." Sephiroth chuckled. "It won't do to have a recruit standing out in the officer's hallway."

Cloud nodded and quickly walked inside. The blonde was awed. The General's "room" was more like an apartment.

"Close the door, Cloud."

The teen did as he was told.

"Now then...your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to have sex with me."

The teen's eyes widened considerably. "E-excuse me, sir??"

"I'm the one that has been sending you the valentines. I admit I am quite taken with you and I would like to make you my lover...if that's all right."

Cloud's mind had numbed over. The man the recruits had aptly nicknamed "Sexy Ass Sephiroth" wanted to..."do it" with...him?? The General had expected his subordinate to have some kind of extreme reaction but not this one. Sephiroth strode forward quickly and caught the boy as he fainted dead away.

Blue eyes snapped open and Cloud found himself amongst a sea of crushed black velvet.

[Sephiroth's bed...] He realized.

"Ah, you're awake."

The blonde looked over to see Sephiroth sitting in a chair beside the bed. Cloud's eyes widened. The General was wearing nothing but his black leather pants. He was barefoot even.

"Don't worry. I didn't have my way with you while you were unconscious. I'm not that kind of man. I like my couplings to be consensual..."

"I-i didn't think that you..." Cloud trailed off.

Sephiroth smirked. Cloud's entire face, ears, and neck were bright red.

"Are you going to faint again on me, boy?"

"N-no sir...!"

"If we're going to be lovers you're going to have to drop the 'sir' thing. You may call me Sephiroth or Seph." The man smirked. "Or if you have a little kink like I do you can call me General..."

Cloud stared, unblinking, at the older man.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?"

"Yes si...Yes..." The blonde replied.

"Well like I said it's up to you. But I ask that if you turn me down it is because you don't desire me. Don't run off just because you're nervous. We'll take things slow and stop if you say so."

"I uhm... I-i..."

"No need to rush, Cloud. Have a good think..."

The teen's eyes raked over his mentor's body. Everything about Sephiroth was perfect. His skin smooth, flawless, and alabaster. Piercing jade eyes, high cheekbones, a wonderfully muscular physique. The blonde had the biggest crush on his superior officer since the first day he saw him.

"I think that I...I would like to...yeah..." The teen trailed off, feeling stupid.

Sephiroth smiled and moved over to the bed. "Go on. Finish your sentence, recruit..."

"I would like to uhm..."

The older man took pity on his younger companion. "Have sex with me?"

Cloud nodded. "Yes."

"Move closer..."

The blonde obeyed and scooted closer to the General.

"Let me look at you..."

Cloud lifted his head up and sort-of looked Sephiroth in the eyes. The older man chuckled as the teen tried to hold his gaze.

"You're so nervous..." He gently stroked the blonde's neck. "Don't worry. I'll be nice. I promise..."

"I don't know how to do anything. I read about it in magazines but..."

Sephiroth smiled. "I'll teach you. Don't worry about it. We'll start out with just kissing. I'm sure you know how to do that, right?"

Cloud nodded. He and Zax had practiced kissing on each other before... The blonde's thoughts melted away as Sephiroth's hungry lips claimed his. The older man gently cupped the back of the teen's head and coaxed him into parting his lips. The blonde felt like he'd flown to cloud nine. He, Cloud: the lowly SOLDIER grunt, was having his tongue sucked on by Sexy Ass Sephiroth. Sephiroth hitched the boy closer as a small needy moan sounded in his throat. The silver-haired man pulled back, running his tongue over Cloud's bottom lip.

"You taste delicious my dear recruit."

Cloud smiled and played along with Sephiroth's game. "Thank-you General..."

Sephiroth's eyes flared and he flattened the blonde to the bed. The teen looked a little apprehensive but he still seemed to trust the older man. This only fueled Sephiroth's libido and he leaned down to nibble on the boy's earlobe.

"I bet you're a natural..." Sephiroth whispered, running his tongue over the shell of Cloud's ear.

The blonde whimpered and strained against his new lover. Pinning the boy's hands at his sides the older man rained kisses over his jaw and down his neck.

"Can I mark you...?" The General asked.

"L-like give me a hickey?"

The angel chuckled. "Yes. A big one. Right here..." He licked the soft patch of skin right under Cloud's ear.

The blonde smirked, almost teasingly. "Do what you will with me...General..."

Sephiroth's breath quickened slightly and he gently nipped at Cloud's throat. "Definitely a natural..."

With permission granted the silver-haired man attacked Cloud's skin, sucking harshly.

"Ah! Sephiroth!!" The teen froze and bit his lip. Suddenly afraid he had ruined the game.

Sephiroth only continue sucking, carefully digging his nails into Cloud's wrists. Relieved, the teen relaxed once more and gave into the sensation of his older lover marking him. The blonde moaned as Sephiroth's hands moved down his body to part his legs gently. Nervous but still trusting Cloud parted his thighs.

"Good boy..." Sephiroth grinned, popping his lips free. "Mmm. You're mine now..."

A sensual shiver ran down Cloud's spine. Sephiroth sat up on his knees and tilted his head.

"I-is something wrong?" The teen asked.

"You're wearing too many clothes..."

The blonde watched as Sephiroth's hands took a hold of his zipper and started pulling it down. The bright blue SOLDIER jumpsuit parted as the zipper moved down. Sephiroth licked his lips at the sight of slightly golden tanned skin and dark strawberry nipples.

"It's a sin that they make you cover this beauty up with an ugly jumpsuit..."

Cloud blushed at Sephiroth's compliments. He squeaked as the General's fingers made contact with his erection.

"Ooh. I found something interesting here..." The older man grinned.

The teen blushed. Sephiroth lightly ran his fingers down Cloud's chest, making the blonde shiver.

"Strip for me..." The General commanded softly.

Cloud's cheeks turned slightly red but he sat up. The teen pulled his boots and socks off. He smirked and set them on the floor, making sure the General got a nice view of his bum.

"You are a true tease my lovely..." Sephiroth said. "Stand up to strip off that jumpsuit."

"Yes General..."

The blonde's blush was lessening with each second. Being with Sephiroth gave him confidence in himself. He felt sexy in the older man's presence. Not the awkward duck of a teen he felt like around his buddies. Biting his lip in a cute little way Cloud slowly shrugged the cloth from his shoulders. He turned away from his lover and wiggled his bum to slide the jumpsuit from his hips. Sephiroth chuckled but Cloud could tell he was turned on.

[I can't believe it! I actually turn Sephiroth on!!]

The teen gracefully wiggled the jumpsuit down his legs and kicked it aside.

"Boxers too?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at Sephiroth.

"If you're ok with it." The man replied.

Cloud nodded and slowly turned to face Sephiroth. He held that mesmerizing emerald gaze as he smoothly slid his boxers off and shucked them aside. Realization hit the blonde. He was naked. Naked in front of Sephiroth. The angel laughed as his younger lover's cheeks flamed red.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. I am impressed. You have a very beautiful body."

"Thank-you, Sephiroth."

"Come here. Right in front of me..."

Cloud walked over and stood in front of Sephiroth. He jumped slightly as the older man's hands ran approvingly down his sides and over his hips.

"Sorry. Cold hands, I know." Sephiroth grinned.

"I don't mind..."

"On your knees, Cloud."

The blonde's heartbeat quickened and he slid to his knees. He licked his lips and watched as his commander stood. He held Sephiroth's gaze as the older man slowly unzipped his pants.

"I'm sure you read about blowjobs."

Cloud nodded. His stomach did a little flip-flop as Sephiroth let his leather jeans puddle at his feet. The older man smirked down at the blonde, kicking his pants aside. The General sat on the bed and parted his legs.

"Are you ok with this, Cloud?"

The blonde nodded. He couldn't take his eyes off Sephiroth's exposed length. Cloud crawled closer until he was settled between Sephiroth's spread knees. He set one hand on each knee and looked up at the General.

"Just remember to keep your teeth behind your lips. No biting..." The angel said.

"Yes Sephiroth..."

Sephiroth ran one hand through Cloud's blonde spikes. He waited patiently, letting Cloud explore as much as he wanted. The blonde bit his lip and ran his hands up Sephiroth's thighs. He liked the way the man's stomach muscles quivered because of his touch. The teen reached up and ran one hand over Sephiroth's abs, feeling each defined muscle.

"Hmn..." Cloud giggled a little.

"What is it, pet?" Sephiroth grinned.

The blonde turned red, his fingers lightly touching silver curls. The older man chuckled.

"Ah yes. Now the million dollar question has been answered. Sexy Ass Sephiroth is a natural silver..."

"Y-you know we call you that?" Cloud sputtered.

"I'm your commanding officer. I know everything..."

The teen blushed and placed a kiss on the man's knee. "You're not angry?"

"Of course not."

Cloud smiled and kissed his lover's knee again.


Sephiroth took a hold of Cloud's hands and slid them onto his hips.

"This is a very sensitive spot for me. I don't know why but if you squeeze or massage here it feels good."

Cloud decided to test that out and he roughly massaged his commander's hips.

"Ah yes!" Sephiroth moaned his spine stiffening.

"I'll remember that for later. But for now..." The blonde slid his hands down onto the man's thighs. "Move closer General..."

Sephiroth groaned and moved closer to the edge of the mattress, spreading his legs wider. A nervous flutter had crept back into Cloud's stomach but he ignored it. He wanted this. Wanted Sephiroth. The blonde looked up and met Sephiroth's eyes as his tongue slowly lapped at the tip of his superior's dick.

"That's it, Cloud..." The angel moaned. "Are you sure you haven't done this before...?"

Cloud blushed. "I haven't. I've just read about it... a lot."

"Well continue on, recruit."

"Yes General..."

Cloud kissed the man's tip before licking it again. The older man's hands weaved into Cloud's hair. He watched as the teen sampled the taste that was uniquely Sephiroth. The blonde licked his lips. He heard through gossip that "it" tasted all yucky and salty, but... Sephiroth didn't taste yucky at all. In fact he tasted pretty good. The younger man groaned and took the man's tip into his mouth, sucking languidly. Sephiroth's eyes slid closed and a deep purr resounded in his throat. He had been right. Cloud was definitely a natural. The blonde moved his lips down his commander's shaft, tracing his tongue over the underside of it. Sephiroth's length hit the back of his throat and Cloud choked a little. The teen was mortified but Sephiroth only smiled. Without opening his eyes he took a hold of Cloud's hand and guided it over to his cock.

"Stroke what you can't suck on. I don't expect you to deep throat your first time."

Confidence and enthusiasm restored the younger man followed his lover's instructions. The angel's fingers tightened their hold on blonde locks.

"Oooh Cloud... my talented little sex kitten..."

The teen blushed. Never in his life did he think the great Sephiroth would call him 'sex kitten'. Then again he never thought he'd be blowing the great Sephiroth either... The older man forced himself to open his eyes and look down at his lover. The kid had a pretty good rhythm going. His hand was moving a bit faster than his mouth but like Sephiroth minded. Cloud was slowly chipping away at his resolve and control.

"Enough..." The man finally grunted, pulling Cloud's head away from his lap.

A shimmering line of pre-cum seeped from the corner of Cloud's mouth. The blonde was about to open his mouth and ask what he'd done wrong when Sephiroth took him by the arms and pulled him close.

"Before you even ask, you did nothing wrong. I just didn't want your first time to be me coming in your mouth."

Cloud shivered as his older lover licked the side of his mouth clean. The silver-haired man captured his subordinate's lips in a kiss. Emerald and sapphire met and held each other's gaze. Sephiroth chuckled and broke the kiss.

"You're braver than you think, Cloud. You like to kiss with your eyes open."

The blonde cried out in surprise as he was gently tossed onto the bed. A blush streaked across the bridge of his nose as Sephiroth leaned over him. A shiver ran through the teen's body as the older man's long hair tickled his nipples. He reached up to stroke the man's hair but hesitated.

"It's all right." Sephiroth encouraged.

Cloud hesitantly touched the silver tresses. They were just as soft as they looked and not one tangle. Feeling brave he grabbed a handful of mercury hair and tugged gently, pulling Sephiroth closer. The General chuckled and made himself comfy between Cloud's parted legs. Both lovers moaned as their lengths pressed together.

"Cloud...I must have you..."

Cloud nodded and a grin tugged at Sephiroth's lips. The blonde hadn't seen the General smile so much the entire time he was in SOLDIER. The older man shifted and leaned up to rifle through the drawer beside his bed. The teen watched, his heart pounding, his hands massaging Sephiroth's hips lightly.

"Here we go..." The man showed the tube to his younger lover. "You know what this is, right?"

The blonde nodded.

" you want: 'one, two, three fingers, then dick'? Or do you think you're relaxed enough to just take it?"

In response Cloud smirked and took the tube from Sephiroth. He uncapped the lube and squirted some into his palm. The General's hips jutted forward and he moaned as the teen fisted his erection.

"How would you like me, General?"

"On your hands and knees...if you please."

"That rhymes." Cloud grinned, releasing his lover's arousal.

"So it does."

Sephiroth took the lube back and tossed it aside. Using the strength he was legendary for he flipped Cloud over.

"Actually..." He placed one hand between Cloud's shoulder blades, gently pushing him onto his elbows. "Elbows and knees is better. Spread your legs little one."

The blonde whimpered in anticipation and spread his legs farther apart. Cloud jumped a little and squeaked as Sephiroth started kissing his way down his spine.

"Sephiroth!" He gasped as the man's teeth tenderly raked over his skin.

The angel smirked and kissed Cloud's reddened flesh.

"Are you ready for me?"

"Yes..." The blonde murmured.



"Good boy..."

The older man sat up on his knees and grabbed onto Cloud's hips. The blonde moaned and squirmed as he felt the tip of Sephiroth's erection pressing into him.

"Relax..." The man soothed, rubbing circles on Cloud's back. "Don't tense up or it will hurt. It will feel good soon."

The teen bit into Sephiroth's cushy blankets and willed himself to relax. It felt like Sephiroth was going to break him in half.

"It's ok, kitten. You're doing fine. You feel so good..."

The older man shifted his position, angling his cock so it brushed against something wonderful inside Cloud's body. He smirked as the teen came alive with desire.

"Oohh!!" Cloud moaned.

"See? That felt good, didn't it?"

"M-hmn..." The blonde whimpered.

Sephiroth swept his hair over one shoulder, continuing to push into his lover's tight backside. The General smiled as Cloud started pushing back, urging Sephiroth to take him fully. Not wanting to disappoint the man thrusted himself in to the hilt. The teen wailed his approval, writhing back against his commander. Tightening the grip he had on the blonde's hips Sephiroth started to thrust.

"Oh! Yes! Sephiroth...!"

The older man growled possessively as he pounded into Cloud's body. The blonde pushed back against his lover meeting every single thrust. Sephiroth angled himself so that he hit the teen's prostate every time.

"Don't be afraid to give me a squeeze, luv." Sephiroth panted.

Cloud chuckled into the blanket before contracting all his butt muscles.

"Ah! Like that!!" Sephiroth commanded, throwing his head back. "You must let me see these naughty magazines you've been reading..."

"Yes General..." The teen grinned, giving Sephiroth's length another squeeze.

Cloud moaned loudly as Sephiroth suddenly sat back, pulling the teen into his lap. Gripping the back of Cloud's knees tightly the older man continued to thrust.

"Ooo...flexible..." The silver-haired man grinned, licking Cloud's ear.

"Sephiroth!" The boy's arms wrapped around his lover's neck.

The teen insides hugged Sephiroth's erection again and the General felt a burning in his lower belly. He refused to cum before his lover though and picked up the intensity of his thrusts. The man carefully turned Cloud to face him and set the blonde on his back. He reached down and fisted Cloud's length as he rammed into the teen.

"Sephiroth!!!" Cloud howled, emptying himself into the man's hand.

Still hanging onto Cloud with his free hand the angel thrusted twice more before coming himself. He let out a sated growl, offered his sticky hand to Cloud, and watched through hooded eyes as the blonde licked his own seed from Sephiroth's fingers. The angel carefully pulled out and inspected his lover. He'd bled, but only a little. Nothing to panic about. The younger man smiled as the General pulled him into his lap.

"That was beautiful, Cloud."

"Very." Cloud agreed.

"Now that you're General Sephiroth's Sex Kitten I can make things in SOLDIER easy for you...if you want..."

The blonde shook his head. "No. I want to earn things for myself..."

"Good answer."

Cloud smiled and pulled his lover into a kiss. Sephiroth smirked against the teen's lips as he felt the blonde's hands running down his torso.

"Ready to go again, huh kid?"

"Yes General..."

The blonde laughed as Sephiroth pounced on him.

And so Cloud was excused from his usual daily duties. They made love all day, well into the evening. They only left the bed to eat supper since Cloud's growling stomach kept interrupting their love making.

Sephiroth's Mako infused eyes blazed open. He sensed someone was on the officer's floor. Someone that wasn't supposed to be there. The General smirked. He knew who it was. The man looked down at Cloud. The teen was fast asleep snuggled tightly against his side. Sephiroth gently dislodged the blonde and tucked the covers around him. He slipped on a black robe to cover his nudity and strode out into the hall.

"Zax. You know recruits aren't allowed up here..." The man smiled, closing the door behind him.

Zax froze. He was almost at Sephiroth's room. The boy was holding a red envelope in his hand and tears were running down his cheeks.

" bastard! I came to you for help! You said you'd help me get Cloud! You bought those cards for me to give to Cloud! I sent those cards to him!! Y-you stole him away! Why!?"

"Really Zax, a stunning creature like that, you didn't think you had competition for his affection?"

"You asshole!!" Zax cried. "I was going to slip this card to him tonight! It says to meet me in the mess hall! I was going to tell him how I feel! I was going to kiss him! I even found Ricky and Adrian two desperate local girls so our bunk would be empty!!"

"Not so loud. Cloud is sleeping." Sephiroth replied.

"I love him!!"

"And I love him too. You trusted the wrong man, Zax. Let this be a lesson to you. Now get off this floor before I call security."

Zax's bottom lip trembled. He threw the envelope at Sephiroth's feet before running for the elevators, sobbing. The General picked the envelope up and went inside. He dropped the card in the kitchen garbage then got a carton of leftovers from his fridge and dumped the food onto the envelope. He tossed the carton too and returned to bed, pulling his robe off.

"Mmm? Seph?" Cloud yawned. "Where'd you go?"

"Just to the washroom. Now sleep my little one..."

"Ok..." Another yawn. "...ay..."

Sephiroth got under the covers. Cloud snuggled up against him and nuzzled his chest. The man stroked the blonde's hair until the teen fell asleep. The last thought in Sephiroth's mind before he dozed off was...

[I must remember to transfer Cloud out of Zax's unit tomorrow...]





Yes, yes I know. "Poor Zax! Meanie Kenji! T_T". But I can't write Sephiroth as an all-nice guy. He can be nice when he wants to but deep down he's an asshole. At least that's what I think. Anyway...I hope you enjoyed the lemony lemon-ness. R&R Please ^^.

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